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Ironman 70.3 Geelong

Triathlon: Swim 1.9km, Bike 90km, Run 21.1km

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This event has passed. Congratulations to all the participants. Get race results and photos.

Victoria’s oldest IRONMAN 70.3 is returning to the stunning Geelong foreshore on 17 February 2019. This scenic course offers a unique challenge set along Geelong’s spectacular waterfront and throughout the scenic countryside.

Review summary

19 Reviews
  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere


Paul W
"The event is very professional and is also incredibly spectator friendly. I..."


Arnaud L
"I arrived in Australia 18 months ago without triathlon experience, was not..."


Marcus K
"Great event with fantastic course and volunteers. Protected swim with a flat..."
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How to enter the Ironman 70.3 Geelong

  1. Ironman 70.3

    Triathlon: Swim 1.9km, Bike 90km, Run 21.1km
    AUD $395–AUD $450
    Event passed

Ironman 70.3 Geelong route


    Swim 1.9km
    Bike 90km
    Run 21.1km


Event Details

What’s Included

Race Kit

Individual Race Kit 

Race Bib Number, Bike Seat Post Number Sticker, Helmet Number Sticker, Bike Pump Sticker, Street Gear Bag Sticker, Race Number Tattoo, Category Tattoo, ID Wristband, Coloured Swim Cap.

Relay Team Race Kit 

1 x Race Bib Number, 1 x Bike Seat Post Number Sticker, 1 x Helmet Number Sticker, 1 x Bike Pump Sticker, 1 x Gear Bag Sticker, 1x Race Number Tattoo (worn by Runner), 1 x Category Tattoo (worn by Runner), 3 x ID Wristband, 1 x Coloured Swim Cap.

ID Wristband 

Your ID wristband must be worn at all times as this will be your entry to ‘athlete only restricted areas.’ Your ID wristband will be secured to your wrist prior to leaving Check-In. This is your only means of entry to Transition to rack your bike pre-race and to collect your bike after the race. IRONMAN will not allow access into these area’s without athletes wearing their wristband. No Wristband = No Access. Pro Male – Black Pro Female – Pink Individuals – Green Teams – Light Green

Raceday Logistics

Race Date

Sunday 17 February 2019

Start Time



Start – Eastern Beach, Geelong, VIC

Check In

Friday 15 February   2.30pm – 6.30pm at Steampacket Gardens, Geelong.
Saturday 16 February   10.00am – 4.00pm at Steampacket Gardens, Geelong.
Any athlete who does not Check-in by this time will not be eligible to race.

What You Will Need at Check In 

    Photo ID (drivers licence or passport)

Bike Racking

When – Saturday 17 February 10:30am – 4:30pm

Where – Transition, Eastern Beach, Geelong. You must have already checken – in and picked up your Race Kit prior to 4:oopm and Check-In your bike prior to 4:30pm.

What you will need – 

Bike Racking – You must have your bike seat post sticker attached to your bike and be wearing corresponding numbered ID wristband to enter Transition. Your bike seat post sticker will be found in your Race Kit. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that your bike is in a safe working order, prior to presenting them at Bike Check-In. See the Triathlon Australia Rules for equipment standards at

Transition Tour

When you rack your bike on Saturday between 10.30am4.30pm please allow plenty of time to walk through the path within the Transition Area you will take on race day, or attend one of the three Transition Tours. The tours will take approximately 30 minutes and will cover the flow of Transition including the start and finish points of the swim/bike and run. These tours are also a great opportunity to clarify any Transition specific questions.

    Transition Tour 1: 11.30am
    Transition Tour 2: 1.30pm
    Transition Tour 3: 3.30pm

Athlete Briefing

Come along to one of the scheduled Athlete Video Briefing Sessions to receive a great overview of the event. The Athlete Video Briefings will be held in the briefing tent, Steampackets Gardens.

Screening times:

Friday 16 February


Saturday 17 February


ScheduleFriday 15 February

    2.30pm – 6.30pm – IRONMAN 70.3 Official Merchandise Store & Expo Open at Steampacket Gardens
    2.30pm – 6.30pm – Information Open at Steampacket Gardens
    2.30pm – 6.30pm – IRONKIDS Check-In OpenInformation at Steampacket Gardens
    2.30pm – 6.30pm Athlete Check-In Open at Steampacket Gardens

Saturday 16 February

  • 6.30am – 7.45am – IRONKIDS Check-In and Bike Racking Open at Eastern Beach
  • 8.00am – IRONKIDS Race START at  Eastern Beach
  • Approx 9.00am – IRONKIDS Random Prize Draw Presentation at Eastern Beach
  • 10.00am – 4.30pm – Transition Bike Mechanic Open at Eastern Beach
  • 10.00am – 4.00pm – IRONMAN 70.3 Official Merchandise Store & Expo Open at Steampacket Gardens
  • 10.00am – 4.00pm – Information & Drop Out Clerk Open at Steampacket Gardens
  • 10.00am – 4.00pm – Athlete Check-In Open
    Note: Last chance to check in – you must check-in by 4.00pm TODAY at Steampacket Gardens
  • 10.30am – 4.30pm – Compulsory Overnight Bike Racking at Eastern Beach
  • Transition Tour Times: 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm – Transition Tour with Stuart Harsley (IRONMAN U Coach) at Eastern Beach
  • 12.30pm – Information Session and Q & A with your Race Director
  •  1.00pm – Pro Panel at Stage – Steampacket Gardens
  • 2.30pm – Pro Athlete Race Briefing at Novotel Geelong

Sunday 17 February

  • 5.45am – 12.30pm – Information & Drop Out Clerk Open at Eastern Beach
  • 5.45am -6.45am – Transition and Compulsory Helmet Check Open at Eastern Beach
  • 5.45am – 7.00am – Street Gear Drop Off at Swim Start, Eastern Beach
  • 7.00am  – IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong Race Start Pro Male at Eastern Beach
  • 7.02am – IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong Pro Female Start at Eastern Beach
  • 7.10am – IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong Age Group Wave Starts at Eastern Beach
  • 8.00am – 3.00pm – IRONMAN 70.3 Official Merchandise Store & Expo Open at Steampacket Gardens
  • 8.00am – 4.00pm – Information & Drop Out Clerk Open at Steampacket Gardens
  • 10.30am – 4.00pm – Street Gear Tent Open at Steampacket Gardens
  • 10.50am – First IRONMAN 70.3 Male Finisher expected at Steampacket Gardens
  • 11.18am – First IRONMAN 70.3 Female Finisher expected at Steampacket Gardens
  • 1.15pm – 4.30pm – Bike Check-Out Open  at Steampacket Gardens
  • 3.45pm – Expected Last Finisher / Race Closes at Steampacket Gardens
  • 4.00pm – IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong Athlete Presentations at Steampacket Gardens
  • 4.30pm – IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Roll Down Ceremony at Steampacket Gardens

*Time subject to change


What is the Age Group breakdown?

  • Pro – Male
  • Pro – Female
  • 18-24 – Male
  • 18-24 – Female
  • 25-29 – Male
  • 25-29 – Female
  • 30-34 – Male
  • 30-34 – Female
  • 35-39 – Male
  • 35-39 – Female
  • 40-44 – Male
  • 40-44 – Female
  • 45-49 – Male
  • 45-49 – Female
  • 50-54 – Male
  • 50-54 – Female
  • 55-59 – Male
  • 55-59 – Female
  • 60-64 – Male
  • 60-64 – Female
  • 65-69 – Male
  • 65-69 – Female
  • 70-74 – Male
  • 70-74 – Female
  • 75-79 – Male
  • 75-79 – Female
  • 80+ – Male
  • 80+ – Female
  • Paratriathlete – Male/Female
  • Male Team – Male
  • Female Team – Female
  • Mixed Team – Mixed

What age group will I race in on race day?

The IRONMAN World Championship, IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 and all qualifying events will implement a common rule: All age group athletes must compete in the age group division corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31 of the year of the event.

What nutrition will be available on the course?

IRONMAN® Energy Bars and Gels are the official Energy bar and gel provider for the IRONMAN® 70.3 Geelong.

IsoWhy Electrolyte is the official hydration provider for IRONMAN® 70.3 Geelong.Both will be provided at aid-stations on-course.

Can I buy official merchandise?

There will be a merchandise store as part of the IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong Village. View the Event Schedule for more information.

Who do I contact regarding race photos?

FinisherPix will be taking competitor photos on race day.

How many slots to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship are up for offer at IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong?

There will be 30 qualifying slots to the 2019 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship

What is the Slot Allocation Policy?

At least one slot shall be allocated to each five-year age group category in which any age group athlete sends in an application, both male and female, per the age group categories listed below. If there are no athletes entered in the race in a particular age group, then that slot will be moved to the largest populated age group in that same gender. For additional age group slots, slot allocation shall be representative of the actual number of age grouper applicants in each category in the race. As an example, if 8% of the age-group applicants are females 40-44, then 8% of these slots would be allocated in the female 40-44 category.
Athletes must be present at the roll down ceremony and pay for their IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship registration upon accepting their spot.

Are there cut-off times for each leg of the race?

Yes there are course cut-off times as follows:
Swim: 1 hour 10 mins after race start
Cycle: 5 hours after race start
Run: 8 hours after race start

Why do I have to be a member of Triathlon Australia or buy a one-day license and what does that insurance cover?

There is no compulsion to join Triathlon Australia as a full member but this type of membership does provide insurance cover 24/7 whilst training or competing as well as access top additional member benefits

A one day membership is compulsory if you are not a full member of TA as this is part of the TA sanctioning requirements for the event and provides you with public liability insurance and limited personal injury cover for the actual race

International competitors can compete using an annual membership for their home country’s governing body of triathlon, e.g. Japan Triathlon Union.  If an international competitor is not an annual member of their home organisation they can join Triathlon Australia as a one day member during online registration or at on site Check-In.


Are wetsuits allowed?

Wetsuits being optional is based on water temperature and if above 24C then they may be banned but this can depend on variables such as ambient air temperature. The temperature is taken on the day before the race andthe wetsuit ruling will be posted at the Information Booth after 11.00am. It is again taken on race morning for final determination.

Will I be allowed to cross the finish line with my athlete?

Friends and/or family members are NOT permitted to cross the finish line or enter the finish chute with participating athletes. However, friends and/or families are encouraged to reunite with their athlete once they leave the recovery area just beyond the finish line.

Can I take my car on the race course to watch my athlete?


No, for safety reasons we ask that you do not attempt to follow your athlete by car.

Will I be allowed into the medical tent to look for my athlete if they have not arrived at our meeting destination?

The Medical Tent is highly congested and spectators will not be allowed in. Please, be patient with the Medical Information Volunteers, updates will be posted as soon as they are received.

Ironman 70.3 Geelong weather forecast

Clear throughout the day.

Predicted highs
Predicted lows
IconLight breeze possible, up to 6mph

Meet the organizer

Organizer leaderboard ranking badge


Ironman are ranked #51 in the UK out of 380 organizers

"Swim 2.4 Miles. Bike 112 miles. Run 26.2. Brag for the rest of your life." - John Collins, IRONMAN co-founder Since its inception, IRONMAN has been represented by ambitious and courageous people who aren't afraid to push their limits. Take a walk through history with us, through some of the finest and most memorable moments in IRONMAN racing.

Ironman 70.3 Geelong reviews (19)

4.6 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the Ironman 70.3 in 2019

    The event is very professional and is also incredibly spectator friendly. I think I have two points of criticism. One is the Run course section that runs next to transition out to the gardens. This is particularly tight and is difficult for people to pass. I also think the path/road that you follow to mount your bike is dangerous particularly given some of us have bike shoes on. The full 180degree turn on bitumen is not good.Ultimately though it is a great event and course and destination. Well done.Ps. Get more draft busters too
  • Did the Ironman 70.3 in 2019

    I arrived in Australia 18 months ago without triathlon experience, was not swimming more than 50m freestyle, and had no bike and never ride with clip shoes. I was impressed by the number of good cyclists everywhere in Melbourne and decided at more than 50 yrs to join the Hawthorn triathlon club. During the year long I was impressed by the human and physical qualities of the squad, finishing long triathlon with PBs, and world championship qualifying. I had one sprint triathlon experience last year at challenge Melbourne. Despite a fall of my bike just before christmas, broken ribs and some patela issues, I recovered ok mid January and decided to register at Geelong, for the half Ironman and my second triathlon ever. No real program except training 3-4 times a week with the HTC, no personnal coach. One expectation, seing the finish line. Sunday was an amazing experience from the early morning with this beautiful sunrise to the afternoon. I swam more rapidly than ever, cycle above 32 km an hour, and completed the running even if I had to walk for about 20- 25 minutes by sequences. why? The atmosphere, the croud all along the distance, the volonteers pushing you and encouraging you everywhere with such a smile and kindness, the HTC supporters who went in a large group to cheer and to push everyone. I could hear their noise and this was decisive in this push to the finish line, running the extra kms step by steps, the HTC competitors that I saw all along the event with a word of encouragment when they where overtaking me step by step. And my wife who cheered and supported to accomplish this dream. The finish line of the second triathlon ever and the first half Ironman. I am now unsure about the next steps, I have so many memories and pictures. I want to come back for sure, and for a Geelong PB ! Thanks to everone and the perfect organisation
  • Did the Ironman 70.3 in 2019

    Great event with fantastic course and volunteers. Protected swim with a flat and fast bike course. Run is around the waterfront where friends and family can watch easily.
  • Did the event in 2018

    Was a really good experience I found the run with the hills quite tough
  • Did the event in 2018

    Geelong is a city about an hours drive from Melbourne with a long history of endurance sports the course itself is not that challenging the swim is in a sheltered bay and generally no real problems and the waves starts make things pretty easy. The bike course is flat and one section can get hit hard by the wind as very exposed to the coastal winds there is a few short hills one at the start of each lap and the other towards the far turnaround otherwise a flat course. The run is in the middle of town is rolling in nature no massive hills but plenty of short not to steep hills and is over 2.5laps the run along the coastal path is great. Finish is right in the middle of town in the reserve.
  • Did the event in 2018

    Maybe more information regarding places to stay the night before.
  • Did the event in 2018

    Loved it, great course and really well organised. Polarised goggles are a must for the swim.
  • Did the event in 2018

    I wasnt aware youd changed the gels on the run course. I was expecting winners gels and got cliff ones. They didnt sit well with me and it ruined my nutrition plan causing me to pull up in the last 4km and lose a lot of time.
  • Did the event in 2018

    I didn't know Geelong was so hilly :) - run course was more challenging than expected.