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JetBlack 24

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Brad C
"Great event Martin and Juliane. Great atmosphere. Great times. Will be back for..."
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  1. 24 hrs

    Bike 24h
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  2. 6+6 hrs

    Bike 12h
    AUD $115–AUD $440
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From the organizer

Organizer's website

The Jetblack 24 Hour has been on the Rocky Trail calendar since 2009 where participants have raced around the clock at a holiday resort, a botanic garden and a winery, the state forest of trance. In 2019, Jetblack is heading to Lithgow for the second year in a row. Race for 24 hours solo or in teams or pick one of the 6+6 hour categories where you get to rest overnight.

Course Details

The length of the track is around 10km and ridden clockwise.


The popular 6+6 Hour racing option is for those who want to have a break during the night. There’s plenty of time to have a shower, hearty dinner and catch up with team mates – race start is with the 24 hHour riders at 12pm on Saturday and you stop at 6pm. Then, you’ll go out again at 6am and finish with the crowds at 12pm on Sunday


The 24 hour race begins at 12pm on Saturday and ends on 12pm Sunday. You can race solo for 24 hours or in teams.  With the Rydal showgrounds at the event center, this race is one of the best with the most beautiful trails.

Raceday Logistics

Event Centre

Event Registration: The heart of each Rocky Trail event centre is the registration tent – that’s where you come to meet us and our crew to pick up your number plate first.

  • Every rider needs to read and sign a Race Waiver. There will be a master copy at registration that you can read through and then sign the document.
  • Your number plate will be issued.

Food, Drinks, Music, & Entertainment: We’ll have the music going, there’ll be a coffee van selling food & drinks. Please bring plenty of water yourself.


Event Schedule


  • from 10:00 am Car access to campground.
  • 4:00-7:00 pm Registration open to pick up your number plate.


  • 9:00-11:00 am Registration open to pick up your number plate.
  • 11:45 am Rider briefing, be race ready.
  • 12:00 pm Race start
  • 4:00 pm JetBlack 24 Minute Kids race
    To register your kid(s) please send us an email with their name, d.o.b and the name of their guardian at the race. Entry to the kids races is free.
  • 5:00 pm JetBlack Time Trial
    The TT for the very young racers (tricycles, firstbikes, parents pushing their kids, etc)
    To register your kid(s) please send us an email with their name, d.o.b and the name of their guardian at the race. Entry to the kids races is free.
  • 6:00 pm Race pause – 6+6H


  • 5:45 am 6+6H Riders – be race ready in the transition zone
  • 6:00 am Race restart – 6+6H
  • 12:00 pm Race finish – 24H and 6+6H, track entry closed, laps started at 11:59am still count.
  • 12:50 pm Est. Last rider to cross the finish line
  • 1:30 pm Est. Ceremony
Kit List

Suggested Kit List:

  • water (cycling bottle or hydration backpack)
  • your preferred energy gel/bar to keep you going
  • spare tube
  • pump
  • a basic tool kit
  • tyre leavers depending on how hard it is to get your tyres on and off the rims
  • bring camping gear if you want to stay overnight
  • optional: a basic first aid kit
This is the perfect event for a social mountain biking getaway – get your mates together and bring the whole family! There is lots to do in the region for them while you race, a beautiful park right next to the venue and and there are also free kids activities in the event centre.

Resident DJ Mista Nige will be pumping out some funky choonz to kick of the night racing action! A team of caterers will serve up hearty food and healthy treats – and lots of steaming hot coffee!

Race Format

The race is a relay-style race. Team riders of the first lap (who start the race for their teams) can after 1 lap hand over to the next team member or keep riding – that’s up to the teams to decide. As soon as you ride 1 lap per solo rider, respectively per team, your time counts and is valid in the final results.

Mixed male/female teams: each team needs to record at least one female AND one male lap to be in the results.

The rider in the solo categories / the team with most laps (and shortest time thereafter) wins. If there are riders/teams in a category with the same number of laps, the fastest total lap time determines the ranking.

Racing Options and Categories

  • 24H Solo
  • 24H Teams – Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Pairs, Teams of 3 and 4, as well as Junior Team of 4. We will also run an Open 6 Team category.
  • 6+6H – Categories for male, female, mixed (if appl.): Solo, Pairs, Teams of 3 and 4, as well as Junior Team of 4
  • Special sub-categories – check out the Registration section for more category information about
    • Masters (40+)
    • Super Masters (50+)
    • Singlespeed
    • e-Bike


  • You ride for the amount of hours you signed up for. After the time is up you are not allowed to go on another lap but you can finish the lap you are on.
  • Most amount of laps + shortest time thereafter wins.
  • Once you have completed 1 lap you are in the results.
  • Transition for team riders: there must be physical contact before the next rider is allowed out. High five, kiss, track-style-slingshot, etc. Transition must be in the transition zone, which is right after timing, unless otherwise stated in the rider briefing.
  • No garbage policy: please don’t litter out on the track. We will penalise you if we see you do it.
  • No cheating policy: you must follow the track. It will be clearly marked with arrows, bunting tape, flags and signs. If we see you cheating we will penalise you.
  • Rider down procedure – probably the most important rule of all: if you come to an accident out on the track you MUST stop and make sure the rider is ok. If he/she is not, stay with him/her and send the next rider straight back to the event centre to let us know what happened. If you lose time while helping an injured rider we will adjust your lap time at the end of the race.
  • If a race is deemed unsafe because of storm, rain, fire etc we will pause it, assess the situation and if possible restart it again later.
  • Passing: being friendly out on the track goes a long way. Let the rider you are about to pass know when and on which side. E.g. “rider coming up, passing on your right when you are ready”. Then say thanks and keep on smashing it. If you are riding in a train let the rider in front know how many people will pass him/her. If you are being passed find the next best place to move to the side and let them pass.
  • Race numbers must be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle. The number plate must be readable, so it must be fastened as flat as possible. Altering, cutting or placing of unauthorised sponsors’ logos on numbers is not permitted. You can keep your number plate as a memento of your race.
  • Riders must register before they will be allowed to practice.
  • All riders must wear a bike helmet that has been authorised by Australian Standards (or approved international standard) at all times when riding and racing. You will be required to wear fully enclosed foot wear and gloves are recommended.
  • You must be present or represented at the ceremony at the end of the race to claim your trophy. If you can’t hang around we are happy to email you a copy of the certificate.

Do I need to be part of a cycling association or club to race?

No you don’t.

How do I best prepare for the event?

If you’re starting out in the MTB racing world, Rocky Trail events are a great way to catch the racing bug. We encourage a positive, inclusive and courteous atmosphere. We’d still recommend you do a couple of training rides on your local or favourite tracks to get your fitness up to a level that you are comfortable to ride in a race. If you have never participated in a race before, well, you know your body best. The tracks we race on are not very long usually and we have roaming marshals out on track who are clearly visible and there to help.

In our lap races you can always do a lap and then have a rest. There is no need to constantly rider. If you are in a team, due to the relay-style, you’ll have plenty of time to get some rest, while your mates are doing their turns.

Prepare all your gear and clothes and bring your supplies of race food and fuel. Get a good night’s sleep before the event and eat well – that good old bowl of pasta is never a bad idea!

Will food and water be available?

Yes, there will be a coffee van organised at minimum, who will sell sandwiches and some basic food to fuel up during the event. They’ll also have drinks and please bring your own water supplies for the day to fill up your bottles/hydration packs.


JetBlack 24 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the 24 hrs in 2019

    Great event Martin and Juliane. Great atmosphere. Great times. Will be back for sure. Rock on Rockytrail.

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