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Kooralbyn Valley MTB Dusk Till Dawn 12 Hour

Bike 12h

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The Koorbalyn Valley Mountain Biking Endurance Series allows you to experience the best location the Scenic Rim has to offer! Koorbalyn Valley is knowns for its natural beauty, diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, incredible produce, art, food, and outdoor adventure. The series consists of 4 mountain biking events.

The second event in the series is the The Dusk til Dawn 12 Hour, and it is the perfect event for everyone to test that endurance bug and get a taste of racing through the night.

Review summary

4 Reviews
  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere


Steve B
"Loved everything about this race. Wouldnt change a thing...."


Geoff M
"I would make sure you have a good set of lights and clothing for all weather..."


Tim M
"Possibly highlight the necessity for quality twin lights and batteries..."
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How to enter the Kooralbyn Valley MTB Dusk Till Dawn 12 Hour

  1. 12hr Dusk til Dawn

    Bike 12h
    AUD $80–AUD $320
    Event passed

Kooralbyn Valley MTB Dusk Till Dawn 12 Hour route

The Course

The course is a loop of approximately 10km ridden clockwise. It is a mixture of a fire trail and 99% single track. Any intersection with tracks which are not part of the course will be “bunted” off or have ribbon hanging from trees on course. You will not need to make any navigational decisions.

Complete Laps

Once on the Course you must complete a full lap. If you have a mechanical problem, do not come back to the event village in the reverse direction as your lap will not be counted!

Event Details

What’s Included


Please bring your own race food nutrition. Limited water will be available. The Pavilion Tavern will be open from 11am until 10pm on the Saturday for food as well.


There is camping available at the Resort for $20 per tent per night, non-powered site. Please pay when you register on line.

Raceday Logistics

Event Location

Ramada Kooralbyn Resort – Pavillion Tavern
Kooralbyn Valley Mountain Bike Tracks
35 Routley Drive Kooralbyn QLD 4285

Registration Number Pickups

Saturday 24th November 2pm-4pm 

At registration you will pick up your race number.

Compulsory Rider Briefing

Is at 5:30pm before race start, at the transition area. ALL riders must attend. It is a condition of your entry that you attend the briefing.

Race Start Time

12 hour race start is at 6pm

Race Start

Riders will commence on at 6pm. Riders will line up and self-seed before the start. All solo 12hr riders & one team rider from each team will start together. Riders will continue to lap the course for 12hr. The rider/team with the most number of laps wins. If rider/teams have the same number of laps, then whoever finished those laps in the quickest time wins. Teams ride in a relay fashion with only 1 rider from a team on the course at any one time. You can stop riding at any time and have a break. Teams can swap with team mates whenever they like and a physical touch must occur between riders (e.g. hi five), however interchange must occur in the transition zone, after the timing tent to receive a valid lap time. This will be marshalled and failure to follow the rules will result in a Timeout penalty. Riders not completing the full 24hrs will not DNF but must notify the timing crew.


The transition zone will be a bunted area after the timing tent. You must transition between team members here to receive a valid lap time. You are not allowed to ride through transition, however please be aware of other riders who are continuing onto another lap Leave the transition quickly & don’t block the area.

Race Finish

The fastest rider to complete the laps required will be determined the winner. If you cross the finish line on second before the finish time you are permitted to do another lap and that lap will be counted. Race will finish in front of the timing tent.


They will be held at approximately 11:30am for all competitors at the event village. We encourage all participants to mingle round after the event as presentations will follow after the final riders have completed the last lap. Event winners will receive something special and different reflecting the local area to congratulate them, and follow a random prize draw with lots up for grabs that have been kindly donated you must keep your bib and be present to win these prizes


Please bring your own race food nutrition. Limited water will be available. The Pavilion Tavern will be open from 11am for food as well.


Why Enter The Kooralbyn Valley MTB Endurance Series?

  • Genuine trail and wilderness experiences with an international standard course in a magnificent location
  • Friendly event atmosphere
  • Accessible location located within 1hr 30mins from Gold Coast and Brisbane
  • 1-course options available at each race
  • Fantastic door prizes at each event

Attaching Your Bike Number Plate: 

Attach your bike number to the front of your bike using at least 3 ties, securely fastening in an upright position ensuring that can be easily seen from the front. Your Number should be in front of the brake cables and not wrapped around any part of the bike. The number cannot be altered, obscured, cut or de-faced. If the race number is not attached correctly there is a possibility that the time keepers will not read your number. It is your responsibility to ensure it is fitted correctly.

Racing Bikes and Equipment

Your bike must conform to the UCI general rules for mountain bike racing. Electric bikes or power assisted bikes are not allowed.


International Standards approved bicycle helmets must be worn at all times while riding a bike during competition and practice. The following helmets are accepted: AS/NZ 2063, ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B or N Series, ASTM F-1447, CAN/CSA-D113.2-M, US CPSC standard for bicycle helmets, European CEN standard EN1078. Failure to meet this requirement may result in immediate disqualification from the event. Damaged helmets must be replaced. Skate style helmets are not approved for this race. The mounting bracket for a helmet-mounted camera must not compromise the structure of the helmet. For example, if can be attached by straps, Velcro or glue – but it cannot be bolted to the helmet. It is up to you as a rider to follow QLD bike laws.

Right-of-Way, Passing and Being Passed

A rider walking their bike must give way to a rider who is riding if you are walking your bike; make sure you leave plenty of open tracks for the other riders. The rider being overtaken has right-of-way (unless they are walking their bike) until the overtaking rider is past and clear by one bike length.

If you want to pass the rider in front on single track, call out “TRACK”. When the rider in front feels it is safe to pass, they will pull over to one side and call “PASS”. They may also call out “ON MY LEFT / ON MY RIGHT”. Let the rider in front know what you doing by calling “ON YOUR LEFT / ON YOUR RIGHT”.

If there will be more than one rider passing, let the rider in front know that as you pass them by calling, for example “TWO MORE COMING THROUGH”. If you do not make this call, the rider in front will assume you have decided not to pass and will return to the center of the track.

The rider in front is under no obligation to let you pass, but slow riders and lapped riders should not delay faster riders unless it is unsafe to let them pass.

Remember, if you are the overtaking rider, the conditions you feel are safe may not be considered safe by the rider you want to overtake. They may be less experienced than you, or they may have seen something on the track that you have not. Overtaking is not allowed on bridges or constructed ramps.

Smoke Free Environmental Act 2000 Law

All On the Edge Events are smoke free. Spectator areas at sports grounds or other recreational areas used for organized sporting events it is not against the law in QLD to smoke. Categories and Rider Age: A rider’s age is calculated on the day of racing for age grouping & the term General Classification means all riders.

Pausing or Abandoning the Race

The race may be paused or abandoned due to extreme weather, emergencies or any other reason decided by the organizer. If the race is paused, all riders must complete the lap they are on and their time and laps will be recorded. If the race is then abandoned, that will determine the placings. If the race is resumed at a later time, then the riders will be started on their lap in a staggered start method, so that each rider has the same time off the bike due to the pause and there is no unfair advantage gained. There will be no refunds or other considerations if the race is paused or abandoned.

Carrying Items during the Race

Ipod or other musical playing devices are not permitted for riders while on course. Riders are permitted to carry mobile phones or 2-way radios on course, but they must not use earpieces, and the riders must stop and pull off the course when they use using them. Riders are not allowed to wear helmet cameras, fitted either to their helmet, body or bike, in practice and during the race. The mounting bracket for a helmet-mounted camera must not compromise the structure of the helmet. For example, it can be attached by straps, Velcro or glue – but it cannot be bolted to the helmet.


Toilets will be provided.

Kooralbyn Valley MTB Dusk Till Dawn 12 Hour weather forecast

Clear throughout the day.

Predicted highs
Predicted lows
IconLight breeze possible, up to 6mph

Meet the organizer

We are not just event organisers; we are adventure athletes ourselves. After living in the Scenic Rim for some time we realised just how unique and beautiful the region is and wanted to share our local knowledge of the trails with other like minded endurance athletes. Our experience as adventure athletes helps us to develop and deliver events that will excite and challenge EVERY participant – from weekend warrior to elites. Our business experience ensures maximum return is provided to the local community and sponsors who are at the heart of the Scenic Rim.

Kooralbyn Valley MTB Dusk Till Dawn 12 Hour reviews (4)

4.8 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the 12hr Dusk til Dawn in 2018

    Loved everything about this race. Wouldnt change a thing.
  • Did the 12hr Dusk til Dawn in 2018

    I would make sure you have a good set of lights and clothing for all weather conditions, it was a very cool evening for November
  • Did the 12hr Dusk til Dawn in 2018

    Possibly highlight the necessity for quality twin lights and batteries sufficient to last the duration
  • Did the 12hr Dusk til Dawn in 2018

    I loved the course. I'm excited for more single track coming. Such a great course with enough to keep me excited especially the great down back to the put area.