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Mackay Triathlon Festival

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The 2019 Mackay Triathlon Festival will be held on Saturday 21 September and Sunday 22 September in and around the beautiful destination of Mackay Harbour.

Participants can choose between:

Olympic Distance (1500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run) – 15 years+

Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 16km cycle and 5km run) – 14 years+

Enticer Triathlon (300m swim, 8km cycle and 2km run) – 12 years+

Mini Kids (100m swim, 3km cycle, 500m run) - 7-12 years

How to enter the Mackay Triathlon Festival

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    Mini Kids (7-12yrs)

    Triathlon: Swim 0.1km, Bike 3km, Run 0.5km
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    Enticer (12 years+)

    Triathlon: Swim 0.3km, Bike 7.5km, Run 2km
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    Sprint (14 years+)

    Triathlon: Swim 0.75km, Bike 20km, Run 5km
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    Triathlon: Swim 1.5km, Bike 40km, Run 10km

Mackay Triathlon Festival routes


Mini Kids Triathlon (7-12 years+)

100m Swim, 3km Cycle, 500m Run

Enticer Triathlon (12 years+)

300m Swim, 7.5km Cycle, 2km Run

Sprint Triathlon (14 years+)

750m Swim, 20km Cycle, 5km Run

Olympic Triathlon (15 years+)

1500m Swim, 40km Cycle, 10km Run

Event Details

What’s Included

Event shirt Swim Cap Timing Chip Number Tattoo (please apply to right upper arm or right forearm if wearing sleeves) Bike Number (please attach to your seat tube) Race Number (must be worn on front for run leg) Helmet Number (place on the front of your helmet) ID Wristband (required for access to and from transition area for bike collection)

Raceday Logistics

Location: Mackay Surf Club

Start Times & Day:


Mini Kids - 2:30pm


Enticer - 6:00am

Sprint - 6:00am

Olympic - 6:30am

Registration and Race Packs

Athlete registration Packs are available on Saturday 21st September from 2.30pm to 5.30pm at the Mackay Surf Club. Photo identification is required, and here you will pick up your race kit.

Check in Times

Mini kids - Saturday, 1:45pm

Enticer - Sunday, 5:00am

Sprint - Sunday, 5:00am

Olympic - Sunday, 5:00am

Race Briefing

You will be required to read the briefing notes provided to you in your race pack prior to starting the race. A verbal briefing will be held for events on Saturday prior to race starts and at 6.15am Sunday morning, prior to race start at 6.30am. This briefing will have all the information and rules required to complete the race, including how many laps are required for each race leg.

Kit List


For the race you’re going to need a swim cap (bright colour for safety purposes in the water), a road-worthy bike (perhaps consider getting a service or safety check before you race), a helmet and a good pair of running shoes.

You don’t have to have a flash triathlon-specific bike. Many competitors doing their first race will be on mountain bikes or hybrid bikes. You do have to make sure it is in good working condition – perhaps take it in for a service/safety check and to find out what you should pump your tyres up to.

What to Wear

You can wear whatever is comfortable! Please note you MUST wear a swim-cap in the swim for safety purposes and your torso must be covered in the cycle and run legs



The golden shore of Mackay Harbour welcomes our visiting triathletes to the Mackay Triathlon Festival on the September 22 and 23 weekend, an event run by the Mackay Triathlon Club. While here, spend some time to enjoy an array of natural delights throughout the region.

Sugarcane fields fringe the town centre and the glistening Pioneer River, one of the few blue-water rivers in Australia, winds its way through the heart of the city to meet the sea.

Enjoy the serenity of the lush rainforest of Eungella National Park, 80km west of Mackay, where you can watch platypus play in the cool water of Broken River. You may even be lucky enough to spot the rare Eungella Honeyeater. On the drive through the Pioneer Valley, turn in at Finch Hatton Gorge and walk through sub-tropical rainforest as you head to Araluen Falls for a quick dip or try forest flying.

50km north of Mackay is Cape Hillsborough where the rainforest meets the sea in a vast sandy beach studded with prehistoric rock formations. Meet the local wallabies and kangaroos on the beach at sunrise for an unforgettable family experience.

Take a day trip out to unspoilt Keswick Island with its fringing reef, white sands and national park rainforest. Dive among colourful fishes and corals or walk along forest paths teeming with Blue Tiger Butterflies.

These and so many other sights await you when you visit the tropical paradise that is Mackay where we don’t just offer a triathlon but a lifetime experience

The Festival weekend caters for kids between the ages of 7 and 12 years (Mini Kids), beginners just starting out in the sport (Enticer) and those wanting to step it up to the next distance (Sprint). The signature event is the Olympic Distance where athletes will compete for top spot across the field.

It’s a Mackay triathlon weekend not to miss!

Race Numbering

Please note you will be required to wear your race bib on the run course ONLY. For the cycle course; your race number should be displayed on your helmet (front) and seat post. Both stickers and bibs are supplied in your race kit!

Timing Band

You will collect the timing band at registration as part of your race pack. Secure this to your left lower leg just above the ankle. Once you have done all the above, proceed to the entry to the transition area where you take your bike and race specific gear. It is essential that you return the timing band at the conclusion of the event to the timing team. If the band is not returned a fee of $50 will be charged.

Entering the Transition Area

For entry you need your ID bracelet, bike sticker on the seatpost & your helmet (with number on front) properly fastened on your head and your tattoo applied to your arm. A Triathlon Queensland official will check your bike and helmet to ensure you have your security bike sticker attached and that your helmet is of a high safety standard. Please have your helmet secured on your head before getting to the transition area to make the process as quick as possible.

Bike Racking

Racking of Bikes will be opened 5.00am Sunday 23rd September. No bikes are racked on Saturday. Once a TQ official has checked you then you will need to find an available section on your applicable rack, arrange your gear on the chaining side of your bike. Bikes will be racked by the back wheel in the ITU style racks or by the seat (traditional racks). Please ensure you only keep your race specific gear within this area. If you have a bag, there is a baggage tent next to the rego tent where your items will be secure for the duration of your race. Once you have dropped off your bike and race items, please move out of the transition area so you are ready for the pre-race briefing with plenty of time to spare. Please note: the transition area closes at 6:15am sharp.

Race Start

The wave starts have approximately 50 competitors. It is a good idea that you ‘self seed’; if you are a slow swimmer start at the back, while if you are a good swimmer start at the front.

Swim Leg

The swim buoys mark the course, look up for direction and if you are ever in trouble raise one arm for the water safety to assist you. Depending on the conditions, the swim start may be a deep water start or a beach start. It is your responsibility to find out your wave start time at the briefing.

Swim to Bike Transition

Competitors try to do this as quickly as possible, taking off a wet suit (if applicable) and racing in swimmers, tri suits or tri kits. Always clip on your helmet before taking your bike off the rack.

Bike Exit

Jog or walk your bike to the bike exit where, once your bike is on the road, there is a mount sign and a line indicating you can get on your bike. Take care of other competitors. It is often wise to move down the road ahead of the competitor traffic at the line to get yourself some space!

Bike Course – Road Closures

Sections of the course have full and partial closure. Our race is sanctioned and we have the assistance of the local SES and volunteers. Please stay left unless overtaking and be always aware of any parked vehicle, pedestrians or resident’s vehicles which may be on the course. Please pay attention to race officials at all times.

Bike to Run Transition

Return bike to your rack before taking off your helmet, put on running shoes and run to the run exit.

Run Exit

A sign clearly marks the run exit but if you are ever confused please ask a transition official.

Run Course

There will be a drink station shortly after the start of your run, and approximately every 1.5 kilometres.


The best part of the race! The timing transponder mats are underneath the finish arch, and your foot (with the band attached) must pass over these plates. Once you cross the line proceed through the chutes towards the marshals who will remove your timing band.

Recovery Area & Food Packs

Fruit and water recovery product will be available in the Recovery Area post race and there will be a BBQ run by the Mackay Surf Club.

The Presentations & Random Draws

Presentations will be held at the Mackay Surf Club at approx. midday. Please join us in supporting the athletes.

Removing your bike from the Transition area

The transition area will be reopened again after the last competitor exits for their run leg. When you take your bike out of the transition area please ensure that you show both your ID wristband and your bike numbers to the officials at the transition exit.

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