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Queensland Triathlon Series Round 4 – Raby Bay

Sun 9th Dec 2018
146-148 Shore St W, Cleveland QLD 4163, Australia
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From the organizer

Organizer's website

The Raby Bay Triathlon is back and set to deliver another fast and technial race!

Offering multiple distances, this triathlon is a great place to either start your triathlon dream, or compete with the best!

Choose between the Enticer, Super Sprint, Long Course and Kool Kids Tri. If you raced the Enticer in Round 2, are you ready to step it up to the Super Sprint?


Distances in this event

  1. Long Course (15yrs+)

    Triathlon: Swim 0.9km, Bike 25km, Run 6km
    7:30am Sun 9th Dec 2018
    AUD $105–AUD $135
    Event passed
  2. Super Sprint (13yrs+)

    Triathlon: Swim 0.4km, Bike 15km, Run 4km
    7:30am Sun 9th Dec 2018
    AUD $72.50–AUD $85
    Event passed
  3. Enticer (12yrs+)

    Triathlon: Swim 0.2km, Bike 5km, Run 2km
    7:05am Sun 9th Dec 2018
    AUD $52.50–AUD $67.50
    Event passed
  4. Kool Kids (7-14yrs)

    Triathlon: Swim 0.1km, Run 2km, Run 0.5km
    6:45am Sun 9th Dec 2018
    AUD $38–AUD $40
    Event passed

Where could you finish?

We’ll work out your time based on past results, elevation and terrain.

Course Maps
Course Details

Distance And Laps

Long 15yrs+
Swim – 
900M (1 lap)
Cycle – 25 Km (5 laps)
Run – 
6 Km (3 laps)

Super Sprint 13yrs+
Swim –
400M (1 lap)
Cycle – 15 Km (3 laps)
Run – 
4 Km (2 laps)

Enticer 12yrs+
Swim –
200M (1 lap)
Cycle – 5 Km (1 laps)
Run – 
2 Km (1 laps)

Kool Kids 7-14yrs
Swim –
200M (1 lap)
Cycle – 5 Km (1 laps)
Run – 
2 Km (1 laps)

Raceday Logistics

Saturday 8 December 2018

  • 2:30pm – Registration Opens – Registration Tent
  • 2:30 pm – Optional bike racking – open Transition
  • 3:00 pm – Tips & Tricks – Meet at Scody Tent
  • 4:30 pm – Registration Closes – Registration Tent
  • 4:30 pm – Optional bike racking close – Transition

Sunday 9 December 2018

  • 5:15 am – Registration Opens – Registration Tent
  • 5:15 am – Transition Opens – Transition
  • 6:00 am – Roads Closed – Various Roads
  • 6:00 am – Expo Opens – Expo Tents
  • 6:15 am – Registration Closes – Registration Tent
  • 6:30 am – Transition Closes – Transition
  • 6:45 am* – Kool Kids Race Start – Swim Start
  • 7:05 am* – Enticer Race Start – Swim Start
  • 7:10 am*  – Long Course Race Start – Swim Start
  • 7:30 am – Kool Kids Bike Collection – Boardwalk side of kids transition
  • 7:30 am* – Super Sprint Race Start – Swim Start
  • 9:15 am  – Early Bike Exit – Transition
  • 10:00 am* – Transition Opens – Transition
  • 10:30 am* – Event Presentation
Kit List

What To Bring

• Goggles
• Swim cap (provided in race kit)
• Swimsuit / tri-suit / pink gear!
• Timing chip (provided in race kit)
• Sunscreen

• Bike (any functional bike will do!)
• Bike shoes or running shoes
• Helmet
• Drink bottle
• Bike handheld pump
• Spare tube/tyre lever (if you have them)
• Bike gloves (optional)

• Running shoes
• Socks
• Cap / visor / sunglasses
• Race number bib (provided in race kit)
• Race belt or pins to attach the bib

What Not To Bring
Please leave all iPods and headphones at home – not only is it more fun to cheer on the ladies around you but we also have an insurance and safety requirement that you can hear event marshalls and volunteers at all times. Headphones will be removed if seen.


What is my correct age category?

Your age for all 7 races in the series is the age you are as of 31st December 2018, this is as per Triathlon Australia Rules.

Is there a clinic in the lead-up?

If you are doing a triathlon for the first time, we highly recommend coming along to our FREE Tips & Tricks clinic on the Saturday at 3 pm, the day prior to the event. You can ask all those little questions and even meet some other participants before the event day!  Many local triathlon clubs also offer Beginners Courses so why not join in – also a great way to meet people and add to the fun!

Is the event timed?

Yes, each participant receives a timing chip as part of their race pack which is to be worn on the left ankle.

How does the swim work?

To avoid having all the athletes entering the water at the same time, competitors are divided into “waves”. Each wave will consist of no more than 100 swimmers to give you plenty of room to swim and enter transition smoothly. Check the information board for your swim start time or view them under each event on the website in the week leading up to your race. Note that tentative category start times are listed but MAY CHANGE the week of the race. Specific wave starts are listed on the website Thursday of race week. 

Can I wear a wetsuit?

The water temperature is taken the morning of the race and if the water is 22 degrees or above then it is a non-wetsuit swim. If the water temperature is below 22 degrees, you will be given the option of wearing a wetsuit. It is not a requirement to wear a wetsuit if the water temp is below 22 degrees. Open-Elite Waves may be required to race without a wetsuit at lower water temperatures as per TA rules.

What is a transition area?

The term ‘transition area’ is the area where you set up your bike and ‘transition’ from the swim to bike legs and then bike to run legs. Before the start you will leave your gear for the bike and run leg next to your bike and then exit with your swim gear and head to the swim start. You can’t leave any bags or additional items in the transition area. These will be removed by officials if left.

Is there somewhere to store my bag?

If you have a bag & personal belongings, you need to take this out of the transition area and leave this at the bag storage area which is located in the Registration Tent from 6:30 am. A tag from your number bib will be attached to your bag so we know which bag is yours when you come back to collect this.

Can I enter as a team?

Yes, we do team entries! Teams have a minimum of two and a maximum of three participants. That means one person swims, one person rides and one person runs. If one person wants to do two legs that is fine – but if you and your friend want to participate side by side you need to do individual entries (entering the Mates Wave if you are from different age/gender groups).

How does a team work?

The change over point is at the cyclist’s bike. Swimmers must give the cyclist the timing chip before the cyclist removes a bike from the rack and upon completion of the bike course, the cyclist must rack their bike and then give the runner the timing chip before the runner begins the run. The race number bib is to be worn by the runner only. The timing chip is to be worn by all team members on the left ankle or the team may not receive a time.

What should I wear?

Anything goes really, provided your torso is covered during the bike and run! You can swim in just your bathers or with tight shorts or leggings over the top. When you are in the transition area before the bike leg you can put on shorts/leggings and a singlet or t-shirt. Some people choose to purchase a tri-suit, which means you can wear this the entire time.

Do I have to wear a swim cap?

Yes, we will issue you a coloured swim cap to wear based on your wave start. If you would prefer to wear your own, you can wear this underneath the event cap.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes, helmets are compulsory to participate in the event. When you enter transition to ‘rack’ your bike, you will need to put your helmet on – at this time our technical officials will check that this is safe to wear for the event.

Can I ride a mountain bike?

Any bike is fine. Cruiser, mountain bike, racers, BMX, baskets, spokey dokies – all are great options. Your bike just must be in a safe working condition.

What happens after the race?

After the race is a great time to catch up with friends and family, make new friends with your fellow competitors and generally talk about the whole experience!  Stick around for the presentations and random prize draws, remember to put your race tag (tear it off from your race number) in the barrel, you must be present to win!

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