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Our NSW course is run at Dargle Farm, on the Hawkesbury River in Lower Portland. Not far from Sydney, this True Grit course moves through a varying property of grasslands, temperate rainforest, dense swamps, granite escarpments and towering sandstone cliffs.

Take on the full course of 10km and 30+ obstacles, or test the waters with our half course of 5km and 15+ obstacles. Remember - it's not about finishing the fastest, it's about finishing at all.

Not only do we hold our True Grit event here, but also our OCR World Championship 24hr Enduro course on the same property. Take on the same course the pros tackle for a full 24hrs!

How to enter the True Grit – NSW

  1. NSW 10k (Saturday)

    Run 10km
    AUD $142
    Event passed
  2. NSW 10k (Sunday)

    Run 10km
    AUD $132
    Event passed
  3. True Grit Half 5km (Saturday)

    Run 5km
    AUD $116
    Event passed

True Grit – NSW routes

Types of Obstacles

Low Wire Entanglement:

You’ll commando crawl under barbed wire, through muddy terrain, being mindful of the simulated mines exploding around you. Be prepared to get down and get Gritty!

A-Frame Cargo:

The A-Frame is 4 meters up and 4 meters down. If you’re afraid of heights, keep your body low to the bar as you cross over the top, keeping in mind not to look down!

Traverse Ropes:

The Traverse Ropes obstacle is one of the most difficult obstacles at True Grit. It will leave your forearms fatigued and calves grazed. For those that fail, prepare for a dip!

Pontoon Bridge:

True Grit events will also contain multiple routes, determined by your ability to make decisions whilst fatigued.

The Rig:

The rig requires a practiced technique and great upper body strength.

The Ramp:

The Ramp is the final obstacle at True Grit. It will take all your effort to make it up the slippery slope by yourself. Even if you can make it, hold yourself on top and ensure your teammates make it. The finish line is your reward!

Event Details

What’s Included

What You Get With The Entry :

  • Finisher's t-shirt (on completion of the course)
  • Water and Sports Drinks throughout the event
  • Access to Medical Treatment
  • A Real Military Obstacle Challenge Experience
  • A Free Beer or Sangria when you finish the course!

Elite Racers :

The Elite Race Wave is for those interested in truly testing themselves against the fittest military and sporting people. The Elite Race Wave commences at 8.30am and is open to the first 100 entrants. The first male and 1st female elite racer across the line wins $500 each!

Wristband and Finishers Top

Your True Grit wristband will be picked up on the event day and can be collected at the Registration Tent.

You will receive your Finishers top on completion of the course.

Food and Drink 

No alcohol will be allowed onto the site.

Independent venue stalls and alcohol will be available, as well as seating areas

Water will be available periodically during the course. First aid qualified personnel and equipment will be positioned along the course, as well as a doctor available at the medical area near the finish line.

Merchandise Tents

A 2XU True Grit merchandise tent is at every True Grit event across the country. The facility is equipped with credit card facilities so you don’t need to be concerned with bring a large amount of cash with you on the day.

Raceday Logistics

When should I arrive for the event?

Arrive 1 hr prior to your start time to ensure you have picked up your wrist band and that you are warmed up properly prior to the start. The car park will open from 8.00am on each event day.

Your True Grit wrist band can be collected at the Registration Tent. You will need a screenshot or printout of your QR code and photo ID to collect your wrist band from the Registration Tent. Each participant is to pick up their own wrist band only. No exceptions.

How long is the obstacle course expected to take to complete?

It should take the average person approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete.


True Grit volunteers can be the first face thousands of participants see. Whatever you do as a True Grit volunteer you are the backbone of making the event run smoothly for all our Gritters.
Volunteer numbers are limited to the 25 per event, and applicants are not guaranteed a position as event organisers reserve the right to hand pick 25 of the most appropriate applicants.


- Registration to provide the first welcome to the thousands of
True Grit participants.

- Bag drop is a key part of the participant experience, and typically the
last stop before Gritters make their way to the start line.

- Finish line to help organise finishers t-shirts and drinks
for participants.

- Obstacle marshals are people who help to encourage and motivate our participants and teach them technique as they embark on a 10+km challenge, with 30+ obstacles.

True Grit volunteers, need to show some grit at times just like our participants. We start early as morning shifts kick off at 7.00am. We need people who are up for the challenge and who are prepared to work with others.

True Grit Volunteers Receive:

- 'Official's' top to wear and keep.

- Run the course FREE (on other day of the same event)

- Front-row seats to the best action in the house.

- Lunch pack and drinks.

- Free access to the event and free parking.


Everyone who applies to be a True Grit volunteer must be able to do the following:

- Be 18 years of age or older. If you are younger than this you can volunteer, but will need accompanying adult supervision and with a signed parent or guardian consent form.

- Attend your shift and if you don’t attend you won’t receive any of the benefits.

- An ability to speak and read English.

- Flexibility for which role you will do.



What is the minimum age that I can enter?
All race participants need to be a minimum of 16 years of age. Anyone under 18 years of age will need to have a guardian or parent sign a waiver for participation. The event is open to both male and females. Children are allowed at the event, but only as spectators.

Do I need to sign a waiver to participate?
Yes, all race participants will need to read and acknowledge the True Grit Terms and Conditions and Waiver online during the registration process. Under 18’s need a parent or guardian to sign an Under 18 Indemnity waiver. This will be emailed in the week prior to the event or can be signed by the parent or guardian on arrival to the event.

What about if I’m injured? Can I get a refund?
True Grit cannot assess people’s injuries and therefore do not offer a refund. You are encouraged to come along and spectate at the event. You can transfer to another person to take your registration.

Name transfers can only be made in the morning of the event at the Information Tent and there is a $20 administration fee to do this (cash only).

At the Event

How fit do I need to be to participate?
True Grit events are designed to test both physical and mental grit. You will need some endurance to complete the course. There are two training programs (Intermediate/Advanced) provided under the “True Grit Training” section on this website. Alternatively, you may want to walk the course and only attempt some obstacles. True Grit encourages participants of all fitness levels.

Do I need to be able to swim?
You should be confident to at least swim 20 metres. Safety staff will be at all water locations to assist you if required. If you are not a confident swimmer you can bypass the obstacle.

How big can by team be?
Your team can be as big as you want. We recommend a minimum of 2 people per team, just to ensure you have the extra hands that maybe needed to complete some obstacles.


The Founders
Adam and Matt are the founders of True Grit. Their combined experience in the Australian Army spans over 33 years, with the last 20 years in Special Forces.

Real World Experience
Adam and Matt have served in 15 operational deployments, throughout Afghanistan, Iraq, Timor-Leste and domestically within Australia. From body-guarding Australian Prime Ministers to being on standby for Hostage Recovery and conducting a range of complex missions overseas, they have been proud to serve amongst some of the bravest soldiers in the world.

Adam’s last position was in charge of recruiting and selection of Special Forces in the Australian Defence Force. Both of them understand the physical and psychological requirements to select individuals to undertake special operations.

Giving something back
Adam and Matt last deployed operationally together in 2010, when Matt was wounded by an improvised explosive device (IED). Interestingly, on that day, Adam was responsible for communicating the CASEVAC (casualty evacuation) through for a helicopter extraction. Their hope is that these races will raise money to support the families of those we have lost and members that have been wounded in operations.

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