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Dams ChallengeLake View Tce Cvan Pk, 49 Lake Rd, Champion Lakes WA 6111, Australia

The Dams Challenge was conceived in a cafe on the terrace in Fremantle on Saturday morning in 1998 - Was it possible to incorporate the five metropolitan dams into a single day's ride? Intrepid rider Lindsay O'Brien thought so, and thus, The Dams Challenge was created!

The event offers a course for everyone: The 5 Dams Challenge, 3 Dams Challenge, and 2 Dams Challenge! All three Dams Challenge courses offer tough climbing and utterly thrilling descents!

AUD $139 - AUD $249
5 Dams Challenge • 3 Dams Challenge • 2 Dams Challenge
Dams Challenge
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Tour of Margaret River – SevenBP, 70 Warren Rd, Nannup WA 6275, Australia

SEVEN is a cycling challenge unlike any other!

SEVEN links together Western Australias best trails and most spectacular climbs to form the ultimate one day challenge in Australian cycling.

The 124km route features nine categorised climbs, with over 3000 metres of elevation gain.

The scenery along the way is more typical of North American landscapes than how people typically imagine Australia to be.

The route has been designed to be difficult. SEVEN will redefine your limits and, succeed or fail, it will be an experience that you will remember forever.

AUD $95 - AUD $165
Seven • Five • Three
Tour of Margaret River – Seven

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