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About 10k events in the Australia

Still a great challenge for beginners or those who want to build to something bigger, 10k events (or 6.2 miles) are hugely popular with runners of all levels. If you've been running 5ks for a while, there's a good chance that the same event hosts a 10k route too, so you can stretch towards the longer distance when you feel ready. If you enjoy being cheered on by a crowd, large running festivals such as the Brisbane Marathon Festival and Melbourne Marathon also host 10k races.

What are the best 10k events?

The largest event in this category is the Sun Herald City2Surf in Sydney, which last year attracted over 80,000 participants. Taking you from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach, it is technically a 14k event, but we felt it would be a shame to miss it out given its popularity. If you'd prefer to stick to 10k we can recommend these events the Sydney Running Festival, and Gold Coast Marathon, which weave you through some of Australia's most beautiful spots.

How long will it take to run 10k?

The mens and womens world records (for road racing) stand at 26m44s and 29m43s respectively, held by Leonard Patrick Komon and Joyciline Jepkosgei (who also holds the record for the women's half marathon). For the average runner, these would be considered as fast for a 5k let alone a 10k. A respectable 10k time for your regular casual runner would be anything around the hour mark. However, if you're new to running, allow yourself a little longer and set your goals based on the results of your training.

How do you train for a 10k race?

To get in the best possible shape for your race, try following our 6 week training plan. Set your training goals to your current fitness and running experience. Challenge yourself, but don't go too hard in training, build up slowly to minimise the risk of injury before or during the race. Want to push yourself further? Check out our half marathon and marathon event calendars.

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