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5k Runs in New South Wales

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About 5k events in New South Wales

5k runs are hugely popular in NSW. Hundreds of people gather every weekend to put the miles behind them. 5ks are not only great for beginners, you'll also find yourself running with regulars too - these are great training events if you're preparing for something longer. 5k races tend to have a fun side to them, expect a great atmosphere, maybe some fancy dress and a lot of happy runners. You can find anything from night runs, colour runs, fun runs and charity runs all year round.

What are the best 5k events?

A regular favourite is the 5k Foam Fest, which has events across most major cities including Sydney. Big running festivals like the ones in Sydney also have their own 5k races, which is perfect if you want to soak up a big race atmosphere.

What is the average time to run a 5k?

Anything under 30 minutes is pretty quick, that's running a 9.5 minute mile or faster. You might be faster or slower but don't worry, the point is to set your own goals and not worry about others. If you'd rather walk than run it, then you'd be looking at around an hour. If you're seriously fast you might be pushing for the 14 minute mark - though that's serious professional level!

How long should I train for a 5k?

Take a look at our 6 week training plan, this will help you build some goals relevant to you. Push yourself, but also listen to your body. Training helps to prevent injury and helps you run faster. You'll enjoy yourself much more during the race if you've done some training.

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