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Running Events in New South Wales

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Running in New South Wales

NSW has a vibrant and pretty varied running scene (see the popularity of Cupid Undie Runs). One of the bigger events is the Sydney Running Festival. With so many fun and friendly races on offer, you'll get to meet awesome people from around the world and probably get overtaken by someone dressed as a giant wallaby.

What you need to know about running

There are heaps of different running events to get involved in. If you want a good mix of fun, or you're just starting out, then Parkruns, colour runs, 5ks, and 10ks, are the way to go. Running is one of the world's most accessible sports, and it's also super sociable too, so grab your friends and break down some barriers (metaphorically speaking).

If you're considering a longer distance, the half marathon and marathon are the next levels to consider. The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon is the biggest you'll find in Australia, and if you don't fancy running the whole thing, there's always the relay option.

Looking to push yourself further still? An ultramarathon might be for you. These races are anything over the 26.2 marathon distance. This could have you trekking for 100k or more. Ultra-Trail Australia is a great example, less than two hours from Sydney. To take on these events you've got to be prepared for anything, and the key is to be well rested and properly fuelled and hydrated. Take it slow, it's an (ultra)marathon, not a sprint. Soak in some breathtaking views and get to know your competitors, you're in it for the long haul.

Training for a running event

Training requires real commitment and motivation. Sometimes it can feel like a slog, particularly if you're by yourself. Try to buddy up if you can, this will help with motivation and can add some zing to your sessions. Everyone should be training ahead of events. Have a read over some of our pre-race training plans to get you on the move: 5k Training Plan; 10k Training Plan; Half Marathon Training Plan; Marathon Training Plan; Ultramarathon Training Plan.

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