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Marathons in New South Wales

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The 2000 Olympics left a legacy for marathons in NSW. The Sydney Running Festival now hosts 33,000 competitors each year, and the marathon takes you past all the city’s major landmarks. Other adventurous options take you to the coast or through wineries.
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  • 4APR

    Australian Running Festival

    Running Canberra
    31.1 mi • 26.2 mi • 13.1 mi • 6.2 mi
    AUD $40 - AUD $60
  • 26JUL

    Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival

    Running Sydney
    26.2 mi • 13.1 mi • 6.2 mi • 3.1 mi • 1.2 mi
    AUD $70
  • 8NOV

    Carcoar Cup Running Festival

    Running Carcoar
    26.2 mi • 13.1 mi • 6.2 mi • 3.7 mi
  • 3APR

    Buffalo Stampede

    Running Mount Buffalo
    78.9 mi • 46.9 mi • 25.7 mi • 16.2 mi • 2.5 mi
    AUD $10
  • 30AUG

    Dubbo Running Festival

    Running Dubbo
    26.2 mi • 13.1 mi • 6.2 mi • 3.3 mi
    AUD $25 - AUD $90
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About Marathons in New South Wales

You'll find some of the largest and most spectacular events in NSW in the marathon calendar. It's a distance that's skyrocketed in popularity in the past 20 years.

In 2012 nine runners were inducted into the Blue Line Legends club having completed the first 10 Sydney Marathons. While the Blue Line Legends club is closed to new entrants, it is possible to join the famous Bridge Club, which exists for those who have completed the Sydney Marathon for 10 consecutive years. Reckon you've got the stamina?

What are the best marathons?

Marathons are the core of NSW's great running festivals. The Sydney Marathon passes through the city's iconic landmarks. It has a tough final quarter before you cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge, traffic free, for a glorious finish at the world-famous Opera House. You've also got the Newcastle Running Festival, with its beautiful coastal route and reputation for working in partnership with local businesses. Or, away from the coast, if you're feeling thirsty, the Winery Running Festival hosts a Moon Marathon with a very well stocked after party. There's plenty of local events to choose from too, have a look at our race calendar if you fancy something a bit more low key.

How long will it take me to run a marathon?

Aussies are a speedy bunch, our average finishing time is around 3h57m for men and 4h20m for women - faster than the global average. That said, we're not quite the fastest. The world record for women was set, in London, by Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain in 2003 at 2 hours 15 minutes and is proving tough to beat. The men's record was beaten in Berlin in 2018 by Eliud Kipchoge and at 2:01:39 is pushing close to breaking the elusive 2 hour barrier.

How do you train for a marathon?

We've put together our very own 16 week training plan, with nutrition and race tips. It's important to follow a plan to be in tip-top shape come race day. Training for these events is essential, not only will you get fitter and faster, but you'll also minimise the risk of injury.