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South Australia Ultramarathon Events

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Federation Ultra TrailMonarto, South Australia, AU

The 2nd Annual Federation Ultra Trail will be held on Sunday, July 28th 2019.

The run is a trail based event held predominantly on the Lavender/Federation Trail and will take in the new Callington Hill "Olearia Trail" with breathtaking views over the Bremmer Valley before descending upon the Frahn's Farm Conservation Project area. The halfway point and starting place for the 25km Event is at Monarto Sports Complex where runners will pass the Monarto Zoo where wild African animals can be glimpsed and heard. The run takes in the stunning new trails of the Kinchina Conservation Park and wonderous Rocky Gully before a final burst around the wetlands and alongside the River Murray to finish at the trailhead in Murray Bridge. Runners who finished the 50km distance in 2018 have unlocked the ability to tackle the Level 2 Run (62.5Km) or Level 3 (75km) distances.

"UNLOCK AND LOAD" Level Up format:

Runners who complete the beast that is the 50km Ultra trail will hold the key to "UNLOCK" Level 2 on their return to subsequent Federation Ultra Trails. Level 2 will be a trail extension of approx 12.5km and only runners who finish each Level can go on to "UNLOCK" a new level and increasing Federation Ultra Trail distance. Those that can defeat each year Levels distance will have the ability to take on, on their 5th successful attempt, the Ultimate prize, the 100km Demon that is the Federation Centurion Trail.

AUD $20 - AUD $70
Ultramarathon • Other
Federation Ultra Trail
Tower Trail RunMount Gambier, South Australia, AU

The Tower Trail Run is an ultra-marathon, marathon, half marathon and 10.5km fun run in Mount Gambier, South Australia on Sunday, 24 June 2018.

The course winds its way around some of the region's most scenic locations, including a pass by of Mount Gambier's iconic Centenary Tower. Taking in the sights of the Blue Lake, visiting Leg Of Mutton Lake, and passing through the bluegum trails below the tower, this course has you circling the craters of dormant volcanos and running into and through others.

The offers 10.5km, 21km, 42km or 56km of trails via your choice of one, two, or four loops. The 56km ultra marathon course is an extended 14km loop that includes a trip around the Blue Lake itself that's exclusive to the full distance event.

Ultramarathon • Other
Tower Trail Run

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