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Ultramarathons, or ultras, are any running races beyond the standard marathon distance of 26.2 miles (or 42.2k). The most common distances for ultra running events are 50k, 100k, 50 miles, or 100 miles, but each event is unique in terms of distance and terrain. The International Association of Athletics Federation recognises world records at ultramarathon events that have a distance of 100km. There are even 24hr ultramarathons, where the distance is unlimited, or multiday ultras, where the distance can extend beyond 1000km. There are several city-based ultramarathons, but most ultras make the most of Australia's stunning scenery and landscapes. A lot of these events go off-road and require trail-running over difficult terrain with steep climbs or along rugged coastlines, deserts, and more. One of the most famous ultra events is the Ultra-Trail Australia (UTA), which goes through the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, over a distance of 100km.

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