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  • How to Train for a Half Marathon

    Our must-know advice on how to train for half marathon. No matter your training schedule, these are the essential tips you need to make it to race day.

  • Rock n Roll start line

    The 12 best half marathons in the world 2019

    Our pick of the best half marathons worldwide. Our run down includes coastal trails, lions and antelopes, cheering crowds and Bellagio fountains. But, most importantly, these are…

  • Marathon finish line

    Reasons For Running A Marathon

    What distinguishes a Marathon running event from all the other hundreds you might be able to take part in? Why bother with the whole slog of training? Why not choose the more…

  • Triathlon runners

    Six triathlon myths busted

    Why you should sign up to your first triathlon, and why “I can’t swim” isn’t an excuse not to. Triathlons are fast becoming the new craze, for good reason: Your chance of…

  • Runner

    8 trail running tips

    These are the most important things to focus on when moving from road running to trail running. Following these simple steps will make a huge difference.

  • Trail running

    If you run, you are a runner

    How to enjoy your run and start feeling like a runner When I tell people I’ve just gone for a 30 kilometer run and loved it, the two most common answers I get in response are:…

  • Marathon runners

    What You Need To Know Before Running A Half Marathon

    There are some things that people only know after actually running a half marathon. Other things just don’t cross anyone’s mind beforehand. So here are a few pointers that…

    6 top 5k training tips

    Whatever your ability or ambition with a 5k race, here are some essential training tips that will help you feel good and set a new PB.