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Triathlon runners

Six triathlon myths busted

Why you should sign up to your first triathlon, and why “I can’t swim” isn’t an excuse not to. Triathlons are fast becoming the new craze, for…

Desert running

How to run

No matter how long you’ve been running for, it’s worth reminding yourself that the way you run matters — although of course if you’ve had running injuries in…


8 trail running tips

These are the most important things to focus on when moving from road running to trail running. Following these simple steps will make a huge difference.

Peloton cyclists

How to fuel a cyclist

You wouldn’t go on a long drive without filling up your car with the right fuel, so why treat your body any differently? Follow these simple…

Triathlon winner

Why Try A Triathlon

If you haven’t yet been converted to realise that three sports in one can be just as good, if not better than one, then have a…