3 essential ways to boost your training

At Let’s Do This, we are always on the lookout for the best ways to boost our performance and maximise our potential. It’s not always a case of putting in more and more hours. Instead, there are more efficient ways of improving training habits, so you get the most out of every minute spent and calorie burnt. 

We are always keen to highlight the great work that other companies in the sports community are doing. Here, we’ve teamed up with Fiit, Runderwear, and TwicetheHealth to cover three essential pillars for your exercise plans: training, equipment, and nutrition

Fiit: #1 Rated Workout App

Normal training plans require a lot of self-discipline to push yourself individually, or wasted hours travelling to and from gym classes. Fiit is a great way of solving this problem: on-demand classes on your TV or phone means you can take part in a gut-busting training session from the comfort of your home. A wide variety of classes from world-class instructors is a great respite from endless laps around the local park, and not having to travel to the gym frees up valuable time so you aren’t having to get in the way of your work, family, or social life. 

The revolutionary Fiit device is a heart rate tracker, which adds scientific data to your sessions. It monitors your heart rate, and lets you track number of reps completed or calories burnt. That way you can know what type of exercise is most effective for you, how much you’re improving, and what you need to do to achieve your goals. It also converts your effort levels into Fiit Points so you can climb the leaderboard in Fiit Club and stay competitive with your friends online for added motivation. 

Runderwear: How to stay chafe-free and comfortable over any running distance

Even if you’re committed to a new training plan, you need to make sure you’ve got the right running gear. Most people focus on a good pair of trainers and flash outerwear, but often don’t pay enough attention to a running essential: underwear. Any experienced runner will know what a nightmare chafing can be, and it can seriously disrupt your training and raceday performance if you’re uncomfortable or in pain. 

Runderwear has addressed this issue, creating comfortable and stylish running underwear, including socks, briefs, and sports bras, so that you never need to worry about chafing in private areas! The clothing stays effective over all distances, and is worn by Parkrun regulars up to 100-mile ultramarathon enthusiasts. This means there’s one less thing to worry about during your training, so you can focus solely on improving speed and distance. 

Twice the Health: Happy and Healthy nutrition plans towards your next epic event

Twice the Health is run by best friends Emily and Hannah, combining a love of running with a love of food. They have come up with a whole range of recipes and nutrition tips, so you know exactly how to fuel your training regime without having to sacrifice delicious foods. Rather than starving yourself or eating the same thing every day, they make sure that your diet is healthy, balanced and has room for a few of the sweeter things in life. Eating properly during your training can have a massive impact on your performance, recovery, sleep, and general health. 

TTH have also set up several runclubs across the UK, otherwise known as We are Runners. With over 2,500 members and an epic team of pacers on side, they are always on hand to encourage all involved with running to keep themselves healthy and happy. Be sure to keep up to date with their inspiration and advice on their Instagram, or tag them with #wearerunners 

Now you’ve got the perfect tools for your next training plan, why not find and book your next epic event through Let’s Do This

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