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34 Essential Things to Pack for a Marathon

You’ve done all the training and all the preparation. The marathon that you’ve actually been working for is almost upon you. Whether it’s your first ever marathon or you’ve tackled marathons regularly, it’s important to pack for race day well in advance so you have plenty of time to tick off everything on your list. So what do you need to pack to ensure an organised and smooth race-day?


1. Running shoes

2. Running clothes (weather appropriate)

3. Bib number

4. Race entry information (location, bib number pick-up, etc.)

5. ID (passport or driving licence)

6. Money (cash is always useful as there may not be a cash machine near to the race)

7. Mobile phone

8. Any prescription medication

Marathon Running Gear

Check the weather in the area that you’re running as this will decide what clothes you wear on race day. Make sure you pack some extra layers so that you have options if the weather suddenly changes.

9. Running shoes

10. Socks

11. Shorts or leggings

12. Running top (short and long sleeve)

13. Jacket

14. Safety pins (to pin on your bib)

15. Running underwear (sports bra/running boxers)

16. Cap

17. Gloves and warm hat (to wear at the start or during the race if it’s cold)

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash


Extra items can make the difference between running around trying to find a spare hair band and relaxing and preparing before your race starts. Make sure you have a few spares of anything you may need on race day.

18. Sunglasses

19. Sunscreen

20. Lip-balm

21. Running gels

22. Running watch

23. Running belt (to hold any running gels and other items)

24. Water bottle

25. Hair band (and extra in case you lose one)

26. Vaseline and other anti-chafing products

27. Tissues

28. Plasters

29. Pain relief

Before and after the race

Making sure you’ve got some extra clothes to change into after the race so you can celebrate in comfort can make the whole day that much better.

30. Warm clothes to put on at the race finish

31. Rain coat

32. Towel

33. Music player and earphones (especially if you use these while running)

34. Flip flops/spare shoes to slip on after the race

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

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