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9 Reasons To Commit To Running Events

Finding running motivation is often either impossible, or only goes as far as thinking about how much you’re going to run in the very, very far distant future. So have a read up on exactly why running is great and try to take the plunge.

1. Once you’ve booked it, there’s no going back

Signing up to running events usually gives people the motivation that the rest of the time they lack. Committing money and running training time to an event is an investment you won’t regret, with pretty minimal risk. So go ahead and book one. There will probably even be one near you.

2. You’ll feel healthy and fit

Running training, particularly outside, gives you the kind of healthy feeling you probably had at school. As soon as you’ve booked your first running event and started on a training plan, it won’t even be a massive wait until you first start feeling the health kick. Fitness training will tone you up and clean you out. Plus, following a running training plan can give you the life structure you need. There’s a reason it’s everyone’s new year resolution.

3. You can explore your area

Seeing your surrounding countryside or city area on foot is something most people don’t seem to have time to do. Running training is a pretty good excuse. You get to see little parts and views you probably haven’t seen before — and likely not so early or late.

Photo by Pietro Rampazzo on Unsplash

4. It’s sociable

If you find a running group to join you might actually even meet people during your training. There’s the added benefit that if others are relying on you to meet your training plan you’ll be more motivated to do it. Since most training for long-distance running also advises a slower pace for 80% of runs, you also could just be chatting to friends whilst getting fitter.

5. Training can fit in with your life

It’s true that if you’re booking a long-distance running events your training will be relatively time consuming. But even then it won’t be overwhelming — there are a lot of hours in the day. With enough running motivation you will realise that training isn’t necessarily a sacrifice. You’ll also realise how much time you wasted before and should find that you can balance it fine with the rest of your life.

6. Running is cheap

Even if you have to pay for running events, running itself has got to be one of the cheaper sports. Apart from good running shoes and some running gear, you will spend virtually nothing. All to feel better, run faster and run further. And if you run outside you can give up the gym membership that you never use.

7. You can raise money for charity

Even if you don’t have a charity in mind that’s close to you, it’s always nice to raise for a good cause. Given that your friends have probably asked you to sponsor them a couple of times, definitely you should feel fine doing the same back! Also, just like signing up in the first place, it’s a good thing to have something depending on you to give you the right running motivation.

8. There’s a great atmosphere

Taking part in running events you will realise that there really is nothing like it. The achievement on its own feels great. Everyone’s around you and endorphins are running high. There’s a feeling of community and it’s 100% worth having. And even if you’ve asked them not to come, it’s great to see the people you know watch you cross the finish line.

9. You won’t regret it

Even if you hate it, you will always be glad you booked whichever you decide is the one for you. So you might as well do something different. Plus you’ll get a medal.

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