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Running Motivation: 9 Ways I Keep Running Every Day

When it comes to running motivation, we all wish we had it – all the time. But, while some days you’ll wake up with a spring in your step and a natural yearning to hit the roads, other days getting out of the house feels like a marathon in itself.

So, how can you find motivation on the days when you’re just not feeling it? 

1. Track your runs

It can be difficult to stay motivated when you have no idea how far you’re running. You have no times to beat or milestones to achieve. But, if you start using a running tracking app such as Strava, Nike Run Club or Runkeeper you can learn more about your performance and strive to improve. Plus, you get a record of your running history to look over whenever you need inspiration.  

2. Eat well

You might struggle to find running motivation when you eat the wrong things. Foods that are high in sugars and saturated fats can make your body feel sluggish, whereas lean meats, poultry and eggs promote bone strength and fight inflammation. You’ll find that eating well makes you feel more healthy, energetic and motivated. A delicious meal to look forward to after your run can also provide great incentive. 

3. Get new gear

Finding running motivation can be a challenge when you’re wearing the same worn-down, tattered running gear. And, not only will those holey trainers be lowering your mood, they could be negatively impacting your running performance. So, stay inspired by getting some fresh new gear that you just can’t wait to take for a spin. Never underestimate the power of a new outfit. 

4. Get out while it’s sunny

The weather can have a huge impact on running motivation. It’s hard to feel enthused about heading out in grey drizzle. A glimpse of sunshine is a rarity in the UK, so seize the day and get out in it ASAP. A run in the sun will fill you with positivity and fuel you up for the next one. 

5. Buddy up

Inspiration can always be found in friends. Committing to a social plan makes it much harder to back out, and running with a partner could add some healthy competition. Alternatively, if you’re more of a solo runner, you could buddy up virtually. Agree to run on the same day as a friend and check in afterwards for extra commitment. Most running apps also have community sections where you can join challenges and compete with other runners.  

6. Mix up your playlist

It’s hard to find running motivation when every run involves listening to the same playlist on repeat. That inspirational Destiny’s Child song sure loses its power on the fiftieth listen. So, mix up your playlist and keep it up to date with upbeat, high-energy tunes. You could also listen to a podcast or try a mission on Zombies! Run.  

7. Find a new route

The enemy of motivation is repetition. Like mixing up your playlist, running motivation can be found when you mix up your route. If you often run on trails, why not try roads? Even running the same old park the opposite way round can add variation. 

8. Follow a programme

While some runners prefer spontaneity, many find that following a programme helps them to stay motivated. A running programme tracks exactly when, where and how far you’ll run per week and, importantly, holds you accountable. It might also combine strength workouts, stretches and a larger end goal like completing a race. There are loads of programmes out there, and Emma Kirk-Odunumi has some great ones to choose from.  

9. Sign up for a race

There are few things more inspiring than a competitive race. Whether it’s a 5K, half marathon or the full 26.2 miles, an end goal provides the motivation to put one foot in front of the other. Sure, life is a little strange right now, but many competitive races are still on track to go ahead later this year. Check them out for the ultimate running motivation. 

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Briony is a writer currently living in London. While she spends a lot of time hunched over a desk trying to craft sentences, her other passion is running. She enjoys setting her own goals and is currently training for her second half marathon.

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Sam B

Great quick checklist – have bookmarked. Thanks guys will definitely use the extra motivation to get out in the snow!

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