7 Reasons To Commit To A 10k Run

1. 10k is a decent distance

Given that a premiership footballer will probably run around 11k in a match, there’s no reason to dismiss the 10k. It’s about an hour running, and any exercise taken for that long without a break is not nothing. The fact that that only 27% of people can run (or will train enough to run) a 10k proves it.

2. It’s a new challenge

If you’ve already pushed yourself to do a 5k, you like a challenge. And so why not take the next step and move up a distance. It’s not an overwhelming goal, but it is a new one. It’ll give you something to work towards and something to structure your life. Most importantly, it’ll give you something to tell your friends and family about. More than once as well.

3. You’ll get to a different level of fitness training

Taking part in 10k runs will not just like a longer version of a 5k. It’s an entirely different run, and involves entirely different fitness training. You can’t work anaerobically (without oxygen) the whole way as you might do for a 5k. So you will need to teach your body (new) endurance running skills. As a result, you’ll improve your health and fitness on a completely different level to a 5k race.

4. It’ll get your endorphins going properly

Once you’ve pushed past about 30 minutes of any exercise endorphins are released. It’s a pretty wonderful feeling. Even better if you’re running outside, you have people watching, or you’re training with a friend.

5. It’s still achievable

Even if you’re a beginner, with a bit of dedication you can train yourself up within 10–12 weeks very comfortably. Mostly this helps with injury prevention — you might be capable of running further earlier on, but you don’t want to overtrain and hurt yourself. But this way also has its benefits. For example, you can build it into your everyday life schedule and hopefully continue after the 10k event has been and gone. It also won’t take up too much of your time.

6. Even more health benefits

You’ll look great. You’ll feel great. You’ll even feel like you can treat yourself without the guilt complex. Running and training for a 10k will just do that little bit more for you than a 5k will. Take the simple route and go the whole hog — feel toned, fit and cleansed. All for free.

7. Why not?

There’s no reason not to. Sign up to a 10k run and you could really discover a love of long-distance running. Don’t sign up and never know. If you very sensibly choose to run outside, you don’t even need to invest in a gym membership. So go for it.

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