Best British Boozy Running Events

Drink. And. Run. At the same time. Or pretty much at the same time. It sounds like it wouldn’t work, and yet at the same time it sounds and is pretty awesome. If you’re not prepared for the prices of doing them abroad (Marathon du Medoc for instance) then have a look at what Britain’s got to offer. And let’s get boozy.

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

1. Choose an ATHLON

Gin-Wine-Ale-Pizza-Chocolate-Pie-Cake athlons are the choices. They’re not all boozy, but the boozy ones surely are the best. It’s a pretty simple concept: you turn up, often for a late-evening start, and run the course. It’s usually 6–8 miles, and there will be strategically placed (and questionably named) “aid” stations. These will ply you with whatever is in the offing during the race (one of the previous options) and make sure that by the time you cross the finish line you’re more than a little merry. Athlons happen all year round and mainly in Cambridge and Yorkshire, but have a look for the next one and see (The Athlons UK Web Page.) If you don’t live near, just think that you’d probably travel for less.

2. Tempo Relay Run Events

There’s the ‘Tempo run for cider relay’, the ‘Tempo run for beer relay’ and ‘Tempo run for gin relay’. A bit of a theme. The idea is to put on events that the organisers would want to do themselves, so they’re guaranteed to be good. And you only need to run 2 miles before you hand over to one of your team of four. Rules state dress up, and there’s no excuses to not go for it with full force — you can definitely afford to buy some new stuff after only paying a tenner to enter. And there will be prizes at the end for best dressed. It seems barely worth the regret to miss it, so find yourself a group and head to Worcester, Stratford, Cheltenham or elsewhere for a Boozy Relay Run. Find out more about event dates at Tempo Events.

3. Run The Bacchus Marathon & Half Marathon (and the 5 Mile or Fun Run) In Surrey Every September

It’s not exactly a series of events. But once a year there is the Surrey Bacchus Marathon and Half marathon (plus the 5 miler and free fun run for kids). It’s in a vineyard and is a must-do. You’ll try 6 English wines across the Half marathon course, and 12 during the full. And in case that sounds too indulgent there will be soft drinks and some food at the stations too. There will be, of course, the same again at the finish line, alongside a hog-roast and a good look at everyone’s fancy dress. It justifies a visit just for the course itself and the live music during it. So it’s no surprise that it’s a sell out every year even before you think of it as one of the best boozy races. Look it up now and if you can’t get tickets for this year, be bold and go for next at BACCHUS Marathon & Half Marathon


CRAFT BEER RUNS (Secret London Runs Craft Beer Web Page)

If you’re looking for a craft beer run on a Saturday in January, May and July, you’ll find the ‘Craft Beers of the East End’ from Secret London Runs. You’ll choose your pace (on a scale of chilled to slightly less chilled to speedy) and do an 8k whilst seeing some of the sights of London. And there will be some pretty tasty beers to sample on your journey round and one pint at the end. If you’re not a Londoner or those dates aren’t for you, Google a beer run and you’re likely to find one nearby.

GIN RUNS (Secret London Runs Gin Web Page)

There’s also, of course, a 10k Gin Run. It takes about 2 hours — largely because it consists of 10 stops where you are required to take part in gin trivia and games. You’ll get a guide, a goodybag (which everyone has missed since their childhood days) and — to quote — ‘a lovely gin in a lovely gin palace’. Whether you’ve earned it or not is not important to be honest.

5. The Beer Mile

There are some official Beer Mile events in England. That’s where everyone joins together to run 4 laps, and to drink 4 beers — one before each lap. If you miss the actual event though, it’s still worth taking part in. Because it’s pretty simple to just make your own events and races. And then you can enter your time into the official Beer Mile resource where you can see your time, everyone else’s times, and the PBs that you’re going to break.

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