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How to train for a swimrun

Check out these tips to help you train for your next swimrun challenge.

Swimruns (or aquathlons), typically undertaken as a team of two, add a whole new challenge to training for event day. For swimrun events you run and swim in the same kit through multiple swim and run sections so practising with all your kit and with your partner are pretty key. The following are some top tips to help with your training for event day.

Run training

Start your running training by getting your endurance up and achieving a solid base of fitness. Once you’ve got that, you can change up your routes, distances and importantly, the terrain you’re covering so that you practise dealing with the different challenges a swimrun course will throw at you.

Swimming training

Similar to your running training, try and build up your endurance for swimming and add in some speed work. If you can do some open water swims too, then that will definitely give you a good idea of what to expect on event day and will be a good opportunity to practise swimming with a wetsuit and trainers.

Get used to the equipment

Having the right kit and getting comfortable with it is a key part of swimruns, especially considering you won’t be changing at all and have to carry any kit you’ve got for the entirety of the event. Try to practise with all your kit in event day simulations so that you can deal with any problems before the event itself, such as rubbing wetsuits or constantly loose laces. Also practise the transitions in full event kit as you might find these more difficult when you’re all decked up.

Practise running as a team

You can do a lot of the training on your own, for the fitness side of things, but the majority of swim run events require you to be in pairs and to remain within a certain distance of eachother. If this is the case for the event you are taking part in, make sure you’ve trained and practised with your partner before event day. Try and master the team dynamic and where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so that on event day you can support and push eachother to achieve your best.

Enjoy it

Swimrun events are challenging but fun, so make sure you relax and enjoy yourself. You’ll be surrounded by some stunning scenery and swimming and running in the wild should give you a real sense of adventure and achievement.

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