Coronavirus Update : UK Events

Last updated:  18th November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the UK endurance event calendar. We will keep this page updated to reflect latest developments and news from the government, sports governing bodies, and event organisers.

What is the Status of Events in the UK?


Following the announcement from the UK Government on the new national COVID-19 restrictions requiring everyone in England to stay at home, except for specific purposes, participation sports events are currently suspended. See below for the latest governing body advice across the UK.

Running: England Athletics advises all outdoor competition is suspended from Thursday 5th November 2020 until at least Wednesday 2nd December 2020. Virtual Competitions are able to continue to take place. EA remains in dialogue with the UK Government and aims to publish detailed advice on how the new guidance will change in advance of Wednesday 2nd December.

Cycling: Events are temporarily suspended until at least Wednesday 2nd December. We’re waiting for further guidance from British Cycling to understand when we can expect cycling events in England to return. 

Triathlon: Like running and cycling events, triathlon events are suspended until at least Wednesday 2nd December. British Triathlon is requesting clarity and further detail on the measures and will update their guidance accordingly.


In Scotland, a system of local protection levels is in place. You can check the protection level (tier) for your area here. 

Running: Following the introduction of the protection levels, Scottish Athletics advises outdoor events are permitted to take place, provided current local guidelines are adhered to.

Cycling: Scottish Cycling advises all event organisers to consider if the event they are planning is possible within current local guidelines. Check with your event organiser to find out if your event is going ahead.

Triathlon: Scottish Triathlon advises events can take place, with a maximum of 200 people (including participants, organisers, technical officials, marshalls and medical assistance) on event day. Find more information on how the protection levels affect triathlons here.


Sport Wales advises that from Monday 9th November following the national ‘firebreak’, up to 30 people can take part in organised outdoors activities, but organisers will need to take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Children aged under 11 and those organising the activity are not included in these numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know what’s happening to my event?

The temporary nature of the lockdown restrictions currently in place in England leaves governing bodies unclear as to when participation events will be able to resume. Hopefully, your event organiser has already been in touch with you if your event has been postponed or cancelled. If you’re still unclear, we’d advise you to bear with them as they work out the best path forward for your entry, until further guidance is published.

Can I get a refund if my event has been cancelled or postponed?

Refund and cancellation policies will vary by event so please contact your event organiser to understand what their policy is for your event. Many organisers are choosing to postpone their events, or are offering free transfers to an alternative event rather than offering a refund. However, if your event has been cancelled outright (but not postponed), you should be entitled to a refund.

Before claiming a refund, please consider the impact this may have on your event organiser. Organising events is a low-margin business at the best of times, and many organisers have already paid substantial upfront costs for their events, which they are unable to recover.

If you feel you can afford it, we would urge you to avoid requesting a refund if at all possible in order to support these events which we all love competing in so much. If everyone claims refunds, they may not be around for us to enjoy once social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Further Resources & Latest Information

UK Government Coronavirus Guidance

Scottish Government Coronavirus Guidance

Welsh Government Coronavirus Guidance

WHO Guidelines on COVID-19


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