Coronavirus Update : UK Events

Last updated:  15th July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the UK endurance event calendar, we will keep this page updated to reflect latest developments and news from the government, sports governing bodies, and event organisers.

Latest news

Triathlons are now permitted in England

British Triathlon and Triathlon England have published guidance on how to safely resume events following the UK government announcement permitting recreational sports in England from the 25th July. Events in Scotland and Wales are not yet permitted to return. Event organisers wishing to host an event in England will need to apply to British Triathlon for a license to host an event, and must prove that they will be able to host their event in a COVID-19 secure way.

When will events start again?

Running Events

Recent government advice permitting recreational sport from July 25th means that we expect physical running events to begin as early as August. However, we are still waiting on formal guidance from RunBritain for event organisers wishing to host events in a COVID-19 secure way before events start returning.


Triathlons in England have been given the go-ahead from July 25th, but are not yet permitted in Scotland and Wales. Events will need to adhere to COVID-19 secure measures in order to obtain a licence. Make sure you check with the event organiser first.

Cycling Events

We’re waiting for further guidance from British Cycling to understand when we can expect cycling events to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if my event has been cancelled or postponed?

Refund and cancellation policies will vary by event so please contact your event organiser to understand what their policy is for your event. Many organisers are choosing to postpone their events, or are offering free transfers to an alternative event rather than offering a refund. However, if your event has been cancelled outright (but not postponed), you should be entitled to a refund.

Before claiming a refund, please consider the impact this may have on your event organiser. Organising events is a low-margin business at the best of times, and many organisers have already paid substantial upfront costs for their events which they are unable to recover.

If you feel you can afford it, we would urge you to avoid requesting a refund if at all possible in order to support these events which we all love competing in so much. If everyone claims refunds, they may not be around for us to enjoy once social distancing restrictions are lifted.

What is a virtual event?

Faced with all physical events being cancelled or postponed due to social distancing requirements, many organisers and participants have opted for virtual events instead.

A virtual event is one where everyone completes the required distance in their own time and uploads their results digitally. Many people were taking part in virtual events before lockdown due to the convenience (no need to get up early and travel!), but they have surged in popularity during lockdown as lots of physical events have switched to virtual events.

Use Let’s Do This to find upcoming Virtual Events.

Further Resources & Latest Information

England Athletics Update – 10th July

Official UK Government advice on Coronavirus

WHO Guidelines on COVID-19


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