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Essential Cold weather kit to warm your cockles this week

OK ok, I won’t lie, I’m currently in San Francisco, as the company is on an accelerator called Y Combinator. BUT I hear from a pissed off mother and an incandescent girlfriend that I’m missing some really miserable weather back home. Sounds like everyone is battening down the hatches for a not-so-snappy cold snap.

HOWEVER, I do have some quite extensive experience of training in cold weather. Not so long ago, I completed four marathons in four days in Norway; the temperatures got down to -20C! Fine, it isn’t Yukon cold — I didn’t lose a foot — unlike poor Nick Griffiths AND, I’m cautiously optimistic, even from afar, that England won’t get that cold either!

Even so, here are some crucial bits of kit guaranteed to keep you warm this week!

Oh and just for the record we don’t have a commercial agreement with Wiggle and this isn’t advertising — it’s just where I buy my kit!

3 Golden Rules:

  1. Be cold when you start! You will warm up. To get this right takes a bit of practice, but think: “oh this isn’t pleasant” cold, rather than “I’m about to lose extremities to exposure” cold.
  2. Look after your fingers and toes
  3. Retain options — have things to take off and put on

Tip: Strap your running watch around the top of your gloves for easier viewing and to keep your hands a bit warmer!

Me with all my kit pre 4 marathons in 4 days in -20C Norway
  1. Buff

THE most key bit of kit — too hot? take it off and wrap it around your wrist. Too cold? Cover more of your face. You’ll almost certainly have one from a race but, if not, this is probably my most loved running accessary. Yes it’s a touch extravagant at £21 but you really won’t regret it.

2. Base Layer

An absolute must! Don’t blow your budget on one though, and go for variety!

For the weather this week, this one from Helly Hansen is the smart choice — really does the job for a lot less than the bigger brands — £23

3. Gloves

You need to know your circulation for this one. Some ****ers have fantastic blood flow and a light glove will do the job. However, damn my weak veins, my fingers and toes get cold in a hot tub; I love these though and have consistently kept the feeling in the fingers. They even allow me to change my music on the go. £17

N.B. These glasses did not make it onto the mandatory kit list — they were a mistake

4. Socks

Again, knowing your own circulation is key! If cold footed like me, these sock from Phd are the bomb! I could even put another pair of ordinary socks over the top without any problems. Some people also love the seal skinz, though I struggled with blisters with them. Spenny at £14, but well worth it!

5. From left field — Arm warmers

Normally the sole preserve of cyclists, I started running in my arm warmers at the end of last year and am now hooked. They keep you warm but are also small enough that if you over heat you can remove them and carry them very easily. I normally wear them for the first half of the run to make it a bit more comfortable and then take them off after 5km. I’ve been using these ones and have enjoyed them — they’re £20

Now you’re all set, check out some of the events we have coming up below

Victoria Park Half Marathon, 10K & 5K — March

Windsor & Eton 5km, 10km, 15km Run

West London Half Marathon and 10k

My ride this morning — the other option is come and stay with us in San Fran
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