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Finding A Family Run

It’s finally the weekend and you’re keen to find something fun and exciting to do now you’ve got the whole family together. Finding family friendly running events fits the bill, and will (hopefully) tire out your kids a little bit to give you a rest too!

1. (The) Big Fun Run

The Big Fun Run is. big. and. fun. And for cancer research. It is definitely family friendly and definitely for a great cause. It’s a pretty simple 5k — it’s not timed, and you don’t even need to run. You can wear anything at all, come in a big group or a little group, do it to raise awareness for charity or to take your kids out for the day. It’s free for under 5s, you can take a pram, and you’ll all get a medal at the end of it. Be accepted by a charity on the booking form and they’ll even cover your entry costs. In a few words, it’s either cheap or charitable, and always cheerful. So dress up or don’t, but find one of the 20 Big Fun Runs near you between July and October. Have a look at if you fancy more info.

2. The Color Run™

The Color Run is known as the ‘Happiest 5k On The Planet’. And this family run really has an atmosphere that lives up to it’s reputation. It’s supported by volunteers and raises money for charity. It’s an untimed 5k run, walk or (as they suggest on their website) a skip and dance to a colour sprayed finish line. You’ll get covered in coloured powder by (happy) people throughout the event. Under 5s can enter the ‘Little Colour Runner’ and teams of 4+ get discounts. It’s a unique experience that’ll give you a photo second to none. And it’s an amazing thing to do with a family. So, join in and support The Color Run and their partnership with #TeamNSPCC. Check it out at

3. Inflatable 5K

Inflatable 5k running events are all obstacle courses (and unsurprisingly full of inflatables). It’s the UK’s biggest obstacle run, has different themed obstacles (all fully detailed online) and will give you and your kids a pretty awesome family run experience. You just need one adult for three kids and you’re good to go find one of the many events that are all around the UK and throughout the year. At Christmas you can even dress up and run the Santa Run with hundreds of other suited-up red runners, and for Halloween you can enter the much-loved Survival Run Inflatable 5k. You can be either zombie or victim and you’ll be given severed limbs and enough (fake) blood to cause a bit of a stir with your Zombie entry form (so long as you’re over 18). This family run is a different kind of day out, but one your kids will love. But whether holiday season or not, the obstacles are amazing, so go ahead and book your first one here:

4. Bubble Rush

This time it’s not just about colour, but coloured bubbles. From April to October you can find Bubble Rush 5k runs pretty much every week. And it’s just as family friendly. Even while you’re pushing your way through a foam filled course, it still manages to cater for wheelchairs, prams and kids of all ages. In also helping local hospices with funds raised, it makes pushing through a 4ft bubble bath more than just a fun run. They’re all around, and all very, very good events. Again there’s no time limit — you’d probably struggle to run anyway, and let’s face it, you probably want to make it last as long as possible.

5. Mini Military Mud Run

It can be a 3, 5 or a 9k. It doesn’t matter how good you are at sport. What does matter though is if you’re not prepared to get very, very muddy. This mud run obstacle course is, as ‘mini’ suggests, for children. But it’s also one that the whole family can take part in too. So, as long as you are older than 3 and a half you can turn up (although we reckon this time definitely with your parents). The whole family can camp together for only £15 per tent pitched, and there’s music and a bar in July and September for some parental relaxation in the evenings. Not just one of the best fun runs, it could be the most amazing family weekend as well.

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