Making strides with Women’s Running

With Brigid Kosgei smashing the women’s marathon world record last week in Chicago, in a staggering time of 2:14:04, we thought it was high time to celebrate other trailblazers in women’s running.

At Let’s Do This, our aim is to get as many people involved in mass-participation sports events as possible so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the enjoyment and satisfaction participating in and completing an event. Historically, fewer women than men participate in certain events, as demonstrated by the fact that of all marathons globally, women make up only 30% of the field. That trend is beginning to change, though, and on Let’s Do This over 60% of our users are female. 

Challenge Awards Most Inspiring Woman – Lucy Bartholomew

We are committed to doing our best to continue this positive change and seeing a level playing field. As Serena Williams, one of the most successful sports stars of all time, says, “Women are especially less likely to participate in marathons and obstacle races, so it’s really important there’s a platform encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and make a positive difference in their lives.” We aim to champion all those in the running community that are inspiring more people to get involved with running, such as Lucy Bartholomew, who won this year’s Challenge Award for Most Inspiring Woman. 

Women’s Running:

Thankfully, there are now a huge number of inspirational people and companies behind this movement. One of the leading organisations in changing the narrative is Women’s Running. Their mission statement states: “Women’s Running is the community for women who love to run. Each issue is packed with essential advice on training, nutrition and kit, alongside inspirational real-life runners’ stories. Whether you’re considering your first ever run, or you regularly take part in races, Women’s Running will help you run better. Running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other: it’s about who we are.”

Their publication helps you through every step of the build up to race day. Each issue gives a new in-depth training plan across 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon distances, so all bases are covered, whatever event you’ve signed up for. If you have any FAQs along the way, there’s plenty of specialist advice, from injury prevention to leaky bladders, from energy bars during exercise to family suppers the night before a race, and from core-hardening routines to stride-improving techniques. 

Like us, they also celebrate the most impressive female athletes on the running circuit, with a dedicated ‘Get Inspired’ section. All in all, Women’s Running provides all the information and inspiration you’ll need for your next event, so why not subscribe? There’s even a special Let’s Do This discount code that will get you 44% off cover price: wrldt19. 

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