Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews on The Marathon Des Sables, going sober, and making life memories

Marathon Des Sables is widely regarded as the toughest footrace on the planet. This epic ultra marathon first took place back in 1986, and has now become one of the world’s ultimate endurance tests. Participants will run 251km over 6 days, that takes them across the Sahara Desert in southern Morocco. It’s suffice to say, this isn’t an event for the faint hearted.

When we heard that Spencer Matthews – former Made in Chelsea star, now founder and CEO of CleanCo – was taking part in the notorious ultra marathon, we had to get in touch. Being inspired to take on epic feats can be found in many places. At Let’s Do This we get inspired by people we can relate to, doing things we can’t relate to (yet) and Spencer is doing just that.

So, Spencer and I jumped on a call to talk all things Marathon Des Sables. What transpired was a raw, genuine and open conversation which will leave you searching for your next epic feat.

Feeling inspired? Check out some of our ultramarathons coming up this year.

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Born and raised in Scotland, Aidan is an avid trail-runner and wannabe cyclist. Having only got into endurance sports a couple of years ago, he loves the sense of adventure and freedom they provide.

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