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The Best Running Events For Kids

Either your children are super enthusiastic and keen to get out and about, or you’d love to encourage them to take part in a bit more sport. These running events are perfect for either — they cater for all abilities, and they’ll even help you sorting out long school holidays whilst making sure your kids are being as active as possible.

1. Junior ParkRun

Everyone knows about ParkRun. The 5k event happens every Saturday and pretty much everywhere. But if you’re between 4 and 14, there’s also a very achievable Junior 2k event too. It’s free, easy and everywhere, and could even get your kids into running events on a weekly basis. Get the whole family to come and support and you’ve got a great activity to start off the weekend.

2. Kids’ Virtual Challenges

Virtual running challenges really are the easiest way to get your kids out and about without having to put in a massive organisational shift. Sign up your child (or children, if you want to make it competitive) to a challenge in time for the beginning of the month. They’ll then have the next 4 weeks to make sure they complete whatever the challenge is, and you’ll have a medal to give to them at the end. It’s really that simple, and could absolutely be the start of a love of running, competition and activity.

3. Race For Life Schools

‘Kids today will beat cancer tomorrow’.

The Race For Life raises awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK. The Kids edition (surprise, surprise!) does the same. But this time it gives you that perfect school event for the end of the school term. Fitting into the term calendar, it organises running events for all students, all ages, whether in primary or secondary school, and all genders. So do an amazing thing and fundraise whilst also encouraging the next generation to beat cancer sooner.

4. Any Fun Run, Color Run, Inflatable Run, Bubble Run & Mud Run

There are so, so many fun run races to do on the weekends and in the holidays. They’re not just for kids. They’re utterly unique and give an amazing experience to everyone, so it really is a win-win. They’re usually untimed and very relaxed, a way to get a bit messy and have fun as a family. Look up any of the above and see which one you’ll sign up for first .

5. Great Run: Kids Running Events

In most major UK cities you can choose from usually several running events a month. There are ‘Junior And Mini’ runs to join (alongside others like Family and Canine runs). There may not be anything particularly stand-out about these events — but(!) they are many and often, far-reaching, and are easy motivation for a child who’s keen.

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