The world’s best cycling documentaries

Grab the remote, take a seat (be it on the sofa or on your at-home training bike) and prepare to be thoroughly amazed by this line up of epic, tragic, gripping, thrilling, life-affirming, jaw dropping cycling documentaries.

MAMIL, 2018

Sunday in Hell, 1976

Clean Spirit, 2014

The Stars and Water carriers, 1973

Icarus, 2017

Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story, 2014

Slaying the Badger, 2014

Geraint Thomas: The Road will Decide, 2019

The 1991 Motorola Cycling Team documentary, 1991

23 Days in July, 1983

Paris-Roubaix 2016 Backstage Pass, 2016

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Born and raised in Scotland, Aidan is an avid trail-runner and wannabe cyclist. Having only got into endurance sports a couple of years ago, he loves the sense of adventure and freedom they provide.

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