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Top 10 marathons (that aren’t London)

Inspired by the weekend? Keen to have your own smug story and gleaming medal? Just finished London and raring to go again? Whoever you are, we’ve got your next challenge.

Key points: It’s the fastest marathon in the UK. We can’t guarantee you a PB, but we’ll give you pretty good odds…

Key points: Stunning. And prides itself on being “Scotland’s friendliest marathon”.

Key points: Takes place on the Northern side of the island, so the course is nestled between England and Ireland. Who doesn’t like to be nestled?

Key points: It’s the UK’s 2017 City of Culture! They’re putting original artwork within every mile on the road surface of the race route. It will be disorientating and distracting!

Key points: Will you see Nessie? Maybe aye, maybe nae.

Key points: Flat and fast, so great for PBs. Though you will need to account for Rev Canon Terry Joyce, famed for his hi-fiving of competitors as you pass through Stockton-on-the-Forest.

Key points: Sun*, sea, only two small hills…*Sun not guaranteed. But this is a tremendously well-organised marathon, whose motto is “running as it should be”.

Key points: Takes place in ANOB. What more could you ask for? *Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty*

Key points: All of the CTS courses are stunning. This one is “Extremely flat by Endurancelife standards”. Read into that what you will.

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