Natural fuel for your next event with TRIBE

If you’ve signed up for an event, you might be worried about how to fuel your training and race-day performance. You might also be wanting a natural nutrition option, without all the refined sugars and unhealthy ingredients in other products. In this case, Let’s Do This recommends you look no further than TRIBE.

All-Round Nutrition and Hydration

TRIBE offers a delicious range of 100% natural energy bars, protein bars, protein powders and hydration sachets. All designed for everyday performance;  to keep your nutrition and hydration covered before, during, and after exercise. All products are 100% natural, vegan (apart from one protein bar that contains honey), and gluten free, using unrefined wholefoods that are free from chemicals, preservatives, and emulsifiers. We think that’s pretty awesome!

Subscription Plan

To make things easier, TRIBE provides a subscription service, delivering tailored packs of bars and drinks to your door. They’re reasonably priced as well: a 6-pack will cost you £8.65 (£1.44/bar), and an 18-pack will cost £22 (£1.22/bar). You can arrange for packs to be delivered weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, and can pause, cancel, or update your subscription plan at any time. Easy! We’ve teamed up with TRIBE, to offer you the chance to try their products for just £2! Just use the code LETSDOTHIS at checkout for a 6-pack subscription box.

The Products

1. Infinity Energy

What: the Infinity Bar was developed with the assistance of ultra-runners, trans-continental cyclists, and polar explorers. The bars are made with teff flour,  which Ethiopian runners swear by, and with 60% less sugar than competitor products.

3 x Flavours: Choc Salt Caramel; Apple + Cinnamon; Peanut Butter Crunch

Nutritional information: Protein, 6g; Carbohydrates, 24g; Fats, 13g; Calories, 236

2. Protein Shakes

What: This is a delicious protein shake, which is great for recovery. The combination of Pea Protein and Rice Protein provides a complete amino acid profile. Only 4 simple, natural ingredients are added to the shakes, targeting your recovery. 

3 x Flavours: Cocoa + Sea Salt; Vanilla + Cinnamon; Raspberry + Goji

Nutritional information: Protein, 20g; Carbohydrates, 12g; Fats, 0.5g; Calories, 154

3. Protein Bars

What: these great-tasting recovery bars are formulated with 2:1 carb-protein ratio for optimal recovery. All the awesome benefits of these bars are from 100% natural wholefoods. 

4 x Flavours: Bogoya Banana; Choc Brownie; Choc Peanut Butter; Coffee + Walnut

Nutritional information: Protein, 10g; Carbohydrates, 23g; Fats, 12g; Calories, 244

4. Hydrate Drinks 

What: These drinks provide performance energy + hydration with a blend of fruit, botanicals, and natural electrolytes for . Using real fruits. The coconut water provides 300mg potassium, and sea salt contains 165mg of sodium. 

3 x Flavours: Strawberry; Lemon + Matcha; Tropical Fruits

Nutritional Information: Protein, 0.1g; Carbohydrates, 6g; Fats, 0.0g; Calories, 25

5. Energy Bars

What: these fruit-based Blaze Trail Bars are perfect for quick-release energy. They are made from unrefined sources, which are then cold-pressed together to retain their natural goodness.

Flavours: Cacao + Almond; Sour Cherry; Cacao + Orange

Nutritional Information: Protein, 4g; Carbohydrates, 24g; Fats, 8g

(NB Top Tip: if you’re looking for a great dessert option, soften an energy bar in the microwave and then add to some natural/greek yoghurt!) 

The Bigger Picture

TRIBE’s mission, beyond creating delicious and great-quality nutrition, is to fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery. This year, they are organising Run For Love 3, the third in the Run For Love trilogy. It is a 280km run over 6 days in the tropical islands of the Azores, and will be aiming to raise £250,000 for TRIBE Freedom Foundation. Epic. There is the option to sign up for the final stage: Half Marathon around a volcanic crater. It will be the adventure of a lifetime!

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