5 Obstacle Events Every Runner Must Try

Plateau and boredom are things all runners deal with at some point in training.

When you find yourself starting to dread that weekly long run or getting frustrated by the familiar numbers on your watch, shaking up your training is the best way to turn things around.

That might be running with a friend, straying from your usual route, experimenting with different terrain…or doing all of those things at once with an obstacle event! 

The last few years have seen obstacle races grow massively in popularity. Why? They’re fun, a full-body challenge and the perfect way to fall back in love with running. 

Check out a few of our favourite UK obstacle events coming up soon!

1. Spartan London South East Trifecta Weekend and European Championships 

Spartan is where trail running meets obstacle course racing. With whole lot of mud and a fire jump to finish Spartan is a race like no other. 

The ultimate test in strength and endurance, they pull out all the stops to put even the most seasoned athletes through their paces. With race options that range from kids courses and 5ks all the way up to a 50k ultra, the Spartan London South East Trifecta has something for every age and ability. 

  • Why we love it: Beautiful cross country course and a range of challenging obstacles.
  • When: Sat, 8 Oct 2022 – Sun, 9 Oct 2022
  • Where: Nutley, United Kingdom

2. Inflatable 5k – St Albans (Hertfordshire)

Embrace your inner child on the world’s largest inflatable course – it’s not built for PBs, but it is built for fun. Get your mates together, select your distance (2.5k, 5k, 10k, 15k), and bounce your way through 30+ gigantic obstacles.

  • Why we love it: Good fun and great tunes!
  • When: Sat, 3 Sept 2022
  • Where: St Albans, United Kingdom

3. Grim Challenge

Go offroad with the Grim Challenge. This muddy event will have you slipping and sliding under and over a variety of fun, fairly easy natural obstacles. A crowd favourite, this event always pulls a good number of participants and promises a lively atmosphere. 

  • Why we love it: Energetic, inclusive atmosphere. 
  • When: Sun, 4 Dec 2022
  • Where: Aldershot, United Kingdom

4. Endeavour Swanbourne 

There’s nothing like a bit of teamwork to reinspire your love of sport and that’s what Endeavour Swanbourne is all about. Set in the wilds of Buckinghamshire, you’ll tackle streams, haystacks, barbed wire, fire and lots of mud. 

  • Why we love it: Gorgeous rural location and options for competitive racing. 
  • When: Sun, 23 Oct 2022
  • Where: Swanbourne, United Kingdom

5. Tough Mudder – North West

Add a little adventure to your weekly 5k with this obstacle course classic. Tough Mudder events are teamwork inspired, fast-paced and challenging –- perfect for getting yourself out of a rut. And the best part? You can celebrate your efforts with a hard-earned refreshment at the finish line.  

  • Why we love it: Great for team building.  
  • When: Sat, 10 Sept 2022 – Sun, 11 Sept 2022
  • Where: Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Born in the UK but raised in Australia, Zara spent most of her childhood playing everything from netball to rugby to waterpolo. These days she’s trying her hand (or more accurately feet) at endurance running and is currently training for her first half marathon.

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