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Why you should do an obstacle course this year

Looking for your next challenge? Read on for why we think you should sign up for an obstacle course this year.

Obstacle course events are becoming increasingly popular and are designed to test your limits both physically and mentally while getting you out of your normal activity routine. They’re all about having fun while being surrounded by a great group of people and the sense of achievement you’ll get when you cross that finish line. For those that aren’t yet convinced, below are some of our top reasons why we think you should sign up to do an obstacle course this year.

Gives you a training aim

Sometimes it can be difficult to make yourself train or exercise when you don’t have a clearly defined goal. Signing up to an obstacle course challenge gives you a target to aim for so you can train with purpose. It also gives you a timescale to work with which can help you focus your training even more.

2. Promotes functional fitness

The challenges and obstacles faced in an obstacle course are often so varied and diverse that they challenge all parts of the body and all types of fitness. This means that your training should also be diverse and target all parts of the body — cardio fitness, strength training, mobility work and some skill work (like monkey bars). This can help rebalance your physique and improve your overall fitness.

Tough Mudder New Orleans

3. Fostering teamwork

Often people sign up to an obstacle course as part of a team, be that a bunch of friends, a social club or some work colleagues and the focus on supporting and pushing the rest of your team through the gruelling obstacles and mud is what really builds that sense of teamwork. Also, there is wider fostering of teamwork as you’ll find people outside of your direct team helping you with some of the particularly challenging obstacles. This sense of camaraderie builds a real community spirit amongst participants which is both fun and quite unique.

4. Learn to overcome mental obstacles

Some of the challenges you’ll face are as much mental as they are physical. Firstly, there’s the training before event day and persevering when you really would rather be elsewhere. Then there’s the event itself. During obstacle course runs, you’ll encounter obstacles that you never expected and that may trigger different reactions from a variety of people. You’ll find that the hardest obstacle for you may vary for one of your teammates. For some, jumping into ice baths might be the toughest obstacle while for others it could be crawling through a small dark tunnel. The courses are designed to test your limits and to push yourself in ways you didn’t imagine you could. With the help of your team and those around you, you’ll be able to overcome even the toughest mental obstacles.

Tough Mudder Los Angeles

5. Sense of accomplishment

That feeling of finishing a race side-by-side with your team is unbeatable. The satisfaction of knowing all your training has been worth it and you’re proud of yourself for powering through even when you wanted to quit is inspiring. Soak up that sense of achievement and enjoy that medal because you’ll definitely have earned it.

Head to the Let’s Do This website now to find an obstacle course run for you and your friends.

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