ABP Newport Wales Marathon, 10K & Family Run

Sun 5th May 2019
Newport, UK

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The ABP Newport Wales Marathon is a national marathon for Wales, boasting a fast, scenic route arguably one of the UKs flattest marathons with over 70% of participants claiming a PB in 2019.

Starting and finishing on Newports vibrant riverfront, the route offers iconic landmarks, coastal wildlife, picturesque medieval villages and a high-profile opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience the recently regenerated city-centre.

The much-anticipated race has finally satisfied the demand for a premier marathon distance mass-participation event in Wales, made possible by the support of Associated British Ports, Newport City Council and the Welsh Government. Nearly 10,000 runners signed up to take on Marathon, 10K and Family Mile in 2019.x

The flat, fast supporting 10K race, which attracts some of the UKs top athletes, gives runners of all abilities the opportunity to get involved in one of Wales biggest weekends of mass participation, without committing to the challenging 26.2-mile distance.

Distances in this event

  1. Marathon

    Run 26.2mi
    9:00am Sun 5th May 2019
    Tickets available
  2. 10k

    Run 10km
    Sun 5th May 2019
    Tickets available
  3. Family Run

    Run 1mi
    Sun 5th May 2019

Route info

Course Maps
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What’s Included
Technical running t-shirt and commemorative medal. There will be separate t-shirts and medals for both the marathon and 10K, including a goody bag for all finishers.
Course Details

10K Route

The route for the ABP Newport Wales 10K is devised by double Olympic marathon runner Steve Brace.

It starts and finishes on Newport’s vibrant riverfront, with a flat and fast course passing some of Newport’s most iconic landmarks and the recently revamped city-centre.

It adds an exciting extra dimension to the ABP Newport Wales Marathon, giving runners of all abilities the chance to be a part of one of Wales’ largest weekends of running – without having to complete the challenging marathon distance.

Marathon Route

The route for the ABP Newport Wales Marathon is devised by double Olympic marathon runner Steve Brace.
It starts and finishes on Newport’s vibrant riverfront and boasts being one of the flattest marathon routes in the UK.
The 26.2 mile route offers iconic landmarks, coastal wildlife, picturesque medieval villages and a high profile opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience the recently revamped city-centre.
The single loop route takes runners past the University of South Wales and the bustling Friars Walk shopping centre before heading over the SDR Bridge, through the east of the city and into its rural areas, then on towards the village of Magor in Monmouthshire. Here, runners can expect a carnival atmosphere around the main village square.

Supporters will have the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of their loved ones and elite runners in the medieval town of Redwick, before runners head back towards the revamped city centre.

Before a sprint finish along the River Usk, runners will get the chance to take in the coastal wildlife on show at the Gwent Levels and Newport Wetlands – one of the UK’s most popular bird watching sites.

Raceday Logistics

1-2 weeks before the event, runners will receive a race pack including a running number and race day guide.

This will be packed full of information, so whether you are taking on the 10K or gearing up for the full 26.2 mile marathon on Sunday 29th April – please read everything carefully so you are ready to run. If you have not received your pack by Thursday 26th April, please click here to let us know so we can arrange a replacement running number to pick up on the day.

How can I help with the event if I’m not running?
Thank you for your interest. The race relies on volunteers acting as stewards and giving out drinks and medals every year. If you’re not running it’s a great way to ensure the event is a success and helps raise lots of money for charities to continue doing their vital work. If you’re a student it’s also great experience to put on your CV and a fun thing to do with friends. To find out more please email [email protected]
How old must I be to enter the marathon?
Marathon entrants must be 18 years or older on the day of the race.

How old must I be to enter the 10K?
10K entrants must be 15 years or older on the day of the race.

How much does it cost to register for the marathon?
The cost for runners that are not affiliated with a running club is £52. The cost for runners who are affiliated with a running club is £50. Welsh Athletics registered athletes can enter for £42.

How much does it cost to register for the 10K?
General entry for the 10K are £25 or £23 for affiliated athletes. Entry will be £20 with a Season Ticket Entry into all four Run 4 Wales 10K races, £21 for the Three Event Pass and £22 for the Two Event Pass.

When do entries close?
Entries for the ABP Newport Wales Marathon and 10K will close on 15th April (to be confirmed), or when they sell out. Whichever comes first.

I have entered the race, how do I know my entry has been received?
If you entered online you will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards. If this did not happen please contact us.

When will my race pack arrive?
Race packs are sent out 1-2 weeks prior to the event. If you have not received your race pack for the marathon or 10K a few days before the event, please send an email to [email protected] or call our office on 029 2166 0790.

When will I receive my race t-shirt?
Finishers’ t-shirts will be given out on completion of the race. A medal will also be given out separately.

How slowly can I complete the race? Can I walk part of the race?
As detailed in the terms and conditions of entry, the ABP Newport Marathon is a running race in which participants should make best efforts to complete the course within a 6 hour 30 minute cut-off point. In order to safely get the city moving again and protect all participants, after this time all roads will be reopened and throughout the race a sweep bus will collect those at the back of the race unable to keep up with the allotted 15 minute a mile pace. We encourage everyone to run as much as possible in order to avoid the cut-off time. The cut-off time for the 10K is 2 hours.

Where is the race start, finish and race village?
Both marathon and 10K races start on Usk Way in Newport City Centre, by the riverfront. The marathon starts at 9am and the 10K at 9.45am.

I don’t live in Newport and don’t know the route, will I be able to get lost?
No. The course will be marshalled throughout.

What happens if I cannot finish the race?
We will have medical points along the route. If you are just too tired we will have vehicles to get you back to the start/finish area.

Can I take part in the race with a pushchair, dog, skateboard, wheeled device, nordic sticks, or bulky fancy dress?
No participant may bring dogs, baby joggers, baby strollers, skateboards, Nordic sticks, rollerblades, hand cycles, Kangoo Jumps, stilts, crutches, unauthorised bicycles or any other wheeled device on the course, except for hand propelled wheelchairs in the mass race (within a designated pen assigned by the organiser). Any bulky items or fancy dress which you wish to carry with you as part of a challenge must be cleared with the race director if it is likely to impact on your ability to complete the course within 6 hours 30 minutes or impede other participants.

Can I run in fancy dress?
Yes, we like to encourage lots of fancy dress participants – they help make the race really fun for spectators, families and runners. Please let us know if your costume is bulky a cleared with the race director if it is likely to impact on your ability to complete the course within 6 hours 30 minutes or impede other participants.

Can I wear headphones?
Avoid using headphones whilst running to limit the risk of injury to yourself and other participants. The Organiser will not be held responsible for incidents caused as a result of the use of headphones which inhibit the communication of important warnings or information from emergency services or course marshals.

Will there be anywhere to store my bag during the race?
Yes, each runner will be able to store one bag. The exact location of the bag storage facilities will be shared with you prior to the event, with instructions included in your posted race pack.

Is the course suitable for a wheelchair?
We welcome self-propelled wheelchair competitors.

Will there be pacers in the marathon?
Yes. There will be 3:00 (6:52-minute miles), 3:15 (7:26-minute miles), 3:30 (8-minute miles), 3:45 (8:35-minute miles), 4:00 (9:09-minute miles), 4:15 (9:43-minute miles) and 4:30 hour (10:18-minute miles) pacers.

Will there be pacers in the 10K?
Yes. There will be 45, 60 and 75 minute pacers.

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Reviews (13)

4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the event in 2018

    i think the route would be much better in reverse the support is very quiet from mile 10 (Magor) to Mile 21(NISV). the supporters give you a natural boost and it would be much better if this was about mile 16 instead of mile 10 Magor was amazing.Quiet exspensive , a pity that the 10k Tshirt were better than the Marathon ones. yellow is good for night running
  • Did the event in 2018

    Pros- Great to have a flat, fast mass participation marathon in Wales- Fab t-shirt and medal- Easy registration (everything sent through the post in advance)- Good feed stations, regular and offering water/lucozade/gels- Lots of toilets along the route (although they did fill up and run out of toilet roll so were a bit grim at points)- Good environmental ethos, lots of recycling bins throughout the route encouraging runners to bin gel packets and bottles - Great support in certain parts of the route; loved the crowds and live band in Magor, and the crowds at the start/finishCons- Issues with park and ride (organisers well aware, pushed start back by 30mins and have said they will review) Consequence was it took 1hr40 to go 2 miles, we didn’t get to the race village until 9.10 (original start time 9am), in a rush and no signage directing us to start pen added to our pre-race panic!- The route, while flat, suffers from being so rural at times as it meant miles and miles of long country lanes with no supporters - it was tough on morale but then any marathon has its low points - Getting to Magor later on would boost morale as there was so much going on there but we arrived at 10 miles, boost would’ve been nice later on- Out and back to the transporter bridge was a bit soul destroying in the late stages, not sure what can be done there though
  • Did the event in 2018

    As this was the inaugural Newport Marathon and being a proud welsh girl, it had to be done as my first ever marathon outing. Run4Wales always put on a good race (Cardiff Half being one of my favourites!) and they didn't disappoint on this first marathon either.Big bag drop in the car park, which eveyone got through quickly, LOADS of toilets (I wasn't queuing behind more than 3 people for a loo, bravo on this one!).The race did start 30 mins late, due to the park & ride but through no fault of Run4Wales, as the roadworks there are a nightmare.  Rookie error by me for not taking an old jacket to throw away, so was a bit cold.The route is flat (apart from the bridge at mile 1 & 25 but it's only a slight gradient, nothing serious and then there is one more gradient round the course), so it's certainly a fast route if you're going for a PB!Some of the roads are quiet as they are country roads, so not much support on the way (I was already aware of this as I had been helping out at the pre-marathon training session, so I had already run some of the course). If you don't mind not having the crowd support, then it's all good but the people who came out in Magor to cheer everyone on totally made up for it.  Plus lots of runners were chatting to each other, so the moreale around the course was good anyway.Plenty of water stations, aid stations and lots of recycling bins & boxes on the route to throw your empty bottles and gel packs into (yet I still saw some people thowing their empty gel packs to the floor :-(.....)Volunteers were rocking it round the course with loud hailers, big foam fingers & lots of cheers and at the finish with big hugs for us finishers.Surreal points..... Having horses in a field run alongside us, Cows runing up to the fences to see what was going on and the Banging DJ in his pimped up red tractor of decks and speakers, smashing out dance tunes.Only low point for me was the loop run up to the transporter bridge and back (around mile 22-24) longest few miles of my life! The finish line straight was amazing, so lovely to see so many people had come out to support and cheer.  You certainly feel amazing running up that last straight.  Chip timing was spot on, so my supporters knew exactly when I was coming into the finish.Nice medal, good tshirt, congrats to Steve Brace for a super route & to all at Run4Wales for putting on a great event.  I am so coming back next year!
  • Did the event in 2018

    This was the first year this race has been run and it definitely has PB potential. All the marshals were fab, the bag drop was very smooth  (we got there early)  and it was a very flat route.The downsides I found was that the park and ride got backed up pretty quickly leading to a delayed start. Those of us already on the start line froze while waiting for the new start time. The route was also very lonely. Long stretches were through country lanes meaning no support. On saying this however, where there were supporters they were fantastic.
  • Did the event in 2018

    I ran in the inaugural Newport marathon, got a PB, and have signed up for 2019 already.Course – really is as flat as it could be, aside from a couple of bridges that you knew about in advance. If you love big city races with lots of spectators all the way, this wouldn’t be for you, but there is lots of support in the first 3/last 3 miles, and at a few points along the way, especially Magor. There is on long stretch from about 13-21 miles where there really wasn’t much of anything but beautiful countryside which you could either love or hate!Toilets – there were lots, most I have ever seen in terms of ratio to runners. Virtually no queues, and spread all the way down Usk Way rather than just in one place. Water on course – every 3 miles, in bottles. Perfect! Park and ride – very convenient, dropped you off and picked you up within 5 minute walk of the start/finish area. Unfortunately there were traffic issues with some major roadworks being done in the area, but the organisers kept participants informed via the car park marshalls, we were aware there would be a 15 minute delay to the start (which was later upped to 30 minutes) Start time – nice early 9:00 start time (although this got pushed out by the traffic issues mentioned earlier), perfect to avoid heat Goody bag – the one slightly disappointing aspect of the race, not much to it, which the organisers have tried to bill as being for eco-friendly reasons. Fair point, but for some people a great goody bag (think Kingston Breakfast Run) is really quite motivating.Chip timing - I should also mention this as there were many checkpoints along the way and my spectator tells me the updates were pretty instant, so was easy to know where I was. Having said that, it's not a course where spectators can see you over and over again. Mine walked over to the transporter bridge and had an adventure getting across it, so saw me at mile 23 (twice as you went out and then back down the same road), doable if a bit late getting back to the finish!
  • Did the event in 2018

    This was only my second marathon, the first one being the Cornish Marathon. It was also my first city marathon and with more participants than the Cornish one, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect.Where shall I start?Big bag drop in the car park, which everyone got through quickly. Lots of toilets which meant very little queuing - great!Due to congestions and having only one park & ride there were delays with participants being unable to get there on time so the organisers decided to postpone the start of the race. The race started 30 minutes late. Although the delay was unavoidable it was disappointing especially as the temperatures were quite low and runners were getting cold. I believe the organisers have recognised the issue with the park & ride and said they have learnt from it and are going to put extra parking facilities in place for 2019.The route is flat - apart from the bridge at mile 1 and 25 but it's only a slight gradient especially if you are used to running around Devon and Cornwall - so it's certainly a fast route if you're going for a PB! I got mine :-DBeing a city marathon, naively I was expecting to have crowd support all around the course. It wasn’t the case as some of the roads are quiet country roads, so not much support there. But with having a large number of participants you are never running on your own and there were lots of runners chatting to each other.Plenty of water stations with some stations also supplying sport drinks and energy gels. Lots and lots of recycling bins and boxes on the route to throw your empty bottles and gel sachets into. Very disappointing to still see runners throwing their empty bottles or gel sachets to the floor. With so many recycling bins there’s no excuse for such behaviour!As you approach the last few miles you start to come across the crowds cheering you on. People’s energy really helps and gives you a great boost. The finish line straight was amazing with so many people out there to support and cheer. It’s an amazing feeling running up that last straight with so many people encouraging you on.Nice medal, good t-shirt but poor goodie bag for the price of the event – a small sweets bag, a couple of electrolyte sample sachets and just lots of leaflets. They could have done better here.As this was the inaugural Newport Marathon they have done very well and I believe they got it almost spot on. Like I previously said they just need better parking/transport facilities and a more “substantial” goodie bag at the end.
  • Did the event in 2018

    The inaugural ABP Newport Marathon had to be done, especially after a disastrous training spat leading up to the London Marathon and of course this one.After pulling out of the London Marathon a week before, I was in doubt about standing on the starting line to support my brother in his first ever marathon, but I’m glad to say I did stand on the start line and I did complete this race.I have ben to countless races and always make a point of arriving with around an hour to spare for last minute tit a tatter adjustment and to bed myself into the race ambience.Run4Wales have a vast amount of experience in setting up races so I had high expectations, and I must say they did themselves proud, plenty of pre-race emails, twitter feeds, facebook and letter drops etc giving everyone every chance to plan their day, sadly not everyone was as clued in with the hustle and bustle of parking and the 30 minute delayed start ☹ which cannot be blamed on the event organisers in my opinion, it was poor planning on the behalf of individuals.Race start area had the bag drop in the undercover car park, which was manned to perfection getting everyone through as fast as a bullet out of a gun, toilets a plenty, no waiting or cueing for long so well done.The route was again in my opinion, enjoyable with much of it on the rural roads through natures highway (my favourite place to be #trailrunner), some said there was a slight incline leading over one of the bridges, sorry I didn’t notice it being a trailrunner by heart hills are my best friend :-) so in summary great organisational skills again from Run4Wales, super volunteers and fantastic runners.Some may find it lonley in parts especially the latter stages, for me it was fine I am well tuned in running long, lonley distances.One thing i didnt like was the out and back to the transpoter bridge, it was ugly and seamed to go on for ever.Did I PB? Hell yeah, will I do it again? in a heartbeat
  • Did the event in 2018

    A few teething issues with the Park and Ride and that’s no fault of the organisers, There are Road works going on at the moment and the ONS is a bottle neck for entering the site,  The Crowds at Magor, Redwick, SDR bridge were fantastic!I think the course maybe better in reverse as there was large patches without crowd support, E.g do the Transporter bridge first and that would mean Magor would be about mile 13/14. When you need the morale boost. The volunteers were Fantastic, The Crowds Superb, 5* from me
  • Did the event in 2018

    Flat route, lots of country roads; start is central and easy to navigate, plenty of water and gels/lucozade, great marshals and first aid, good local support.This was my first marathon, after a number of half marathons, I signed up last year as soon as it was announced. A South Wales Marathon had been on the cards for a while, and Newport it was!I don’t know Newport but the start was very central and so easy to get to. We were dropped off at the train station just after 8 with no issues. Big bag drop queue but it was moving quickly. I know there were issues with the park and ride from the ONS but the start was pushed back to accommodate. I know people running the 10k had left early to see off the marathon and so that could have added to the congestion, as the 10k was supposed to start 45 mins after the marathon. It meant a chilly wait and approx 18 portaloo visits for those of us at the start but having been on the other side of that (stuck in traffic, facing missing the start) it was the right decision by the organisers. Plenty of people cheering at the start. And plenty of toilets.The route was flat, as advertised, and went through a couple of villages, lots of country roads and pathways. The bit towards the end (mile 24ish) where you could see the straight that lead to the finish line but had to turn left, run down to the transport bridge and loop back around was a low point; but at that point I didn’t care and knew the end was... if not in sight but around the corner!Support was good at Magor and other intersections, from the residents and local running clubs. A lot of it was very quiet, especially as I was running towards the back of the pack. But there was enough people around to chat to and trot with. The tracking was good too and very accurate. Results were messaged out straight away too.The route was fine, reminiscent of Chester marathon and metric marathon - the latter of which I’ve run before. There was so much more support than Chester though; as we passed the more rural houses or farms, people were outside clapping and shouting, playing music and handing out sweets. I know the road closures etc can inconvenience people so it was nice to see people getting involved.I think given this was the first year, it went really fairly seamlessly and things that didn’t were dealt with well, I did enjoy it and would run it again. Imagine anything that didn’t work 100% (parking maybe) would be ironed out next year. Overall a really well organised event.
  • Did the event in 2018

    Living in South Wales, we have many local marathons to choose from but all of them are trail marathons or hilly marathons or double loops.  I was happy to see the team at Run4Wales who are the team behind the popular Cardiff half marathon were putting on a flat road marathon. When I signed up I wasn't expecting much to be honest.  Newport is not renowned for its natural beauty.  But I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.We got there early enough to avoid any parking issues.  Found a carpark straight away with no issues, (later hearing there were issues with the Park and Ride service).  A little stroll over to the race village and walk around the start area and back to the car to get changed.  Loads of toilets available and bag drop was well manned.As mentioned above, the start was slightly delayed by 30 minutes due to the parking issues but this is out of the organiser's hands. No problem, just extra warm-up time.The start line was packed and the big numbers were great to see.  Crowds were out in force and very supportive.  Once out of town we were greeted by some lovely countryside and small villages.  Everyone had come out of their farms and houses to show support and offer sweets. The support and atmosphere at Magor was fantastic which lifted every runner.  The feed stations were well stocked with water, Lucozade sport and gels. The volunteers were very encouraging and supportive. The litter bins were very well placed and you even saw smaller litter bins around the course that were no were near the feed stations.  Hate seeing litter when running so these extra bins went down a treat.  Can tell the course was set up with the environment in mind.  Each mile marker was bang on.My only grumble is between mile 23-24 where you have to run up a dead-end road and double back on yourself. That road seemed to go on for an age. Can't really complain though.All in all a great marathon. I managed to get a PB (by 10 seconds) and also saw loads of others get their PB's.  If you want a flat, fast, PB marathon then this is the one for you.  A great alternative if you don't get a London spot.

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