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The cooperation between athletes and personal advisor is one of the most important aspects of Austria eXtreme Triathlon. Here a collaboration will take place which is hardly visible in the triathlon industry. Both, the athlete and the personal advisor will be emotionally and physically challenged to a very high level. After two years of planning we decided for a route that is spectacular and challenging but still safety measures are taken for emergencies. We are an independent team of professionals, passionated by a love for the sport and a passion for everything that is movement.The track of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon is just as breathtakingly beautiful as it is challenging with more than +5.800 meters of altitude. The athletes and their supervisors go on an exciting journey with fantastic landscapes that lead them across the green heart of Austria.This triathlon is a long-distance competition. The atmosphere of the athletes, supervisors, partners and the crew is familiar and relaxed. The time measurement is second. In the foreground are the personal commitment and the challenging adventure that the athletes share with their supervisors. The winning experience amidst spectacular and breathtaking natural landscapes make the event an unforgettable sporting experience.
Extreme Triathlon
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Sat 22nd Jun 2019
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Graz, Austria
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Lendpl. 34, 8020 Graz, Austria
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Extreme Triathlon:
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Extreme Triathlon
Route information
SWIMMING - 3.8 kilometer, 2 km downstream, 1.8 km upstream. The swimming route runs from Mur, the main river of Styria, which flows through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary and forms part of its borders between the states. The water quality is of grade two.
BIKING - 186.6 kilometer, + 3.923 meters of elevation difference, - 3.341 meters of elevation difference.
In terms of altitude meters, this section is the most challenging. Remember to properly
allocate your energies and choose a corresponding tempo.
At the Gaberl, a former Roman road, you can already see for the first time towards
Dachstein. Now it goes steeply downhill to Murtal.
When you arrive at Schönberg, you will always be rewarded by the landscape.
The Rothenfels castle in Wölzertal valley is one of the few medieval castles that have
preserved their original appearance to this day.
The Sölkpass with slopes between eight and 12% now rises in front of you. It connects
Ennstal in the north with the upper Murtal in the south and crosses the Schladminger
At the Sölkpass you are at an altitude of +1,790 meters. As a reward for your efforts so
far, you will leave the beautiful valley. ATTENTION, dangerous downhill!
At each checkpoint, you are obliged to contact the crew verbally!
When an athlete is assigned, the organization team must at least be informed by
telephone using the hotline number and the GPS tracking system must be handed over to
the nearest checkpoint!
RUNNING - 43.6 Kilometer, + 1.863 meters of elevation difference, - 1.049 meters of elevation difference.
At the magnificent Sölksperre, you descend from the wheel and can absorb the beauty of
nature. The running course begins from here.
It goes into the Stubschlucht; This separates the small and big Großsölktal. For centuries,
the creek has exposed marbles that are easily visible in the gorge.
Michaelerberg-Pruggern / Aich
After about nine kilometers you reach Michaelerberg-Pruggern. The local community was
founded as an autonomous body in 1850.
The Silberkarklamm is a romantic whitewater rag in the heart of the Dachsteingebiets. In
the 15th century, silver was mined here. Wild nature with alpine plants along the rushing
waterfalls leads to the Silberkarhütte.
In this traditional business enterprise from 1434, fine suits and costumes, practical
jackets, coats, hard-wearing sports and winter clothing as well as Schladminger socks
and accessories from pure Schurwolle are produced. Guided tours are offered all year
round on weekdays.
The Austria eXtreme Triathlon should be an extraordinary and exclusive triathlon experience and will stay unforgettable for all participants. The Austria eXtreme Triathlon is a point to point connection, which starts in theSouth of Graz and leads across four mountains to the North of Styria. The finish is situated at the foot of the montane scenery of the Dachstein.
The race itself is an extreme challenge. The participants get rewarded with a breathtaking landscape. The time is secondarily at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. It is the adventure, the unforgettable experience, the participants share with their coaches, that counts. Only the personal performance and the adventure in the midst of this spectacular scenery matters.
The coaches are a necessary part of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. The organisation crew only offers minimum support while swimming, biking and running.It depends on the responsibility of the coaches to support their athletes with all necessaries during the race.
This fact makes the Austria eXtreme Triathlon a great challenge as well for the athletes as for the coaches. The coaches must accompany their athletes co-actively during the last hike, so that they cross the finish line together and that they also conclude their challenge together.
Another important fact of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon attitude and spirit should be a familiar atmosphere among the athletes, the coaches, the partners, the friends and the Austria eXtreme Triathlon crew. All participants are involved in a great adventure, help each other and celebrate the end of the race together. The number of participants is strictly limited and it it is a privilege to take part in the Austria eXtreme Triathlon and to finish it.
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How to get there
Lendpl. 34, 8020 Graz, Austria
Get full directionsExternalLink
LOCATION - Lendpl. 34, 8020 Graz, Austria
Ramsau am Dachstein
Ramsau am Dachstein is the largest Styrian tourist community with a sunny, wooded
plateau open to the south. The village is a scattered settlement on the southern side of
the Dachstein with a natural park landscape on three floors.
Ramsau-Türlwand: +1,700 meters to +1,900 meters, a south-open high alpine area with
extensive hiking trails to the Dachstein shelters.
From the Dachstein-Skywalk look-out platform, there is an unrivaled view.
The Dachstein Südwandhütte lies at +1,910 meters above sea level at the foot of the
Dachstein Südwände. Shortest climb over comfortable footpath from the glacier
cableway in about 35 minutes, beautiful circular walks back to the parking lot.
Wonderful view from the sun terrace! Here, you will be spoiled with regional dishes and
drinks. Starting point for hut hikes, all climbing tours and climbing routes in the
At each checkpoint, you are obliged to contact the crew verbally!
Event day logistics
Responsibility of the supervisor
Each athlete needs a personal registered supporter, who accompanies him during the
triathlon and feeds him on the bike and running track. Food can be taken at any time
along the running course. The running track is hardly navigable with vehicles. Without a registered supporter, the athlete does not receive a starting number. During the entire triathlon, the registered supporter assumes the responsibility for his athlete and must be able to communicate with the organizers in German or English. The data of the registered supporter must be announced at the time of registration for the draw. This enables the crew of Austria eXtreme Triathlon to provide both athlete and registered supporter with information on the event by email until the start of the competition. The supervisor can be re-nominated until the registration on the day before the race.
For the competition, only one supporter vehicle is allowed per athlete. However, several persons can ride along to accompany the athletes.
The vehicle is marked by the Austria eXtreme Triathlon organization. We recommend not to use buses or camping vans over 3,5 tons for lack of space on mountain roads. The strict limitation of the vehicles is in favor of the triathlete. There is also a limited possibility to park the car on narrow pass roads.
Accompaniment of the athlete from the Silberkarklamm Checkpoint
From the Silberkarklamm Checkpoint, the supervisor is obligated to accompany the
athletes in the course of the race. Both must cross the finish line together to complete the triathlon successfully and properly. Failure to do so will result in disqualification!
Supporter T-Shirt
Since the supporter plays an important role in the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, they receive their own finisher T-Shirt on Sunday at the award ceremony. A supporter T-shirt is issued for each athlete. The required clothing size must be indicated at the time of registration and cannot be changed afterwards!
Medical care
The medical team is authorized at any time during the competition to exclude an athlete from the continuation of the race due to medical reasons. A continuation of the race at the Athlete's own responsibility is prohibited.
Friday, 21.06.2019 from 04:00 p.m.
Registration and starting number assignment at 04:00 p.m.
The athletes and their assistants register together. Place and exact date and time of the registration will be announced in the Stroßnbuach 2019 (Roadbook 2019). When registering, the presentation of a photo-proof for athlete and supervisor is obligatory.
Briefing at 05:00 p.m.
At 05:00 p.m. the race management will hold a briefing for all players. Athlete and their registered supervisor must be present: Important and up-to-date information about the race is given.
Saturday, 22.06.2019, 04:30 a.m.
At 04:30 a.m. the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon starts in Altarm-Thondorf, south of the Styrian capital Graz. The water temperature of the Mur is 10 to 16 degrees Celsius. Wearing of a neoprene suit is obligatory.
Adviser info swimming
The change zone is open from 03:15 a.m. for the supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for the racing bike and the equipment of the athlete. The organizer accepts no liability for this. If the athlete has left the change zone, the supervisor must also clear the change zone.
Cut-off time for swimming: 06:45 a.m.
A total distance of approx. +3,950 meters are covered on 186.6 kilometers. These may only be returned with one and the same bike! As there are no separate roadblocks for the competition, attention must be paid to public transport. Particular care is taken on downhill runs. Driving in the wind shadow is not permitted. The Austrian road traffic regulations (StVO) are valid on the busy roads.
Supporter cycling info
Each Athlete is entitled to one of the supervisor’s vehicles (PKW up to 3.5 tonnes). The supervisor may not travel either directly in front or behind the athlete. Nothing can be accepted from the driving car. The athlete must not lean on the vehicle or sit in the vehicle. The supervisor is allowed to take care of the athlete during the whole cycle. The supervisor has to park his vehicle only in public parking - whether for food or for parking.
In Stroßnbuach 2019 (Roadbook 2019), the meeting places for athletes and supervisors are listed.
The changing zone is located near the Großsölk dam. The supervisor will make the
change to the race and have to clear this zone immediately after leaving the athlete.
Cut-off time for cycling: 05:00 p.m.
A total distance of approx. +1,900 meters of altitude on a 44 kilometer track are overcome. Each athlete should have sufficient liquid and solid food at his disposal.
Supporter running Info
Athletes and supervisors must wear a backpack with solid and liquid food, warm clothing (jacket, rain cover, headgear, gloves, emergency cover) and a functional headlamp. Recommended liquid food: at least 1 liter; Solid food: energy seal.
The running track is only partially accessible by motorized vehicles. Walking on foot is permitted, the accompanying bicycle is prohibited on the whole course. Also, all of the mobile undercarriages with motorization e.g. E-bikes, etc. are not allowed on the entire running course!
The use of poles of any kind is prohibited!
The guard car is to be parked in public car parks.
From Silberkarklamm Checkpoint, the supervisor must accompany the athlete to the
finish line. Both must cross the finish line together to complete the triathlon
successfully and properly.
Cut-off time for running up to the CP Aich: 07:00 p.m.
Cut-off time for running up to the CP Silberkarklamm: 08:00p.m
Cut-off time for running up to the CP Glös-Alm: 10:15 p.m.
Finish-line: 12:00 p.m.
For the Austria eXtreme Triathlon Crew, everyone who comes across the finish line is
a winner. The fastest woman and the fastest man are highlighted.
Timekeeping is carried out through a GPS tracking system.
Registration and briefing
The starting number and a final briefing of athlete and supervisor takes place the day
before the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, Friday 21.06.2019. This registration is
obligatory for athlete and registered supporter to start at the Triathlon.
Winner Ceremony on Sunday, 23.06.2019
The honors of those athletes with their registered supporter, who have jointly
achieved the goal of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, will be performed on the Sunday
morning after the race.
Austria eXtreme Triathlon Verein's logo
Austria eXtreme Triathlon Verein
An independent team of professionals, driven by a love for Triathlon and all things that require crossing extreme distances.
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Spectator Info
Spectators are warmly welcomed both at the start of the race, as well as on the course and in the finish area. Fans are requested to keep the parking spaces along the bike route free.
The philosophy of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon - We are different…The Austria eXtreme Triathlon makes the egoist "triathlete" again a team player. Only with the active backing of the supporter and by crossing the finish line together can the athletes of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon become finishers. A competition day of extremes, but without hype and noise. A frog concert at the start instead of loud music and raging moderators. Not a mass race, but an intimate event. Romantic and adventurous at the same time. Unique and exclusive. Timing is secondary, teaming is paramount – as is the shared experience of athletes, supporters, volunteers, crew and sponsors.
WHAT IS As a coach you adopt a very important function:WHAT IS THE SUPPORTER'S ROLE?
As a coach you adopt a very important function:To get to know what expects you as a coach, we´d like to give you some detailed information:Reserve an accommodation as soon as possible together with your teampartner (you need to get one before the challenge and also after having finished the challenge)Do as many trainings together (you get to know each other much better while doing sports together before the competition) Follow the routes on the map together and talk about them quite often („Stroßnbuach“)If possible follow the biking route before the race by car to find out fitting places for food and drinks, that your athlete might need during the race. Inform yourself well about the place the briefing, which you and your athlete have to attend, takes place (exact address is written down in the „Stroßnbuach“).Check the equipment with your athlete (hydration pack, gel, bar, first aid blanket and headlight).Take a raincoat and warm clothing with you.The day the race starts be sure that you slept well and that you arrive at the starting point quite early. Don`t give negative stress a chance! Your athlete will thank you for being relaxed. Prepare the transition area for your athlete after swimming with all the things she/he really needs.When your athlete leaves the water he might feel cold, prepare a blanket and also a folding chair could be helpful.When your athlete starts biking you have to clean up your space in the transition area.Good meeting points are mostly on lifts ( your athlete might need a dry shirt or a drink).Have a lot of liquid for you and your athlete in your car – you will also get thirsty and hungry!In the „Stroßenbuach“ we will tell you the places where you can fill up your bottles with water.It is important that you reach the transition area first and that you welcome your athlete at the transition area ( dam ).; prepare the transition area for your athlete (running shoes, socks, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen – what ever he/she needs). Motivate your athlete to go on!From now on you can`t escort your athlete all the time. We will tell you about good meeting points in the „Stroßnbuach“ (there you can hand her/him liquid and food and there you can also motivate her/him well.When your athlete has arrived in Aich, we advise you to go up the Dachstein immediately. Your punctual arrival at the Silberkarklamm is then warranted (every half an hour you will be lead from the Dachstein to the Silberkarklamm).Think about you having everything ready for your run. At the „Checkpoint Silberkarklamm“ you must show the first aid blanket, the head light, the amount of water (at least one litre) and some food.Now you do (run) the last km with your athlete together.Be careful and advise her/him of dangers.When having arrived at the Südwandhütte you can see the finish. Think about your athlete being tired after such a long race and don`t run down too fast.Enjoy the ending of the race with your athlete and the Austria eXtreme crew.If your athlete has to give up for any reasons, please immediately contact the Austria eXtreme crew.
7 reviews
FamilyFamily friendly
BicepFlexChallenging course
ActionHighFiveHelpful volunteers
Did the Extreme Triathlon in 2019
Awesome, simply Awesome! Tough People in fantastic Landscape with incredible skills. Good Staff around the Scenery! thanX
Did the Extreme Triathlon in 2019
Very nice & powerful EVENT! Very good Organisation, tough course through styria, the green heart of Europe
Did the Extreme Triathlon in 2016
What an amazing race ! If you are looking for a new adventure. Look no further ! This is it. It's hard. Very hard. But hey it's extreme. What did you expect ? Great scenery, perfect atmosphere. Sportmanship of the highest level like I have never experienced before. A race worth putting on your bucket list. Many thanks to the Austria eXtreme Triathlon crew.!
Hugo Schwarz
Did the Extreme Triathlon in 2019
Grandiose atmosphere already at the start - frogs cheering us - Burning X on the shore - canyons - passes - Border experienc - moments of happiness - unforgettable!
Did the Extreme Triathlon in 2019
An unforgettable race in the midst of spectacular scenery. From emotions flooded by the goal and the subsequent victory ceremony seeks his equal. Goosebumps alone when I think about it.
Did the Extreme Triathlon in 2018
Unique, fantastic, race, Great organization for the biggest triathlon adventure one can ever take!
Did the Extreme Triathlon in 2019
Fantastic route, great organization, an award ceremony which remains unforgettable for everyone! Emotionally this was the best for me, worldwide! A must for every triathlete!
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