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A four-day expedition covering Norways infamous Hardangervidda Plateau. The route follows mountain passes, crosses frozen lakes, and travels through the undulating hills of this spectacular region, where we spend our nights under canvas in Norwegian Lavvu tents

Norway is the location for the British Special Forces cold weather training and where Scott of the Antarctic trained for his famous Terra Nova Expedition, this is a land synonymous with adventure and home to the Heroes of Telemark Raid.

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Sam B
"It's totally insane but totally awesome. I was on the recce for the first trip..."
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  • Did the IGO N60° in 2016

    It's totally insane but totally awesome. I was on the recce for the first trip and it's a totally once in a lifetime - if you can do it you absolutely have to - type of experience. Yes it's very expensive, very hard and everything is very extreme so it's not exactly accessible but I really saw that where there's a will there's a way. Student's earning minimum wage saved up for months to go and do it showing that you can do it if you're willing to sacrifice financially and there were lots of people who had never done more than a 5k fun run who got through the distance. If you want to do something truly extraordinary and meet just insanely awesome people I can't recommend it enough.

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