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Marathon des Sables

Sat 3rd Apr 0202
N13, Ksar Tanamouste, Morocco
Run 250km

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  • Trails
  • Hilly
  • Finisher’s medal
  • 1300 participants

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Considered by many to be the most challenging run on earth, the Marathon des Sables is a truly exhausting feat for all who attempt it. In less than a week, competitors will traverse 156 miles of one of the planets most gruelling environments, over dunes, rocks and scorching salt flats. If that isn't enough, temperatures frequently exceed 50 in the baking sunlight, while competitors must also battle past clouds of sand, hindering visibility and chafing them in all the wrong places. Setting out in the morning, many don't reach the finish line until well into the next day.

Distances in this event

  1. Marathon des Sables

    Run 250km
    Sat 3rd Apr 0202
Course Details

The route and format differs from year to year. After the longest stage, competitors can expect a rest day, but be aware that it may well take you into that day to finish it...The longest stage is typically around 55 miles, with the whole race being around 156 miles.

Kit List

Paarticipants must be equipped with:

backpack MDS or equivalent
sleeping bag,
head torch and a complete set of spare batteries,
10 safety pins,
compass, with 1° or 2° precision,
a whistle,
knife with metal blade,
tropical disinfectant,
anti-venom pump,
a signalling mirror,
one aluminium survival sheet,
one tube of sun cream,
200 euro or equivalent in foreign currency
passport or for Moroccan residents, identity card
original medical certificate provided by AOI, filled in and signed by the doctor
original ECG and its tracing
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  • Did the Marathon des Sables in 2013

    This is one of the greatest events any runner could ever hope to achieve. A week that will change the way you look at life for ever. Make life long friends. Challenge your entire being and mental toughness. Whilst I lost 10kg of water wait in a week this is the most spectacular race I have ever fininshed. Amazing race support team. Conditions were hard with 3 days peaking at 53 degrees. This was not for the faint hearted. Self sufficient stage race that will inspire you to be more and put you to the rest with every step. Book through Mari mar and her team at travelling fit

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