Midnight Man

Sat 10th Aug 2019
Caxtons Commercial Limited, 49-50 Windmill Strett, Dartford DA1 1BG, UK

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Tickets £60–£189


Distances in this event

  1. 70.3 (Half Ironman)

    Triathlon: Swim 1.9km, Bike 90km, Run 21.1km
    6:00pm Sat 10th Aug 2019
    Tickets available
  2. Ironman

    Triathlon: Swim 3.8km, Bike 180km, Run 42km
    6:00pm Sat 10th Aug 2019
    Tickets available
  3. Quarter Ironman

    Triathlon: Swim 0.95km, Bike 45km, Run 10.5km
    6:00pm Sat 10th Aug 2019
    Tickets available
  4. Aquabike - Long

    Other: Swim 3.8km, Bike 180km
    6:00pm Sat 10th Aug 2019
    Tickets available
  5. Aquabike - Half

    Other: Swim 1.9km, Bike 90km
    6:00pm Sat 10th Aug 2019
    Tickets available
What’s Included
There will be a rest area that you can go to after the race. There will be soft drinks and some snacks.
Kit List
If you are going to be on the bike course after 9.15pm you will need to have lights on your bike. Part of Bob Dunn way does not have any lights. Can you just have lights and not flashing lights.


What are the race rules?

The race is run under British Triathlon Rules.
There will be no drafting on the bike.
A 2 minute penalty will be given if you found drafting. You will have to stop and to stand by your
bike for 2 minutes.
The 2nd time you are found to be drafting you will be disqualified.
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