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Munchen Marathon

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The Munich Marathon is the place to be!!

Whoever has competed in one of the editions of MUNICH MARATHON knows that tingling sensation. The concentration and tension of the runners is tangible; only subsiding when the starter’s pistol finally sounds and your sightseeing tour through Munich starts right away.

Authentic Bavaria at the marathon in Munich. With their starting shots, fireworks send over ten thousand runners on their loop through the cosmopolitan city with heart. The route is like a sightseeing tour. It goes by the most beautiful sights in the city. It starts at the Olympia park.

How to enter the Munchen Marathon

  1. Marathon

    Run 42.2km
    Event passed
  2. Half Marathon

    Run 21.1km
    Event passed
  3. 10K

    Run 10km
    Event passed

Munchen Marathon routes

Marathon: The sightseeing tour starts at a fast pace: Olympiapark, Englischer Garten, Bogenhausen Art Nouveau villas, Munich Gasteig, Isar Bridge, Gärtnerplatz, Sendlinger Straße, Marienplatz, Rathaus, Bavarian State Opera, Residenz, Munich Pinakotheken, Odeonsplatz, Theatinerkirche, Königsplatz, Siegestor, Leopoldstraße. Countless highlights line up before the Olympic Stadium comes into sight. Goose bumps come to mind: in the large Marathon Gate, the runners dive into a scenario of fog, music and colored light. On the last 300 meters and accompanied by the cheers of the spectators, you turn onto the home stretch of the Olympic Stadium. G’schafft, as they say in Bavaria! And then? Please smile! Everyone is a winner!

Half marathon: starts in Bogenhausen on Denninger Straße. The start takes place at 13:30 – so that runners with an end time of 3:00 hours can finish the distance. The route leads on the original marathon route in a southerly direction to the Olympic Park. The highlight is the finish in the big marathon goal in the Olympic Stadium. G’schafft!

10km: Despite a short distance you can feel the Munich 10 kilometer run: The heart beats before the start and at the finish line. And, as with the long distance, the ten kilometers are also valid: a parcour like a sightseeing tour. Only … shorter! After starting in the Olympic Park, you walk through Schwabing to the Leopoldstraße, turn in front of the Siegestor and continue on the same route back to the Olympiapark – into the Olympiastadion. At least here everyone gets goose bumps, followed by a winning smile.

Event Details

All runners from the age of 18 or who were born at the latest on 14.10.2000 can take part. Younger participants may only participate with the written consent of the legal representatives and a medical certificate for safety. A club membership is not necessary.

To collect the starting documents (start number and GMM Sportsbag), the submission of the confirmation of participation is required as an expression or digitally mandatory.

  • 8:00 – 09:30: Starting numbers and late registration GENERALI marathon, marathon relay and 10 KM-run; big Olympic hall
  • 8:00 – 12:30: Start number issue and late registration GENERALI half marathon
  • 10:15 – 16:00: Music and moderation along the way
  • 10:20: Start MARATHONSTAFFEL
  • 10:40: Start 10 km run
  • 11:15: Start INCLUSION at the Odeonsplatz
  • 11:45: Award ceremony 10 KM-run; The first three ladies and gentlemen will be honored.
  • 12:10: Finish 10 KM run
  • 13:00: Award ceremony Marathon; The first three ladies and gentlemen will be honored.
  • 13:30: Start HALF MARATHON
  • 14:45: Award ceremony marathon relay; the first, second and third place of the squadrons is honored.
  • 15:15: Award ceremony half marathon; The first three ladies and gentlemen will be honored.

Showers, changing rooms and toilets

After the race, changing rooms and showers are available free of charge from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm in the Olympic Park. The start number is valid as an access card to the service area.

The exact location will be announced.

In addition to the sanitary facilities in the Olympic Park, mobile toilets (including toilets suitable for the disabled) are set up in the starting area and in the finish area.

Along the route there are mobile toilets each after the refreshment points and at the changing points of the marathon relay.

Info Point

Please contact the Infopoint at the North Entrance (Olympic Stadium) if you have questions about the event. Lost property will be accepted at the info point.

In addition, For other sports bags or larger pieces of luggage, we offer a paid wardrobe (4.00 EUR per bag) at the info point. After the race, you can pick up your GMM Sportsbag again by 17:00 on presentation of the start number. Findings will be handed in at the Info Point or can be requested by calling +49 (0) 89 17 09 55 70.


The Pacemaker you can find according to their target time in the designated starting block. Each pacemaker is identifiable in the runner set by CEP backpacks and flags with the appropriate finish time.

The following marathon pacemakers are in use: 3:00 hrs; 3:15 hours; 3:30 hrs; 3:45 hours; 4:00 hrs; 4:15 hrs. And 4:30 hrs.

Aid stations

There are service stations at KM 4,5 / KM 7,5 / KM 14 / KM 18 / KM 22,5 / KM 27,5 / KM 33,5 and KM 39,5. In addition to M-water, food stations also offer isotonic sports drinks and bananas. Gels and bars are served at selected points.

In addition to the refreshment points, at KM 10.5 / KM 15.5 / KM 20.5 / KM 24 / KM 30.5 and KM 37 there are refreshment points with M-water.

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