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Oriflamme 50k

Sat 6th Apr 2019
Lake Cuyamaca, 2134 Main St, Julian, CA 92036, USA
Run 50km

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Come watch the sunrise over the desert and then run down into it. It's a 50K with a little bit of everything... single track along the Pacific Crest Trail, a more than 2,000 foot drop into the desert, a run through the beautiful desert scenery of Box Canyon, and then the climactic 5+ mile climb back up via Oriflamme Canyon.

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  1. Oriflamme 50k

    Run 50km
    Sat 6th Apr 2019
    Event passed
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What’s Included
Technical long sleeve t-shirt to all entrants and medals to all finishers. Early 6:00 a.m. start is available for those of you wishing to do a little sightseeing.

Course Details
Out and back course. Run commences from Sunrise Trailhead parking area and follows Pacific Crest Trail North to Mason Valley Truck trail, where runners will begin their descent down Oriflamme Canyon into the desert. At the base of Oriflamme Canyon, runners will turn onto the California Riding & Hiking Trail, crossing S2 and then proceeding through Box Canyon into Blair Valley and the turnaround point.

Aid Stations
Aid stations are fully stocked with water, electrolyte drink, gels, fruit, salty snacks, sweets, Coke, PB&J sandwiches. Pizza, chili and hot soup at the finish.

Start/Finish: Sunrise Trailhead
Nice, single track mostly along the Pacific Crest Trail with rolling terrain for the first 5.4 miles. Great views of the desert below.

Mile 5.4: Mason Valley Aid Station
Course shifts east and begins approximate 2,000 foot descent into desert along Mason Valley Truck Trail. Drop is steep at times, reaching the desert floor after about 5 miles. Runners continue heading east on soft desert track, turning onto the California Riding & Hiking Trail for final leg to aid station at S2 road crossing. (7.8 miles to next aid.)

Mile 13.2: S2 Aid Station
Runners continue on California Riding & Hiking Trail as it hugs its way north along Box Canyon and the historic Old Mormon Trail on the way to Blair Valley turnaround point. Footing is sandy and rocky at times. With any luck, desert flowers will be in bloom, (2.5 miles to turnaround.)

Mile 15.7: Blair Valley Turnaround (water only)
THERE IS AN 11:00 A.M. CUT-OFF AT THE TURNAROUND. Return via same route to S2 aid station and road crossing. (2.5 miles to next aid.)

Mile 18.2: S2 Aid Station
Runners have a little over 2 miles left on the desert floor before beginning steep ascent up Oriflamme Canyon. (7.8 miles to next aid.)

Mile 26.0: Mason Valley Aid Station
Final aid before finish. Runners will rejoin Pacific Crest Trail and final leg home along rolling single track. (5.4 miles to the finish.)

Mile 31.4/Finish: Sunrise Trailhead
Raceday Logistics
There is a 9 hour time limit for this run. 150 runner limit.
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