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Panasonic Peoples Tri Race 3 Maraetai Beach

Sun 17th Feb 2019
Maraetai Beach, 188 Maraetai Dr, Maraetai, Auckland 2018, New Zealand

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The Panasonic Peoples Triathlon Series is Aucklands longest running triathlon series and the season will stage four events between November and March. Two of these will be held from Maraetai Beach and the other two will be from Mission Bay. As part of this series, participants have the chance to race a variety of distances in both triathlon and duathlon. All events have a wide range of abilities enabling participants to race as competitively or non-competitively as they like.

Distances in this event

  1. Try-a-Tri

    Triathlon: Swim 0.1km, Bike 10km, Run 2km
    9:00am Sun 17th Feb 2019
  2. Sprint Triathlon

    Triathlon: Swim 0.5km, Bike 20km, Run 5km
    9:35am Sun 17th Feb 2019
  3. Olympic Triathlon

    Triathlon: Swim 1.5km, Bike 40km, Bike 10km
    9:05am Sun 17th Feb 2019
  4. Try-a-Du

    Duathlon: Bike 10km, Run 2km
    9:10am Sun 17th Feb 2019
  5. Sprint Duathlon

    Duathlon: Bike 20km, Bike 10km
    9:10am Sun 17th Feb 2019
  6. Olympic Duathlon

    Duathlon: Bike 80km, Run 30km
    9:10am Sun 17th Feb 2019
  7. Sprint Aquabike

    Duathlon: Swim 0.5km, Bike 20km
    9:35am Sun 17th Feb 2019
  8. Olympic Aquabike

    Duathlon: Swim 4.5km, Bike 80km
    9:05am Sun 17th Feb 2019
Course Maps
Course Details

Try-a-Tri – 1 lap swim – 1 lap cycle – 1 lap run

Sprint Triathlon – 1 lap swim – 1 lap cycle – 2 lap run

Olympic Triathlon – 3 lap swim – 2 lap cycle – 3 lap run

Try-a-Du – 1 lap cycle – 1 lap run

Sprint Duathlon – 1 lap cycle – 2 lap run

Olympic Duathlon  – 2 lap cycle – 3 lap run

Sprint Aquabike – 1 lap swim – 1 lap cycle

Olympic Aquabike – 3 lap swim – 2 lap cycle

Raceday Logistics

9:00 am Try-a-Tri  (Individuals and Teams)
9:05 am Olympic Triathlon & Aquabike (Individuals and Teams)
9:10 am All Duathlon events
9:35 am Sprint Triathlon & Aquabike – All Men
9:40 am Sprint Triathlon & Aquabike – All Women & All Teams
12:15 pm Awards & Spot Prizes


› Best advice to not just first timers, but all competitors, is to arrive at the race site early. There is lots to do before a race, and lots of people trying to do the same thing, so the best way to avoid being rushed is to insure that you have enough time to get organised pre-race.

› Here is a logical progression that you may want to go through when you get to the race site:

› Arrive Early! A half hour won’t be enough time to get everything done. Give yourself an hour, even more if you can, so that you won’t be rushed. If the race is in or near your home town, you may even want to consider picking up your race kit the day before the race. That will save you a few line-ups on race day. You can picked up at the race venue on the Saturday afternoon before each event between 3pm and 6pm. If you are considering entering for the race on Race Weekend, prepare to stand in line even longer and paying a late fee of an extra $10. We cater to those athletes who enter early.

› After parking, take your bike and gear with you to the transition area (the big fenced in area with the bike racks) and claim a spot of real estate for yourself.

› You can ‘rack’ your bike by either hooking the seat over the top rail of the bike rack or by hooking the handlebars/brake levers over the top rail. The choice is yours – whichever works better for you. Take a look around to see what others are doing, and then follow suit. Once your bike is racked, you can drop your gear next to it – there should be time to lay it out neatly later.

› Now you should consider heading to the registration area – unless you did that the night before.


RELAY TEAM DIVISIONS: Relay Teams can consist of either two (2) or three (3) team members.  There are three (3) Relay Team Divisions:
› All MALE may consist of two or three male team members male relay teams compete ONLY against other male relay teams.
› All FEMALE may consist of two or three female team members female relay teams compete ONLY against other female relay teams.
› MIXED may consist of two or three team members, but must include AT LEAST ONE MALE and ONE FEMALE team member.  Mixed relay teams compete ONLY against other mixed relay teams.

PRIZES AND AWARDS: Category winners will receive a trophy for their accomplishments.  A variety of spot prizes will be available to all participants from our series sponsors.  You must be in attendance to claim your prize.  Trophies not picked up at events will be mailed to recipient upon request at a cost of $5.00 for postage and handling.  All unclaimed trophies will be recycled at the end of the year.

› No awards will be given out at Try-A-Tri events(except 12-14 years) and all Duathlon & Aquabike events.

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