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Patagonman XTRI

Triathlon: Swim 3.8km, Bike 180km, Run 42.2km
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Deep in Patagonia, glaciers, rugged mountains, wildlife, lakes, ice fields and rivers set the scene for an extraordinary dream. 300 athletes from all over the world will be selected (via a lottery) to meet here and challenge themselves in an unprecedented event, with a spectacular natural setting. A new generation of athletes ready to find their mental and physical boundaries… and push them further than ever before. PATAGONMAN brings triathlon back to its roots and offers an exhilarating journey to all those involved.

This point-to-point race starts in the western part of Aysén, one of the most southern regions in Chile, moves across the country and finishes close to the Argentine border.

How to enter the Patagonman XTRI

  1. Triathlon

    Triathlon: Swim 3.8km, Bike 180km, Run 42.2km
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Patagonman XTRI route

PATAGONMAN course runs point-to-point, or fjord to lake. It starts before sunrise in the Aysén Fjord, where athletes must jump from a ferryboat into the ice cold water and swim 3.8 kilometers toward Puerto Chacabuco. They then exit the water and find their bikes in the first transition area (T1). From there, they ride 180 kilometers into the windy, winding and hilly road of the famous Carretera Austral to Cerro Castillo, one of the most scenic areas in Patagonia where they can leave their bikes in the second transition area (T2). From there, they run 42.2 kilometers on dirt trail and rubble road following the Ibánez River through a forest, next to beautiful lakes and waterfalls all the way to the General Carrera Lake, another landmark of the region.

PATAGONMAN is an unforgettable journey through some of the world's most amazing natural settings. The weather is completely unpredictable but the feeling of accomplishment at the finish line makes it all worth it.


The swimming leg of the race starts with the leap from a ferryboat 3.8 km from Puerto Chacabuco, in the pure and cold water of the Aysén Fjord. Surrounded by lush-green forest and snow-capped mountain peaks, the scenery is beyond impressive. We strongly advise cold water training for this race and to wear both a heatseeker vest under your wetsuit and neoprene socks. Wetsuit and neoprene caps will be mandatory as the temperature of the water is expected to be around 12ºC.


The cycling leg of the race starts in Puerto Chacabuco and covers 180 km of some of the most scenic landscapes in Patagonia, all the way to the famous Cerro Castillo village. The winding road will be challenging, and this part of the world is well known for its strong winds. The elevation gain will add some extra difficulty as the road climbs into the Andes before descending again into the village where T2 will be located. There will be a hydration station at km 90.


The running leg of the race starts in Cerro Castillo village and covers a full marathon distance of beautiful landscapes (42.2 km). It is pavement-free and quickly takes the athletes uphill through a dirt trail and then back down to a rubble road that follows a river, passing by beautiful lakes and waterfalls. The ascending trail and tough lay of the rubble road will make the run a challenge even for the fastest athletes. There will be a hydration station at km 21.

Event Details

• 1 PATAGONMAN athlete kit
• 1 support t-shirt or reflective vest
• Ferry to the swim start
• Transportation from Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez to km 30 of the running course for
supports to get together with their athletes
• Transportation back to Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez from km 30 of the running course
for supports to get to the finish line
• Service at the transition zones, checkpoints and finish line
• Drink stations at km 90 of the bike, T2 and km's 10 and 20 of the run
• 1 finisher T-shirt for the athlete
• 1 finisher medal for the athlete
• Local food and drinks for the athlete and support upon arrival to the finish line
• Massage for athletes upon arrival to the finish line (until 20:00 hrs)
• Awards and closing ceremony on Monday, December 2nd 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does enrollment for 2019 open?
A: Enrollment for 2019 will open on January 24th at 18:00 hrs GMT. Follow us on Facebook to stay tuned.Q: I want to race to raise money for my favorite charity.
Do you have any slots allocated to this that I can have?
A: We do not have any charity slots. That said we donate significant amounts ourselves, and encourage our athletes to do so as well. Our ability to supply charity slots is limited by the size of our race. To treat all applicants fairly we want as many of our slots as possible to go into the draw where everyone has a chance.​Q: I have an extremely good reason to get a slot outside the draw. A: All our athletes usually have very good reasons to race. Anniversaries, weight loss, recovery from illness, plus an infinite number of other reasons are represented among our athletes. This makes us very happy. But to treat all of our applicants fairly we want as many of our slots as possible to go into the draw where everyone has a chance and do not make exceptions.Q: I was lucky and got a slot for the race. Now I can’t race due to “XXXX”.
May I defer my slot to next year?
A: With our limited capacity we simply can’t roll over slots for next year. Not because of money, but because of capacity. This is also stated clearly in the Race Manual that everyone reads before enrolling.​Q: I would like to sign up and race alongside my friend / wife / boyfriend / club / etc… A: Due to our limited capacity we only accept individual entries into our lottery. We do not make any exceptions to this. This should not discourage you from trying your luck. There could be a chance that both friends and couples draw the “golden” ticket. And if only one of you gets a slot, coming as a support is considered by many as both harder and more fun than actually racing.
Q: Do you have a waiting list?
A: When we do the draw for the race, we also have a draw for a “runners up list”. Meaning that if some of the lucky winners do not pay the entry fee by the deadline, a person from the “runners up” list gets the slot. When we inform you of the results of the draw, the email we send will explicitly denote your status. If it says that you did not get a slot, we hope you come back to apply for the 2020 edition.


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