Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival

Sat 2nd Jun 2018 • by Golazo Cycling
Peterborough, Peterborough, GB
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What you need to know

The Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival is one of a kind; a mass-participation cycling festival for those who have a love and passion for a diverse type of bike and event. Our aim is to bring all types of cycling into one event, bringing all types of cycling together, enabling more and more people who have a love for any kind of cycling to be involved. The event is held at the East of England Arena and Showground from 1st-3rd June 2018, with a number of different disciplines, which are all held on fully closed roads.

There are 9 Events within the Festival: Gran Fondo Race, Gran Fondo Sportive, Chrono, Team Chrono, Mellow Vlo, Tour classic, Family Fondo, Folding Bike Race & Gravel Enduro Relay, as well as the Cambridgeshire Bike Show.

The Tour of Cambridgeshire has quickly become one of the most popular events in the UK, with the first being held in 2015. The route starts and ends in Peterborough. This part of the country is reminiscent of Western Flanders with unprotected roads, canals and narrow tracks. Luckily, there are a lot of riders to form a bunch and share the work. The locals come out in huge numbers to cheer on all the riders and help create a great atmosphere.

Distances in this event

  1. Gran Fondo Race

    Bike 127.6km
    12:00pm Sun 3rd Jun 2018
    Event passed
  2. Gran Fondo Sportive

    Bike 127.6km
    12:00pm Sun 3rd Jun 2018
    Event passed
  3. Tour Classic

    Bike 90km
    1:00pm Sun 3rd Jun 2018
    Event passed
  4. Mellow Vélo

    Bike 127km
    1:00pm Sun 3rd Jun 2018
    Event passed
  5. Chrono - SOLD OUT

    Bike 264km
    Sun 3rd Jun 2018
    Event passed
  6. Team Chrono

    Bike 26.4km
    3:00pm Sat 2nd Jun 2018
    Event passed
  7. Family Fondo - Family

    Bike 2mi
    10:30am Sat 2nd Jun 2018
    Event passed
  8. Folding Bike Race

    Bike 10km
    7:00pm Sat 2nd Jun 2018
    Event passed

Route info

Course Maps

The Gran Fondo is a UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Qualifier event. The first 3 riders in each UCI Masters Age / Gender Classification will be invited to a podium ceremony to be awarded UGFWS winners jerseys, medals and prizes.

The Gran Fondo has 3 pit stops on the route and is supported by a medical team comprising both static and mobile resources and a team of motorcycle outriders.

The Start Sheet and Final Information will be published approximately 2 weeks prior to the event.

Onsite camping also available for £60.

What’s Included

The Gran Fondo Race caters for riders holding a valid full license

ToC Gran Fondo RACE Registration – Useful Information:

1. The correct entry of your telephone number is critical. Telephone numbers MUST be entered in the International Format: country code (e.g. +44 for UK) followed by your number without the 0 at the
front. There are no spaces in the international format. Eg. +447780761999
2. A unique email address is required for each entrant to ensure that each entrant receives emailed festival information. The platform will not allow the same email address to be used for different entrants. The same email address can be used to register an entrant for different events within a festival.
3. A £2 Transaction fee will be added to your basket per entry.
4. Please ensure that your email settings do not reject email from [email protected] or send it to spam.
5. Two weeks before the event the Start Sheet and event Final Information will be published on the event website under Rider Info – Start Sheets and Rider Info – Final Information in the
navigation bar.  The organiser will NOT be sending out a Final Information email to entrants.
6. Entrants in the Gran Fondo RACE will need to present a valid full race license when the Race Pack is collected at the event.
7. Please note that entries are not refunded or transferable under any circumstances and deferrals are only available if the DEFERRAL ADMINISTRATION fee is paid.  The DEFERRAL ADMINISTRATION fee allows deferral up to midnight on the Sunday prior to the Gran Fondo. Further details are set out in the Terms and Conditions of Entry in Section 9.
8. Entry Price for the Gran Fondo escalates as the festival gets closer. Please see the Tour of Cambridgeshire website for prices.
9. Minimum Ages 19yrs on 31st December 2018 to apply for the Gran Fondo RACE.

Raceday Logistics

The Race starts at the front of the Gran Fondo. The Gran Fondo Race is organised with different start pens for each UCI Masters age group classifications.

The top 25% in each age classification of the combined starters in Gran Fondo RACE and Gran Fondo SPORTIVE will be invited to compete in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.


Parking Charges will be applied for official parking.

  • VIP Parking is £50.00 (Any time).
  • Friday £5.00 (free for Chrono & Gran Fondo Riders).
  • Saturday £5.00 (free for Gran Fondo Riders).
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