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TreX Championships

Sat 27th Apr 2019
Camp Koongamoon Environment and Rec Centre Access, Landsborough QLD 4550, Australia

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From the organizer

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The TreX Championships is hosted in Landsborough in the heart of Queenslands Naturally Refreshing Sunshine Coast. Based on the banks of spectacular Ewen Maddock dam this course offers the very best of the Sunshine Coast hinterland with its rainforest trails and fern-filled bushland.

The course includes some of the best fast and flowing single track mountain bike trails, and gritty off road running trails found anywhere in Australia and includes a standard distance, sprint, junior, dirt kids, duathlon and aquabike courses.

Add to this a MultiSport Weekend including the Sunshine Coast MTB Festival and youve got a not to be missed action packed weekend of off road adventure for the entire family.

Distances in this event

  1. Standard XTri

    Triathlon: Swim 1.5km, Bike 28.5km, Run 10.5km
    9:00am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $120–AUD $150
    Event passed
  2. Standard Duathlon

    Duathlon: Bike 28.5km, Run 10.5km
    9:45am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $110–AUD $140
    Event passed
  3. Standard AquaBike

    Duathlon: Swim 1.5km, Bike 28.5km
    9:00am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $110–AUD $140
    Event passed
  4. Standard Team

    Triathlon: Swim 1.5km, Bike 28.5km, Run 10.5km
    Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $140–AUD $170
    Event passed
  5. Sprint XTri

    Triathlon: Swim 0.4km, Bike 9.5km, Run 3.5km
    10:30am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $65–AUD $85
    Event passed
  6. Sprint Duathlon

    Duathlon: Bike 9.5km, Run 3.3km
    10:45am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $55–AUD $75
    Event passed
  7. Sprint AquaBike

    Duathlon: Swim 0.4km, Bike 15km
    10:30am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $55–AUD $75
    Event passed
  8. Sprint Team

    Triathlon: Swim 0.4km, Bike 9.5km, Run 3.5km
    Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $85–AUD $105
    Event passed
  9. Junior Teaser XTri

    Triathlon: Swim 0.15km, Bike 4km, Run 1km
    8:30am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $35–AUD $45
    Event passed
  10. Junior team

    Triathlon: Swim 0.15km, Bike 4km, Run 1km
    Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $45–AUD $55
    Event passed
  11. Dirt Kids

    Triathlon: Swim 0.05km, Swim 1.5km, Run 0.5km
    8:30am Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $25
    Event passed
  12. Dirt Kids Team

    Triathlon: Swim 0.05km, Swim 1.5km, Run 0.5km
    Sat 27th Apr 2019
    AUD $35
    Event passed
Course Maps
What’s Included

Race Bags Usually Include:

  • An electronic timing chip on an ankle strap
  • A race number to be worn on the front of your torso for the run leg
  • A bike number to be attached to the front handle bars or stem of your bike
  • Special giveaways from our event partners (where applicable)


Course Details

Triathlon Distances

TreX Standard X-Tri (16yrs & Over) 

  • 1500m swim
  • 28.5km ride
  • 10.5km run

TreX Sprint X-Tri (14yrs & Over) 

  • 400m swim
  • 9.8km ride
  • 3.5km run

TreX Junior X-Tri (12-15yrs)

  • 150m swim
  • 4km ride
  • 1km run

TreX Dirt Kids X-Tri (7-11yrs)

  • 50m swim
  • 1.5km ride
  • 500m run

AquaBike Distances

TreX AquaBike Standard (16yrs & Over)

  • 1500m swim
  • 28.5km ride

TreX AquaBike Sprint (14yrs & Over)

  • 400m swim
  • 9.5km ride

Duathlon Distances

TreX Duathlon Standard (16yrs & Over) 

  • 28.5km ride
  • 10.5km run

TreX Duathlon Sprint (14yrs & Over)

  • 9.5km ride
  • 3.5km run

Swim Description

The swim takes place in the enclosed waters of beautiful Ewen Maddock Dam

Water Temperature 

Average water temperature during Apirl is around 20 degrees which means it will more than likely be a non wetsuit swim, however Technical Officials will measure the water temperature prior to each race and results will determine if wetsuits are permitted.  The water temperature and ruling about wetsuits will be published on social media, the event notice board and via the public address system.

Water Clarity 

Ewen Maddock Dam is a fresh water dam and the water quality in the swim area has been tested and is suitable for swimming.

Water clarity is fair, however there are some reed/weed patches in the dam. The swim course has been designed to avoid these area as much as possible, however please be aware that it is possible that while swimming you may come in contact reeds/weeds in the water.  Swimmers are to avoid any areas where thick weeds are visible.

Tides, Currents & Conditions 

Being an inland dam there are no currents or tides to contend with, however, on a windy day the dam surface can become slightly choppy.

Swim Start 

The event will commence with a running start from the sandy beach into the water.  The water deepens quickly from the shore, minimal dolphin dives will be required.

Swim Course 

The swim course is an out and back anti-clockwise lap and is marked with 1.5m orange buoys and 1m yellow pyramids marking the inside circumference of the course.  Swimmers keep these buoys on their left.

MTB Description

The mountain bike course is a 9.5km lap that takes in the flowing single track trails within Ferny Forest.  The course will test riders skills and endurance as they shred it around the flowing single tracks with some key challenges including some steep, pinchy and rocky climbs, some craggy descents, bridges, creek crossing and fast flowing single tracks

New riders will enjoy the flowing nature of the course, while more experienced riders will love the pinchy climbs, creek crossings, bridges and roll overs. If you’re not too tired to look, you’ll also enjoy the panoramic views from many points along the course.

The course is suitable for those new to mountain biking, but will also challenge those with advanced technical riding skills in a number of sections.

Trail Run Description

This spectacular and technically challenging trail run course is a 3.5km lap circumnavigating the Race HQ area. Standard competitors will complete 2 x 3.5km laps before finishing at Race HQ.

This is one of the most picturesque run courses of the series with the majority of the trail running on winding single track through ferned rainforest.  It includes uneven, rocky trails, a creek crossing, some open trails and, of course, more of what we love about cross triathlon… Wet & Muddy sections!

The course passes back through HQ on each lap so there will be lots of cheers and encouragement as you push yourself onto the rest of the course with a water station for refreshment.

This is an OFF ROAD triathlon, expect to get wet, muddy & dirty, so a shoe that provides grip, stability and quick drainage will be best for the course.


Transition is an area where athletes transition from one leg to the next ie from Swim to MTB and MTB to Run.

Transition is located on the Open Grassed Area at the western end of Race HQ.  There is a short 100m run from the beach along a concrete path from the swim exit to the transition entry.  Racks are signed and each athlete has a 50cm wide allocation.   Mountain Bikes are racked by the seat.

After registering, take your equipment to the transition area.  There is limited space in transition and competitors are asked to take all due care and precautions when entering and exiting the area.

Raceday Logistics

Event Venue

Ewen Maddock Dam, Landsborough
Steve Irwin Way
QLD, 4550 


It is a requirement for all competitors to register in person at the designated times at Race HQ prior to the start of each event.

  • Please line up in the queue indicated with a copy of your entry email confirmation (printed or available on your phone or device).
  • Advise the officials of your name and category.
  • From the information on the screen, confirm all your details are correct and that you are entered in the correct race.
  • Collect your race pack
  • Collect pins and ties for your race numbers from the collection area.
  • Take your bike & equipment to the transition area.

Event Start

TreX will start at the beach on Ewen Maddock Dam. Prior to the race, there are compulsory race briefings.

Event Finish

The finish is always a special place for our athletes, so make sure you make your finish photo one to remember and get ready to celebrate your achievements.  Our volunteers will be serving fruit and water and collecting timing chips in the finish area.

Timing Chip Collection

Timing chips are to be returned to the Volunteers in the athlete recovery area. If a timing chip has been lost on the course during the event, please notify the timing personnel immediately after crossing the finish line.  Dirt Master contenders please refer to the Dirt Master information.

First Aid

A dedicated first aid tent will be set up at the finish line for any first aid needs.

Bike Collection

Transition will be opened for competitors to collect their own bikes when the final mountain bike rider has returned to transition.  Competitors are to wear their race numbers to verify bike collection.


  • 7:00am  – Registration Open – all events
  • 7:00am – Transition Open
  • 7:30am – Late Online Entries Closed
  • 8:00am – Registration Closed
  • 8:05am – Transition Closed
  • 8:05am – Course Brief – Compulsory for all athletes
  • 8:30am – Junior Teaser XTri Start 
  • 9:00am – Standard XTri & AquaBike Start
  • 9:25am – Standard Duathlon Start from Beach 
  • 10:30am – Sprint XTri & AquaBike Start
  • 10:45am – Sprint Duathlon Start from Beach 
  • 11:45am – Dirt Kids Registration 2 Open
  • 12:30pm – Transition Open for Bike Collection
  • 12:45pm – Dirt Kids Registration 2 Closed
  • 1:30pm – Dirt Kids Start 
  • 2:00pm – Presentations

Getting Here

Maddock Dam is located just one hour north of Brisbane.

Travelling to the Sunshine Coast

For directions please follow the links below

  • View Directions from Brisbane
  • View Directions from the Sunshine Coast

Race HQ is located at:

Ewen Maddock Dam
Steve Irwin Way
Landsborough, Sunshine Coast,
QLD, 4550

Car Hire

There is no public transport to the event site and therefore car hire is the best option for making your way to the event.

Car hire is available from Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Airports.

  • Sunshine Coast Airport Car Hire
  • Brisbane Airport Car Hire

Flying to the Sunshine Coast

Before you race into the region, click here to find out more about the Sunshine Coast Airportand transfers – Con-x-ion bus service provides swift and efficient airport transfer service.

International Flights

Brisbane Airport is the international gateway to Queensland with regular transfers to the Sunshine Coast. Brisbane Airport operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has two major terminals servicing 26 airlines flying to 67 destinations.


A rail line connects the region to Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the south, and Gympie and beyond to the north, with major stations at Beerwah, Landsborough, Nambour, Cooroy and Gympie North.


Private shuttle and bus services operate from both Sunshine Coast Airport and Brisbane Airport. Intrastate and interstate bus services offer routes to the region, and regular public transport also operates within the region.

Kit List

Run Numbers

Run numbers are required to be displayed on the front of the torso during the run leg.  The number is to be facing the front and easily visible.

It is critical that the run number is clearly visible at the finish line to ensure a time is recorded. Safety pins are available for collection near the registration area.

Mountain Bike Numbers

The bike number is to be attached to the front handle bars of the bike using the ties provided.  It must be easily visible for the entire mountain bike leg for easy video identification and marshal recording throughout the mountain bike lap. Please do not cut or deface the number in anyway as penalties will apply. Ties are available for collection near the registration area.

Important: Race Numbers are not to be defaced, cut or altered in any way. Penalties and replacement costs apply where this is not followed.

Timing Chip

Strap the timing chip to your left ankle with the bulky side to the outside of your ankle. If you have any problems with this please see one of the event team as it is critical that timing chips are positioned correctly for times to be recorded.

Timing chips are to be returned to marshals in the post race finish area.  Teams will pass the band to the next team member in transition at the end of each leg

Timing Chips and ankle straps must not be cut, and the timing chip must not be removed from the ankle strap.  Where competitors choose not to comply with this ruling a $50 replacement fee (payable at the finish line) will apply.



  • Swimmers/Tri Suit
  • Swim Cap (provided): Swim caps are provided in athlete race packs, it is a Triathlon Australia requirement that the caps issued by the event organiser are worn during the swim leg. Personal swim caps are not permitted.
  • Bike helmet that meets Australian Safety Standards.
  • Mountain Bike: Ensure that the mountain bike has been serviced and is in good working order and that handle bar ends are solidly plugged
  • Enclosed Running Shoes: An off road trail shoe will be beneficial for the conditions during the TreX trail run.
  • Running shirt/Riding Shirt/Vest: It is a Triathlon Australis requirement that the torso is covered during the bike and run legs.


  • Swim Goggles (if desired)
  • Bike Gloves
  • Bike Shoes (if applicable)
  • Water bottles | Hydration Pack
  • Water & Nutrition
  • Protective Eyewear: Some sections of the course have some overhanging branches. It is recommended that athletes wear some form of eye protection during the event
  • Hat, Sunglasses, Sun Lotion, Towel
  • Insect Repellent
  • A Sense of Adventure!

What is the Trex Elite/Open Category?

TreX has an Elite/Open Category.  This category is for those athletes wishing to race at a higher level of competition and typically includes athletes at the top level of the sport in Australia.  Any athlete wishing to race at a higher level of competition and take a step up from the age group competition is eligible to enter Open/Elite.

Where a prize purse is offered at events, this is awarded to winners in the Open/Elite Category.

For athletes considering entering the Open/Elite event, we recommend referring to results from previous years which will offer a good indication as to the typical standard for the Open/Elite category for a particular event.

Triathlon Australia Guidelines

Open is a category that has prize money below the “Professional/Elite” threshold as per the TA Professional/Elite Licence Policy (ie Less than $10k). This category is open to professional and age group athletes. This applies to the majority of TreX events.

In the circumstance where a TreX event offers prize money greater than $10,000 the category will be defined as either “Professional” or “Elite”.  In this circumstance, prize money is only available to appropriate licensed athletes under the TA Professional/Elite License Policy.

Presentations and Prizes

Presentations will take place when all, or the majority of athletes have finished the event and therefore the times may be earlier or later than advertised.  Please listen for announcements at Race HQ for times on the day. Participants are required to be present in person at the presentation ceremony to collect medals and/or prizes.


Age Group Prizes

1st Place: Winners in each of the age group categories will be presented with a sponsors prize and TreX Medallion

2nd & 3rd Place: 2nd & 3rd place in each of the age group categories will be presented with a TreX Medallion

Spot Prizes

Spot Prizes: A draw will take place at presentations for spot prizes.  To be eligible for a spot prize:

  • Complete an online survey before the prize giving ceremony; and/or
  • Enter your race number in the draw box at Race HQ.
  • Recipients must be present at the presentation ceremony to be eligible for spot prizes.

Is water provided on the course?

Aid stations are made available on the trail run course approximately every 2 km and also at the Finish area. Competitors are expected to be self sufficient for water on the bike leg.

Please note at some events there is limited or no drinking water on site so on these occasions competitors are asked to being enough water and drinks for personal consumption to last before, during and after the race.

What is a wave start?

In order to avoid having every competitor entering the water at the same time, competitors are divided into “waves” to give you plenty of room to swim and enter transition smoothly.

Waves will start at approximate 3 minute intervals.

Make sure you check the notice boards at Race HQ for your wave start time.

What happens after I finish my race?

  • Take some time to celebrate your achievements!
  • Return you timing band to the marshals at the finish line.
  • Grab some refreshments and fruit at the finish line.
  • Complete our online ‘Post Event Survey’ form for an entry into the random prize draw.
  • Grab a coffee and something to eat from our on site caterers
  • Check out the great specials from our partners at the event expo.
  • Chill out and catch up with other competitors and share your war stories as you cheer on your fellow competitors as they cross the finish line.
  • Stick around for the presentations and random prize draw.  Who knows, you might just take out a prize yourself!

Do I have to wear clip in bike shoes?

You do not have to wear ‘clip in’ bike shoes.  Depending on your confidence and skill level on a mountain bike, ‘cages’ or standard flat pedals with running shoes are another options. These may also speed up your transition times from bike to run.

Do I need a mountain bike?

You will require an off road bike as all the riding takes place on fire trails, dirt tracks and some single track that is all unsuitable for a standard road bike.

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