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Ultra X Sri Lanka

6:00am Mon 15th Apr 2019
kandy c taxi, sri dhammarama mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Run 250km
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From the organizer

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**IMPORTANT NOTE: The full ticket price is GBP 1200 pp for individual entry & GBP 900 for team entry (team is 3 or more). The GBP 300 is a non-refundable deposit only.**

Ultra X Sri Lanka takes place in a country nicknamed The pearl of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with an incredibly diverse culture.

Ultra X events are all of the same format: A 250 km race held over 5 days across stunning trails.Each day involves a single stage between campsites and can range from 30 to 80 km in length. There are checkpoints roughly every 10km where water and medical support is provided.

Competitors must be fully self- sufficient, however race organisers will transport a bag in between campsites so that during each stage competitors only need carry what they need whilst running.

Distances in this event

  1. 250K

    Run 250km
    6:00am Mon 15th Apr 2019
    Event passed
What’s Included

Included In Your Fee:

As well as the below, entrants will receive discounts from top sports nutrition and equipment suppliers.

  1. Transfers (airport/race start/race finish/hotel/airport)
  2. Accommodation for every night from 13–20th April
  3. Race entry
  4. Water (rationed)
  5. Medical team
  6. Ground assistance
  7. Minimal insurance
  8. Individual rankings or team rankings for registered teams
  9. Medal
  10. T-shirt
Course Details

The course will take competitors through tea plantations and 10,000 year old rainforests, down rushing rivers (watch out for the waterfalls) and onto white sandy beaches. During this week competitors will get to experience in full the place, the people and the beauty of this iconic country, steeped in history and colour.


The routes may change slightly each year depending on the weather and other varying factors. The organizers create each leg to take in the most beautiful and challenging aspects of the distinct tea plantations, 10,000 year old rainforests and sandy beaches. Ultra X Sri Lanka is open to individuals and teams, elite runners and those who are keen to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The challenge is open to people from all around the world.

Structure Of  The Course

Ultra X Sri Lanka, situated in the Indian Ocean is a multi-day ultra-marathon, run over 5 days in April each year. Competitors will arrive into the capital Colombo on Saturday April 13th, where they will be met at the International Airport and transported by the race organizers to a hotel in the city for the night. After introductions, briefings and kit checks on Sunday morning everyone is transported towards the famous colonial city of Kandy, to the first campsite on the start line of the race.

Each day from Monday to Friday will involve one stage, commence between 0600 and 0900am, and range between 30 and 80 kilometers. There will be checkpoints each 10km where competitors can access water, shelter, and if necessary medical support.

Each night competitors will camp in a different location at the finish line, where they can enjoy physiotherapy, foot treatment, hot water and wild camps specifically chosen to showcase the very best of the local area. Thursday will comprise of the ultimate challenge- the “Long Stage” an 80km day starting in the dark guided by the moon, and, for some, finishing in it.

Friday will finish with the shortest stage of the week. The race finishes in a local village where local support is a guarantee, meaning that the last few steps will be loud and unforgettable. It is here that competitors will spend Friday night, and have a chance to enjoy the first real food they may have had in a week. Ultra X will put on a prize-giving ceremony, celebratory dinner and a chance to unwind whilst enjoying local entertainment.

Course markings
The course route will be marked out very well at roughly 40m intervals depending on terrain. Areas where competitors are likely to be running in darkness, will be illuminated and are likely to have course marshals more frequently.

If you are in a situation where you are really stuck then you can always wait for other competitors and work it out together. However, the best way to avoid any mishaps is to listen to the course directions given out each morning.

It is virtually impossible for you to get lost. There are flags, or other bright markers, every 40 metres and there are checkpoints every 10km. You will also be given a tracker upon registration so race organisers will be able to keep tabs on where you are.

Raceday Logistics


Competitors will arrive in the capital Colombo on Saturday April 13th where they will be met at the international airport and transferred by the race organisers to a hotel in Negembo for the night.

After introductions, briefings and kit checks, everyone is transported to camp in the hills of the ancient city of Kandy, situated in the centre of the country. Kandy is set on a plateau surrounded by mountains, which are home to tea plantations and diverse rainforests.

  • Monday: 40km
  • Tuesday: 55km
  • Wednesday: 45km
  • Thursday: 80km
  • Friday: 30km

After the last stage on Friday the organisers host a big camp fire and BBQ on the beach near Galle. The prize giving and awards ceremony, will also take place. It’s a great evening.

On Saturday morning competitors will have the chance to enjoy Galle for the day. In the afternoon, coaches will drive competitors back to a hotel in Colombo for the last night.

Participants will be transferred to the airport on Sunday for return flights.

Kit List

A participant who has planned and trained well will be a successful one.
It is just as important to calculate your water, electrolyte and food requirements as it is your pacing
during the race.

Unlike other multi date races, participants do not have to carry all their gear and food with them on
the course, instead, they only need to carry some mandatory safety equipment, nutrition for that
stage and water whilst on course, which will be resupplied at every 10km checkpoint. Ultra X will
transport each participants supply bag between each campsite.


Upon registration a kit list is issued to each competitor.
Suitable footwear
Long before the start of the race you will need to decide upon the right footwear.
The heat and friction will not only put your shoes under extreme stress, but it will also cause your
feet to swell. Of course as you would before any run, you must ensure they are worn in. The same
can be said for the rest of your gear and rucksack – it must be comfortable.

Whether to use trail/ road shoes is at the choice of each competitor. The course is split between
technical and hard trail, but road shoes should be sufficient.

What you run in is up to you. You should try different options and work out what you feel comfortable with.
As you have a bag carried between campsites you have the luxury of being able to bring a change of clothes for during the week, and something to keep you warm in the evenings when the temperature will drop.



What Do I Need To Carry During The Race?

All our races are semi- self supported. This means that competitors must bring all their own food for the week, however we will transport a main bag with food, change of clothes, sleeping bag etc in between campsites. All you will need to carry during each stage will be snacks for the run, water and your mandatory kit.

What Happens If I cannot Continue?

If a participant is incapacitated for any reason (exhaustion, injury, or other), they will be required to drop from the event and notify a member of the crew. They will then be transported off the course by event staff or if, in the opinion of the Medical Director and Event Directors they are physically able, they may continue to volunteer for the remainder of the Event. Given the limited transportation available for moving staff and volunteers around the course, only a few competitors will be able to take up this option, at the discretion of the race organisers.

What Can I Expect At Each Checkpoint?

Check points are provided mainly to distribute water rations and to confirm the progress and physical condition of the participants. From time to time directors may provide a morale boosting surprise to competitors…

Will the Organiser Be Taking Any Official Photograph?

Yes, professional photographers and videographers will be part of the race support team and they will be taking plenty of shots throughout the stages and at the camps. Thousands of photos will be taken of individuals, groups, action and landscapes so you can rely on these exclusively and not have to worry about bringing a camera. These photos will be made available for the all participants shortly after each event.
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