Utah Valley Marathon

Sat 1st Jun 2019
811 100 W, Provo, UT 84604, USA
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Pull on your running shoes for this scenic marathon through Provo Canyon. Named one of the top 10 races in the US, the mostly downhill course is perfect for first-time marathoners and also for runners looking to grab Boston Marathon qualifying times. Come for the tech t-shirt and finisher's medal.
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  • Finisher’s medal
  • Sold out last year
  • Road
  • Flat
  • 2000 participants

From the organizer

Organizer's website

This race is one of the USs fastest spring marathons, with gorgeous and ever-changing scenery. The course makes its way through the best that Provo Canyon has to offer, with plenty of forests, lakes and waterfalls to take in. Please come and join us in the Utah Valley Marathon, named one of the USs top 10 races.

Distances in this event

  1. Marathon

    Run 26.2mi
    6:00am Sat 1st Jun 2019
    Tickets available
  2. Half Marathon

    Run 13.1mi
    6:00am Sat 1st Jun 2019
    Tickets available
  3. 10k

    Run 10km
    7:00am Sat 1st Jun 2019
    Entry Closed
  4. 1k

    Run 1km
    11:30am Sat 1st Jun 2019
    Tickets available
Course Maps
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What’s Included

Tech t-shirt

Medals for participants that finish within 6 hours

Age division awards for the top 5 finishers in the marathon

Prize money for the top 5 overall male and female finishers

Prizes from Sierra West

Course Details


The course begins in Wallsburg, and then heads into Provo Canyon and follows the Provo River. The course is largely downhill, with only a few short climbs. From mile 7, there are no turns on the course, which makes for a speedy race and prevents people from going off course. The race finishes at the Utah County Courthouse park in historic Provo.

There are aid stations at miles 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26.2.

Portable restrooms are available along the course.

Half Marathon

Runners begin in Provo Canyon and run along the US 189 highway. The course is mostly downhill and has no turns, which makes for a speedy race and prevents people from going off course. The race finishes at the Provo Tabernacle.


This course follows the same course as the final 10 kilometers of the marathon. It is a gentle downhill course.

Kids 1K

This race provides kids with an opportunity to complete their race in a finish chute, spurred on by supporting friends and family. This race will not be timed, so is more of a chance to get kids into the spirit of running.

Raceday Logistics

There is a bag drop available for the marathon and half marathon (but not the 10K). Please use the bag you collect from the event expo as your gear drop bag. Each bib has a removable bag tag that should be tied to your gear drop bag.

Please do not leave valuables in your bag. We take no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

The contents of any bags not collected by the end of the day will be donated to charity.



Marathon, half marathon and 10K participants will need to take a bus to the start line.

Marathon buses depart at the corner of 200N and 100W (1 block north of the Provo Marriott). The first bus will depart at 3:15am and the last bus will depart at 4:15am. Please aim to get an earlier bus, as not everyone will be able to fit on the last bus. Parking is available near the bus pick-up location (see the parking map in the race guide). Please do not park in a prohibited area.

For marathon runners staying at the Zermatt Resort, buses will depart from the front of the hotel. The first bus will depart at 4:00am and the last bus will depart at 4:15am. Runners are responsible for their own transportation back to the hotel after the race.

Half marathon buses depart from the east side of the Provo Towne Center Mall at 1200 Towne Centre Boulevard, near Wells Fargo Bank. The first bus will depart at 3:15am and the last bus will depart at 4:30am. Please aim to get an earlier bus, as not everyone will be able to fit on the last bus. Parking in the mall parking lot is permitted. Following the race, buses are available to return you to the mall. These buses will depart from 100 S, 1 block south of the finish area. The last bus departs at midday.

10K buses depart from the east side of the Provo Towne Center Mall at 1200 Towne Centre Boulevard, near Wells Fargo Bank. The first bus will depart at 5:30am and the last bus will depart at 6:10am. Please aim to get an earlier bus, as not everyone will be able to fit on the last bus. Parking in the mall parking lot is permitted. Following the race, buses are available to return you to the mall. These buses will depart from 100 S, 1 block south of the finish area. The last bus departs at midday.

Participants in the Kids 1K do not need to take a bus.

Kit List
Please bring cool clothes, as it can get quite hot on the course. Also remember that the early start will be cold, so we suggest bringing cheap sweater that can be discarded at the start line – these items will be donated to charity.
We encourage supporters to come to the finish line to add to the buzzing atmosphere and cheer on runners to the finish.
We’re always looking for volunteers! Please sign up to help through our website.

Do I need to ride the bus to the starting line?

Yes. There is not available parking at the starting line.

Is this a Boston Marathon qualifier?

Yes. The Utah Valley Marathon is USATF sanctioned and certified. The certification code for the Utah Valley Marathon is: UT13001TJD. We also have a Boston Qualifier rewards program.

Where are the aid stations?

The aid stations will be at miles: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26.2. Each aid station will have both water and sports drink. Oranges and bananas will be provided at miles 11, 15, 21, and 24. Miles 7, 13 and 19 will be equipped with CLIF Shot gels.

Where are good locations to cheer?

There are many good locations to cheer along University Avenue in Provo, and a few locations in the canyon with parking. If you choose to go cheer for your athletes in the canyon be very cautious of the runners and vehicles. The traffic is limited to one Provo bound lane, and may be difficult to cross. The parks we recommend for best spectating in the canyon include: Mount Timpanogos Park, Canyon Glen Park, Nunn’s Park & Deer Creek State Park.

Is there a massage and medical tent at the finish?

Yes. There will be several massage tables to work athletes’ stiff muscles. There is a medical tent with trained professionals.

Is the course chip timed?

Yes. Marathon runners will be timed with chips located on the back side of the bib numbers. It is required that your bib number remain on the front side of your shirt (preferably chest high), so that the antennas will read your chip properly. Please do not alter or fold your bib number in any way, so that your chip will be read. At the end of the race you may keep your timing chip.

Are there any discounts to hotels for marathon runners?

Yes. The Marriott Hotel In downtown Provo has contracted for discount rates for runners. We will be bussing from in front of this hotel to the full marathon start. It is important to note that this property will not have buses to the half marathon start. Half Marathon athletes will be bused from the Provo Towne Centre Mall, and we have different discounted hotels for half marathon athletes.

What is the time limit for completing the Utah Valley Marathon?

Our new course goes through certain areas that cannot be shut down longer than what a six hour pace would allow. We must limit the course time to the six hour pace, and hope that the people that need a little slower pace join us in our half marathon that will remain open for the full six hours that the full marathon course is open.

Are wheelchairs and handcycles allowed?

Due to safety concerns wheelchairs & handcycles are no longer allowed in the full marathon. There is a wheelchair/handcycle division in the half marathon. We have added prize money to this new handcycle/wheelchair division. Learn more about handcycle/wheelchair awards in the half marathon division.

Are the miles marked?

Yes. We will have signs at each mile.

What parts of Utah County does the marathon go through?

The marathon goes through Provo Canyon, past Bridal Veil Falls, a small part of Orem near the mouth of the canyon, and beautiful downtown Provo. See the marathon map for more information.

Is there a place I can drop off my sweats during the marathon?

Yes. At the starting line a truck will take items back to the finish. We highly recommend you put your items in a bag with your race number on it. This will help sort your items at the finish area. Clothing dropped at any other point along the course will be considered a donation to charity.

Where is packet pick-up, and when?

Packet pick-up will be inside the Utah Valley Convention Center (220 W. Center St., Provo) between 10:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. on Friday, June 8, 2018.

What is the average temperature on race day?

The average low is 53 and the average high is 85. Our early start time allows athletes to finish before the highest temperature of the day.

Remember to wear layers. One suggestion is to buy a cheap throw away sweater at a discount store to wear for the first several miles and then toss on the side of the road when you don’t want to use it anymore. All clothing dropped on the side of the road during the marathon will be donated to charity.

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Reviews (5)

4.6 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the event in 2018

    I really really enjoyed this race, it had a lot of unique things that I had not experienced in a race before and of course setting a new half marathon PR after more than 4 years since I had set my previous PR leaves you with really good feelings in regards to a race.I flew in to Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon, got picked up by my cousin at the airport and drove straight to Provo so I could pick up my packet at the EXPO. Plan on at least 45 minutes to an hour to Provo from the airport.EXPO: The expo was quite small and so was the parking lot associated with it, although parking was free. Packet pick up was quick and easy and had several freebies in the bag. Overall nothing special about the expo other than a few booths but it is a small race so it is about what you would expect.T-Shirts/SWAG: The T shirt for this race is a little unique, it had bright red sleeves and a black shirt. The utah valley logo on the front and giant "Pain You Enjoy" letters on the back. I actually like the shirt in the sense that it stands out from the rest of my race shirts but i definitely heard some complaints that people didn't care for it. The race medal was really nice, it is a large spinner medal so the outside of the medal is a solid ring with a disc in the middle that can spin. Another unique addition to my collection, the only negative would be that it doesn't have anywhere to have my name and PR time engraved but I still really like it. Another thing they do that I liked is that the race bib isn't simiply a rectangle. The top of the bib is jagged and has a mountainous design, I have done a few other races that did something unique like this but little touches like this are things that I love about a race.PARKING/ACCESS: This is a point to point course so you park near the finish and take a bus up to the start in the mountains. Parking was at a shopping mall and more than abundant. The buses were easy to find and had plenty of room although I got there pretty early so there wasn't much of a line yet. Once on the bus you drive up a highway into the mountains where they drop you off at the start area. There were plenty of outhouses at the start, especially if you kept walking towards the start line from the drop off area and didn't just stop at the first one you found. One thing to know though is that even during the summer it gets very cold up there at 4:30 am, waiting for the 6am start time. They do however have camp fire barrels set up along the start area to keep warm which I really welcomed. They had a big truck right by the start line to check your bag which really just meant have your bag labeled and throw it in the back of a UPS truck but that did allow you to keep your warm up clothes on until only 10-15 minutes before the race. As for getting back to your car after the race the finish and the parking lot are over a mile apart and while you could walk it they do have buses to get you there which were easy to use.Course/Aid Stations/Elevation: Aid stations were spaced every 2 miles or so throughout the course and were well stocked with water and electrolytes. Because you are running through a canyon there isn't much crowd support during the majority of the course until you get near Provo/the finish but you don't really mind it. The canyon portion of the course is very pretty, there are waterfalls and nice views and while you are running the sun is rising so it only adds to the beauty. As for the elevation I found this to be the easiest elevation race I have ever run. It was almost entirely a very very gentle downhill with only 2 minor uphills. The great part about the downhills was that the gradient was so slight that it helped you keep running fast while never feeling like you were pounding your knees trying to slow yourself down as you would if you were running down a steeper hill. The only reason I didn't rate this as a 1 star elevation difficulty is that all downhill running can be very hard on your quads. I'm sure the people in the full marathon felt it, I didn't have any issues during my race but during the next 1-3 days I thought it was weird that my quads were really sore until I realized that the elevation is what did it. I'm sure some people started to feel it during the race which could at least add a little difficulty. This race is made for you to PR and I managed to finish in 1:29:56 for a PR, finally breaking 1:30.Race Management: I really enjoyed the execution of this race. Bussing to the start was smooth, fires and plenty of bathrooms at the start was great. They have a beautiful downtown finish location by the courthouse after you pass by BYU (the edge of campus so unless you know its there you wouldn't assume it was a university you were passing). They have several other nice touches like a PR gong which you can ring, you tube videos of the finish so that you can see how you finished, and FREE pictures. They had finish time printouts which you could get to show your results.They also had lots of free food at the finish including popsicles and cinnabon. The bag pickup area is a little concerning because they just lay everyones bags out and you just grab yours with no real security but it didn't seem to be an issue.I do want so give one final shoutout to the race management for going above and beyond for me. For the first time in my life I placed in my age group at a race but I didn't realize that they gave awards out all the way to 5th in your age group instead of 3rd so after my wife finished we went home. I later realized that if I had waited around for 15 more minutes I would have recieved by agre group award but by that time I had already flow home to Washington state, after several emails I was able to get a hold of the race director who I offered to send money to in order to ship me my plaque. They said they would figure something out and then shipped it to me for free. I know it only cost them a few dollars but it did take their time and it was just a really nice gesture on their part which I appreciate. I have my eye on this race for future years when I might try to get my full marathon BQ here.
  • Did the event in 2017

    If you're looking for a Utah Race, please come run this one! I flew into SLC and rented a car to make the 45 min drive to Provo, but you could easily fly into the Provo Airport if it was feasible.Expo: Smaller side, but still a good amount of stuff. Since it was a Saturday race, the Expo was 10-9 on Friday. Some running stores and other races to sign up for. Bib Look up could be improved on, as you didn't have a way of looking it up before the expo, so people were crowding around the bib look up table. Flow was otherwise easy to do.Race Day: Saturday, 6 AM start time for the half and the fullTransport to the Start: for the half, buses left from the Provo Town Center. For the full, there was a separate pick up point. Buses for the half ran from 315 AM to 430 AM for a 6 AM start and it took about 20 minutes to get to the half marathon start line. Be sure to have a blanket or sweats or something because it was dark and chilly!At the start: It's the half way point for the full, so plenty of port a potties. Also, fire pits were set up to keep you warm, which was a plus. Bag drop was a truck that took bags to the start, but the guys could have not thrown (literally thrown) everything into the back of the truck. My only wish was that there were buses that ran later to the start (say 5 AM), because waiting for 90 minutes for the start was rough.The Course: Maybe one minor hill for the entire half marathon course. Literally, was all downhill. My first mile was 10:50 only because I had to make a bathroom pit stop and over the course of the race, I was able to make up all the time. The course is very scenic and not a whole lot of spectator support, but I didn't mind surprisingly. Plenty of rock faces, scenery, etc to enjoy! Beware around mile 8 of the half marathon. The 10K joins up here after doing their first mile or so off the main course. We got stuck with some of the back packers and spent time/energy weaving around walkers spread 5 across.Water Stops: Every 2 miles for the first 10 miles and then every mile to the end. Plenty of water and powerade. I just wish that they tables would have been more spread out and a few more at each station because some got crowdedFinish area: PR'ed at 1:55:42. Able to get my medal, water and food fairly easily. I also got to ring the PR bell coming out of the chute. Also was able to do results look up and get a print off of my time. Plenty of vendors, etc. Bag pick up was essentially bags laid out on open grass and you essentially had to find your own bag and hope that no one took it. There were also shuttles back to Provo Town Center, which was where I picked up the shuttle to the start. Definitely a must do race!
  • Did the event in 2017

    I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon in 2017. I like downhill running, so for me, this was a great race. However, if your knees, hips or other body parts do not like downhill running, I would avoid this race. The grade was not terribly steep but the first 10 miles or so are definitely on a down-hill grade, and on a highway, so the combination of hard surface ad grade can catch some people off-guard.The expo for this race was quiet, did not have a lot of vendors, and so the check-in process was quick.My biggest complaint about this race is that you cannot drive to the start. You drive to the finish and take a bus to the start. The bus drops you at the start more than an hour before the race. It is cold and dark and although there are bonfires and porta-potties, I would have preferred to be in bed that extra hour.Once the race started it was great. The water stations were frequent enough and the volunteers were awesome. About 10 miles into the race, you start to come into Provo, the road is flatter (less downhill) and there is a fair amount of spectator/crowd support.I had a hard time meeting up with family at the finish. It was hard to transition from "runner-only areas to public areas. Also, my gear drop bag from the start had the tag ripped off so it took a good 30 minutes to locate my bag with my sweats and jacket inside. But we did find it, so in the end all was good. The finisher medal was cool, and the race jacket was nice. Also, all finishers received a gift certificate toward a purchase at a local jeweler. I am not local so never used mine but it was a really nice perk.
  • Did the event in 2017

    This was my first time running in Utah and therefore was my first time running the Utah Valley Marathon. "Why did you pick this out-of-state race?" you may be asking. Well, I entered Michelle's giveaway on her blog runningwithattitude.com and I won! After finding a $170 roundtrip flight to Utah, I was in! This was the Utah Valley Marathon's 10th anniversary and because of that each participant received a race jacket instead of a Tshirt. I still wanted a Tshirt to go along with my jacket, so I bought one at the expo. Speaking of the expo, it was organized, well stocked with great vendors, and had a great line up of speakers!The Utah Valley Marathon is a point to point course. Participants load up on buses that take them to the starting line. The bus service begins at 3am and the last bus leaves at 4:15am. I ended up getting on a bus at about 3:30am. It took about 45 minutes to arrive to the starting line. Once at the starting line, I was delighted to see fire pits in an open field to huddle around to stay warm. There were probably a total of 20 fire pits scattered around an open field. There were volunteers who walked around to make sure everyone's fires were still lit. If you're thinking about doing the Utah Valley Marathon, I recommend taking something warm to wear and/or wrap yourself in at the starting line to help you stay warm. I took a blanket with me to the starting line and was glad I did. At about 15 minutes until the race started, I shoved my blanket in my drop bag and handed it over to a race volunteer. At the starting line, there was also water and plenty of porta-potties.As for the course, it was probably one of the most scenic I've ever ran! Bodies of water (including a waterfall), greenery, mountains, rock faces, etc. With such a wide variety of views, there's bound to be an elevation change! The race started about about 6,200 ft. and ended at about 4,200 ft. My home is located at 60 ft. above sea level. To say that I was not trained to be running at elevation would be an understatement. Next time, I will train more and get some training in at a higher elevation.Throughout the course, there were plenty of porta-potties, Cliff gels, water, Powerade, and enthusiastic volunteers. There were even frozen Otter Pops at about mile 24. That was the best tasting Otter Pop EVER!The Utah Valley Marathon's finish line was one of the best I've seen. It was in the middle of University Ave., there were many people cheering, and there were Jamba Juice smoothies waiting for us once we crossed the finish line! Overall, I'd highly recommend the Utah Valley Marathon. Hmm... I may even have to go back and run the race again sometime.
  • Did the event in 2015

    It all started once upon a time in the Marine Corps. I had a good friend that I used to hang out with every weekend. Throughout the years, we made it a point to stay in touch and see each other every now and again. Well, it so happened that we became running partners. We have signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon, the San Diego Rock N' Roll and the 3M in Austin, TX. We even discussed running a few others that ended up falling through. But, I needed a race before my baby is born next month, and he said that someone suggested this race as being very scenic and fun. So, I checked out the price of plane tickets and we were on our way! The expo was quaint. It was in the hall that was roughly the size of a high school gymnasium. There were a couple dozen vendors or so. And not too many freebies there. But, it was still a good time. Someone was passing out cases (not just cans) of beet juice. I tried a can, and wanted to like it, but it was pretty nasty! The shirts they gave out were good quality tech shirts that were pretty nice to look at. And everyone I met was very friendly. About the only part I'll complain about is the moments leading up to the race. This was an early start. 6 AM was when the gun went off. There was no parking at the starting line, so you needed to be at a bus. Part of my complain was that there was a different bus stop for the half and the full marathon. My friends originally arrived at the wrong place. Then we had to go somewhere else (about a mile and a half away) to get to our buses. It would've been helpful to have the same location and just two different lines. The other thing was that it was so early. Though the buses started at 3, the last bus left at 4:30; 4:15 for the full. It was about a 20 minute bus ride, which left us up in the mountains before sunrise; tired and cold for over an hour. There were fire pits, but at the time when we arrived, none had been started. I'm not a big fan of a 6AM start times, but it's even worse, when we are trying to get to the bus at 4! I felt this may have been the earliest I had to wake up for a race. I'm one of the types that likes to get plenty of rest the night before a big race, but with these conditions, unless you go to bed at 7 the night before, you really can't get a full 8 hours. And who can fall asleep that early? In my own opinion, the bus should start at 5, but keep going until 6:15 or so with a start time of 7......if not later.So, let me talk about the race itself. It was downhill for the first (roughly) 2/3. In fact, it really was all downhill. The last 5K or so was just at a slight downhill that seemed flat. But, the first 10K or more was running down the side of a mountain! This is something that was great for me to pick up a lot of speed and not have to worry about getting too tired too quickly. However, I trained for this kind of race. I had gone to the gym to run on a decline treadmill leading up to this. People who are not used to running downhills had trouble as it uses different muscle groups and joints than running uphills or flat terrains. Also, I live in Denver, so the elevation was comparable. My friends at sea level had problems fighting their altitude sickness. So, just because it seems like running down a mountain is easy.....it's only easy if you train to do it as such. In the end, I got one of the better times in a race I've had. The whole thing was beautiful with so many wonders to view. This race did have several pace groups as well. And the medal at the end was above average and had a spinner on it! The finish line area was great. I sure did enjoy the free massages provided by Massage Envy! Unlike other, similar races like that, the line for the massage was very short in comparison. There were many vendors out there. Some were handing out freebies. Many had discounts and sales to offer. Sadly, this was UT, so no free beer tickets. And Provo, is a pretty town, so it was a nice event. At the end of it, you had to wait in a line to get on the bus to take you back to the original bus stop you parked your car at earlier that morning. This final thing I want to talk about may not apply to all runners; perhaps not even most. But, the one thing that did bother me about this trip had nothing to do with the race itself, but rather the crazy alcohol rules and atmosphere in UT. Not to say that I'm a huge drinker (I'm not) or that it was the point of this trip (it wasn't), but I do enjoy kicking pack a few after a race. I try not to drink during my training leading up to a race, but I'll have my share after. All the locals told us to go to a place called Wing Nutz. I didn't find it that crowded or interesting. At one point, my buddy asked to get a "strong" drink, but apparently there are clickers that are reported to the state to be sure that no one gets a drop more alcohol than they are supposed to. I asked for a pitcher of beer and the waitress instructed me that this is not allowable unless multiple people are going to share it. Another friend ordered a shot, but the waitress had to wait there until she finished her other drink as you are not allowed two drinks at once. At the Olive Garden the night before, we were offered a "sample" of wine before the meal. But, unlike everywhere else, they had to charge $2 for that "sample," as UT laws state that you can't offer free alcohol. And if the laws weren't weird enough, we eventually left Wing Nutz in search of a more happening place. We were given the names of a few other places to try out. After going around the town for a while on a Saturday night, we found out why everyone suggested Wing Nutz (even though it was kind of lame). I know it's a strongly religious town; and a Mormon one at that, but it is not the best state to be in, if you want to drink it up to celebrate finishing a race.

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  • R

    Ricky W15th Mar
    So im signed up for this years marathon and tore my knee up recently training and its taking a lot longer to heal and won't be able to run in this this years race can I transfer my registration to next years race


    Steph E18th Mar
    Hi there. So sorry to hear about your injury, please could you reach out to our support team at [email protected] with your details? Thanks!
  • B

    Bliss S1st Apr
    I’m signed up for the marathon on June 1st and just broke my foot. Am i able to transfer it to next year?


    Steph E2nd Apr
    Hi there, please send us a quick email with your details to [email protected] and we should be able to help out! Thanks

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