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100 Mile Run Cotswold Way Challenge – May

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The Cotswold Way is a beautiful 102 mile national trail running from the picturesque town of Chipping Campden in the North to the stunning Georgian city of Bath in the south. En route the trail passes through stunning and quintessentially English countryside, beautiful Cotswold stone villages and along the majestic Cotswold Hills.

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Paula D
"The Cotswold Way 101 offered a real running challenge, and also offered the..."
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How to enter the 100 Mile Run Cotswold Way Challenge – May

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    Ultramarathon - 2 Day Event

    Run 102mi
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    Ultramarathon - 4 Day Event

    Run 102mi
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100 Mile Run Cotswold Way Challenge – May routes


We have produced an overall map for you so you can see the full distance you will be travelling….please remember, part of this challenge is to navigate yourself. In our opinion, the best small book out there to help you navigate the route is the' Trailblazer Cotswold Way', but this is not a necessity, the trail is extremely well marked, and where there can be any doubt we will inform you at the start of each day.

The Cotswold Way is an excellent national trail. It’s in very good condition and well signposted throughout. However as with every trail, if there is a prolonged period of wet weather the trail could get very slippy and muddy. Depending on the time of year, there may be sections of the path which have weeds and stinging nettles overlapping the trail which can sting anybody with bare legs. Please remember, if you do participate, you participate at your own risk.

Event Details

What’s Included
    Run the beautiful Cotswold Way over 4 Days.
    100 Mile Run Cotswold Way T-Shirt for each participant.
    Medal for all finishers.
    Check-points along the route with water and snacks provided.
    Campsites (Runners Village) along the route with hot showers and toilets included in your entry fee.
    Option to pay a little extra for a pre-erected tent at each campsite.
    Runners Village with sports massage (£15 for 10 minute massage) and ice baths for participants use.
    Runners Village with entertainment, food and drink each night and morning included.
    Luggage transfers from campsite to campsite each day.
    Transfer from Bath to Chipping Campden on the first morning of the run included in your entry fee (4 day event only).
    Amazing friendly atmosphere created along the run.
Raceday Logistics

On day one the 4-day event starts at midday in Chipping Campden, and the 2-day event starts at 8am in the same location. However on days 2, 3 and 4 of the 4-day event the run starts at between 7 and 9am depending on the terrain and distance, but again full info will be given for the following day when you arrive in camp. If you intend to walk the Cotswold Way, you can leave before the runners “to get a head start”, but we must have the 1st checkpoint (approx 6 to 8 miles away) fully operational by the time you arrive at it. The 1st checkpoint is normally in place by 9.30am so you can roughly work out how early you could start if you did want to get away a little earlier. You cannot set off on any morning until you have heard the days safety briefing from the Race Manager.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with our event. Each year we have 6 to 8 places available, so if you are interested, please visit our event website. As a volunteer, you will be expected to help man water stations and checkpoints along the trail. This could involve sitting for up to 6 hours a day in various locations along the route. You will be handing out water to the runners, and if you are manning a checkpoint, making sure they stop and sign the correct forms.

In return, we can offer you free transport from Bath to Chipping Campden on the 1st morning of the event, free breakfast and dinner each night, free camping accommodation each evening (you need to bring your own sleeping bag or bedding). We will transport you to the checkpoint each day, and onto the next campsite each evening.


How hard is the Cotswold Way and how hard is this challenge?

The trail is hard enough to be a significant challenge, but easy enough for mere mortals to have a very good chance of completing the event. The record for running the Cotswold way in one go is held by Darryl Carter who ran it in 20 hours and 36 minutes. Annabelle Asher walked the Cotswold Way Trail in April 2012 in five and a half days, aged just 9 years old! So by cutting the trail into 4 sections over 4 days it should be achievable for anybody who is mentally strong and reasonably fit. However the trail is over 100 miles long, with some lung busting ascents and leg trembling descents so don’t underestimate it!

How fit do I need to be?

As fit as possible. At the end of the day you could technically walk the whole trail in daylight hours over 4 days, but we recommend that a minimum level of fitness of being able to run or jog at least 13 to 15 miles a day, back to back. This means you could spend half your day running and half your day walking and enjoying the sights and countryside.

Are there any cut off times each day?

You must be at the next campsite by nightfall at the very latest. If you are slipping behind and it’s looking unlikely you will make the deadline, we may encourage you to jump in the hug bus and drive to the next checkpoint and you can continue running from there.

Do I have to navigate and map read the route?

Yes, it’s your responsibility to follow the trail and make sure you don’t get lost. You enter this run at your own risk, and it’s your responsibility to navigate the route. However this is a national trail, and incredibly well signposted. Almost every gate and corner has a signpost so once you are on the trail, it’s pretty hard to get lost. If you do get lost, we strongly recommend you go back to the point where you last saw a trail marker, and try again. To be clear, it’s your responsibility to navigate your way along the route.

Will there be checkpoints and water stops along the route?

Yes, there will be checkpoints approximately every 4-6 miles, with free water and free snacks available. There will also be somebody who is first-aid trained at each checkpoint. However you will also be passing through numerous small villages and towns with shops, restaurants and pubs available, so you will also be able to buy supplies along the route.

What happens once I book my place on the run?

Once you book your place on the run, and pay the deposit, we will confirm your entry via email. Then around 8 weeks before the event, we will send you our “100 Mile Cotswold Way Guide” as a PDF document to your email address with all the final information you need. This will include the exact meeting times, the exact location of the campsites and general information about what kit you need, what to do in an emergency etc. Please read the “100 Mile Cotswold Way Guide” PDF document when you receive it, and ask us any questions.

How much luggage can I bring?

We will send you details of your exact luggage allowance in our “100 Mile Cotswold Way Guide” which will be sent to your email in PDF form 8 weeks before the event. However you will be allowed one bag per person, and everything must be able to fit in this bag (must contain your sleeping bag and pillow). We will only transfer packed bags, we will not transfer loose items like pillows or shoes etc. The baggage allowance will be enough to travel in reasonable comfort, but please leave your kitchen sink at home. Please note, we will not be responsible for any of your luggage which is damaged in transport. Please leave your valuable laptops and jewellery at home!

Is this a proper event, are you insured?

Yes, this is a well organised professional event. We are affiliated to England Athletics and have a race licence, including over £50 million of event insurance. We have contacted the national trail officer and have permission to use the trail. We have full permission from all the landowners for our campsites. We are committed to running a professional event.

What are the facilities like at the start and finish lines?

At the start of the run in Chipping Campden we have rented two rooms in “The Old Police Station” which is next to the start of the Cotswold Way trail. There will be toilets and somewhere to get changed at the start line. At the finish line in central Bath we have teamed up with the YMCA Gym which is approx 4 minutes walk from the finish line at the cathedral. At the gym you can get changed and use their showers for £2.50 per person.

What happens if I need to give up half way through a day?

Don’t worry, if you can’t finish a days running we will look after you! All of our checkpoints along the route will be next to a road, and you will have access to our “hug bus” as we call it, (as those who use it need a hug!) which will transfer you to that nights runners village where you can rest and carry on the next day!

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100 Mile Run Cotswold Way Challenge – May weather forecast

Light rain until evening.

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100 Mile Run Cotswold Way Challenge – May reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the Ultramarathon - 4 Day Event in 2019

    The Cotswold Way 101 offered a real running challenge, and also offered the opportunity for walkers to fully participate. This is a really good challenge for people who know they can run a marathon - 30 miles, and really want to test themselves by running basically 4 days in a row of an equiv marathon each day. The atmosphere and camaraderie throughout the event was just heart warming, while health and safety for the runners was prioritized at all times.
    Each day when finishing your running you had options for ice baths, sports massage and/ or yoga. Evening meal and breakfast were provided and each camping site had full amenities. The evenings were punctuated with live music - which I listened to from my sleeping bag and loved every minute of legs up and the relaxing atmosphere.
    I will be running with this group again, the staff really care about the competitors and trying to offer a friendly advice, guidance and checkpoints. Checkpoints were regular throughout the 4 days and if you had any concerns for fellow competitors the team were onto it immediately - even if all were safe - always best to check.
    It was a fabulous experience of running, from Chipping Camden to Bath Abbey - through the trails and hills of the Cotswold Way. the event's atmosphere was created with fellow competitors and the Cotswold 101 team - I would not hesitate to sign up with them again. By the way - the views were the best I could have hoped for, from start to finish!! Lots of fantastic memories, and a thirst for more ultras.
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