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Clacton Triathlon and Duathlon

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Welcome to the Clacton Triathlon Weekend, our 21st Anniversary, in aid of the Brain & Spine Foundation. This is a Charity weekend of events so we ask that you make a real effort to gain sponsorship – Please download a Sponsorship Form from our website. The Triathlon Weekend is based in the district of Tendring best known for its seaside resorts of Clacton, Frinton and Walton. It makes an ideal setting for our events, including the now almost unique open water sea swims for the Clacton Triathlons. We hope that you will enjoy yourself over the weekend, and will return September 2019 (with a few friends). The race is sanctioned by British Triathlon and an independent Eastern Region Technical Official will be in attendance.

How to enter the Clacton Triathlon and Duathlon

  1. Standard Distance

    Triathlon: Swim 1.5km, Bike 40km, Run 10km
    Event passed
  2. Sprint Triathlon

    Triathlon: Swim 0.75km, Bike 16km, Run 5km
    Event passed
  3. Super Sprint Triathlon

    Triathlon: Swim 0.4km, Bike 8km, Run 2.5km
    Event passed
  4. Tristar 3 (13-14 Year)

    Duathlon: Run 2km, Bike 6km, Run 0.8km
    Event passed
  5. Tristar 2 (11-12 Year)

    Duathlon: Run 1.6km, Bike 4km, Run 0.6km
    Event passed
  6. Tristar 1 (9-10 Year)

    Duathlon: Run 1.2km, Bike 2km, Run 0.4km
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  7. Tristar Start (8 Year)

    Duathlon: Run 0.4km, Bike 0.8km, Run 0.2km
    Event passed

Clacton Triathlon and Duathlon routes

Swim Course
The Swim is a point to point course starting approximately 1.4km from the transition. The start point is north-east of the Transition Area, along the sea wall past the radar tower at Holland Haven. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to walk to the start area – hence the time between the competitors briefing and the first swim heat. A trailer will be available at the swim start for you to deposit any clothes/footwear that you wear to the starting point. Please use the numbered plastic bag, found within you race bag, for this purpose. DO NOT put any items in your bag that you require during the race; the trailer will be towed back to the Transition area during the race for you to collect your belongings after you have finished. Most of the swim is tide assisted, however the first and last 50m will be cross tide, but at no time will competitors have to work against the tide. Road Racing Restrictions for the Bike Section, imposed upon us by Essex Police, dictate that competitors will start the swim in waves of 35, departing at 10 minute intervals. The time between heats is also subject to increase as dictated by the Coastguard officers covering the swim along with the RNLI lifeboats on the
water, dependent on the conditions on the day. As part of our swim safety plan, you will find a coloured numbered swim hat in your race bag. You will not be allowed to swim without this numbered swim hat; you will be checked into the water at the start and out again at the finish – your numbered swim hat will be collected from you by the Swim Safety Officer as you exit the water as a double check of those left in the water. The sea temperature is very warm this year, but usually wet suits are made compulsory. However, the sea may still be warm enough on the day to give you the choice, but be prepared to wear a wetsuit. Rescue Boats and Canoes will be on hand to guide you and provide safety cover. If you get into difficulty, turn onto your back and raise one arm; a rescue craft will then come to your assistance. DO NOT grab hold of the craft. Listen to the instructions given and you will be removed from the water. If you appear to be struggling during the swim, or
if you have been in the water for a long time, you may berequired to leave the water by our safety team.

Bike Course
The bike section is a two lap course, the surface is tarmac and the roads are slightly undulating. Approved cycle helmets must be worn; your helmet must be on and fastened before removing your bike from the racks in transition, and your bike re-racked before your helmet is un-fastened and removed. The first and last few hundred metres of the bike course are NOT timed as part of the race – the narrow roads close to the triathlon site cannot be safely negotiated at race speed (see the diagrams below). To ensure fair play we have set a maximum allowable time of 3 min 30 sec to negotiate this Non-Timed section (an average speed of 10 mph). Note: Competitors must complete their transition activities within the transition area and leave ready to commence the bike section of the triathlon – failure to comply will result in an automatic disqualification from the race.Competitors will travel over the Bike Out Timing Mat as they leave transition and their time restarts as they cross the Start Line Timing Point. This will be situated just after competitors negotiate a roundabout, clearly marked and manned by marshals. At the end of the bike section competitors will right turn at the roundabout and then turn immediately left to cross the Finish Line Timing Point, before proceeding slowly to transition where they will cross the Bike In Timing Mat as they re-enter transition. There are separate Bike Start & Bike Finish Timing Points out on the road. The time taken to travel to and from transition and the bike start/finish timing points will be deducted from competitors’ overall time.

Run Course
This is a flat straight out and back course. The outward leg is along the upper promenade to the Pier. Just before the Pier a Marshal will direct you down a slope to the lower promenade where you will continue the run towards the Pier turnaround point. A Marshal will be situated at the turning point on the lower promenade about 40m before the pier. The return leg of the run is along the lower promenade back towards the Triathlon Base. There is a slight detour on the return leg this year due to the Lower Promenade being closed for Cliff
Reinstatement works – At the Gunfleet Sailing Club competitors will run up the slope and join the Upper
Promenade. The section between the Gunfleet Sailing Club and the Kings Cliff Toilet Block slope will be twoway
until competitors will return to the Lower Promenade and continue the run back towards Holland Haven.
The run finishes on the top promenade beside transition; you must first pass the finish line above you, whilst running along the lower promenade; Run up a wide gravel slope by a tall Radar tower (a good landmark for your return run) and then turn back to the finish on the top promenade. The course will be well sign posted & Marshalled. Drink stations will be situated at the exit of transition and along the route.

Event Details

What’s Included

At Registration you will be issued with your race numbers, a race bag and your unique Electronic Timing Chip and ankle band. The ‘Chip’ must be worn on the LEFT ANKLE for your time to be recorded as you travel over the various timing mats during the race.

In your race bag you will find numbered stickers for your helmet and saddle stem to help the Marshals in identifying you. The small sticker should be placed on the front of your helmet and the long sticker folded in half as it is wrapped around your saddle stem so the number is to view behind your saddle – pointing backwards so the number can be read easily during the race

Age Criteria:

The Clacton Children’s Duathlon for children aged 8 to 14*
The Clacton Sprint & Super-Sprint Cross-Triathlon for those 15 and over* including a 750m or 400m Open Water Sea Swim
The 20th Clacton Standard Triathlon for those aged 17 and over* including a 1500m Open Water Sea Swim

* Ages as at 31st December 2018

Clacton Triathlon and Duathlon weather forecast

Overcast throughout the day.

Predicted highs
Predicted lows
IconModerate breeze possible, up to 17mph

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