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Simon O
"worth every effort pushing those pedals, busting my lungs to arrive at every..."


Alex C
"Amazing course, wonderful support at aid stations and the potatoes are the..."
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Distances in this event

  1. Dragon Devil 300k

    Bike 300km
    Event passed
  2. Gran Fondo 223k

    Bike 223km
    Event passed
  3. Macmillan 100k

    Bike 100km
    Event passed
  4. Medio Fondo 153k

    Bike 153km
    Event passed

Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales routes


Arguably the toughest one-day ride in the UK, the Devil distance is as tough as it gets and riders need to be prepared for a long day in the saddle.

Climbing: The route features 6 x Category 5 climbs and close to 5,000m of total climbing.

Timed Climbs: There are two timed climbs (Devil’s Elbow @ 90km & Devil’s Staircase @ 190km).

Feed Stations: 6 stops at 59km, 96km, 122km, 154km, 219km & 256km. There will be a water station at 185km.

Cut Off 1: Riders must get to the Gran Fondo split (138km/86 miles) by 13:45 = average speed of 20kmh/13mph.

Cut Off 2: Riders must get to Llandovery Feed Station (154km/96 miles) by 14:30 = average speed of 20kmh/13mph.


The original distance and a huge test for cyclists of all abilities:

Climbing: The route features 3 x Category 5 climbs and over 3,500m of total climbing.

Timed Climbs: There is one timed climb (Devil’s Elbow @ 90km).

Feed Stations: 4 stops at 59km, 96km, 122km & 179km.

Cut Off 1: Riders must get to the Medio Fondo split (112km/69 miles) by 14:15 = average speed of 20kph/13mph.


A really challenging ride featuring three of the four signature climbs of the Gran Fondo route:

Climbing: The route features 2 x Category 5 climbs and nearly 2,500m of total climbing.

Timed Climbs: There is one timed climb (Devil’s Elbow @ 90km).

Feed Stations: 2 stops at 59km & 96km.

Cut Off 1: Riders must get to the Macmillan 100km split (54km/34 miles) by 13:30 = average speed of 10mph.

Cut Off 2: Riders must get to Glynneath (105km/65 miles) by 16:30 = average speed of 10mph.


The newest distance to the ride and a great test featuring two cracking climbs:

Climbing: The route features the Bwlch and Rhigos climbs featured on all other routes and over 1,400m of total climbing.

Timed Climbs: There are no timed climbs on this route.

Feed Stations: 1 stop at 55km.

Cut Off 1: There are no cut offs on this route.

From the organizer

Organizer leaderboard ranking badge


Human Race are ranked #27 in the UK out of 506 organizers

Human Race and ASO bring you Dragon Ride LEtape Wales by le Tour de France! As one of the most iconic sportives in the UK, Dragon Ride has been selected by ASO as the perfect representation of the worlds most famous cycle event, and will offer the same inspiring le Tour de France riding experience to UK cyclists.

Kit List

BIKE - Please make sure it is in good condition. There will be mechanics at the Start and at all Feed Stations on the route, but we would advise making sure your bike is in top condition prior to arriving at the event.

HELMET - Helmets are compulsory and MUST be worn at all times during the event.

DRINKS BOTTLES & REFRESHMENTS - You will be able to replenish at the Feed Stations but ensure you start out with full drinks bottles.

BIKE REPAIR KIT - Spare inner tubes, pump, puncture repair kit including tyre levers, multi-tool, chain tool, Shimano pin, etc.

CLOTHING - Conditions can vary greatly across the route, so please ensure you bring wet weather gear, sun screen, mobile phone, money and some form of identification.


Event Pack Collection / Delivery

This will be posted to you 7-10 days prior to the event depending on when you registered (overseas entrants will need to collect their pack on the day). If, for whatever reason, you have not received your event pack by the event weekend, simply come and see us at the event information desk on the day with ID (or you can come along on the Saturday if you are in the area) and we will be able to issue a new pack to you.

Within your pack, you will receive your event number, helmet and bike stickers, coloured card and timing chip, all of which you need to bring with you to the event.

You event pack and number are your passport to the day. Please note that for safety reasons, event packs are not transferable to other people. Any caught wearing someone else’s number will be removed from the event. Thank you for understanding.

Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales weather forecast

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

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IconLight breeze possible, up to 9mph

Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales reviews (2)

5 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the Medio Fondo 153k in 2019

    worth every effort pushing those pedals, busting my lungs to arrive at every feed station, where you were welcomed by a great crew. Great ride, great day, organisers should be proud!!
  • Did the Gran Fondo 223k in 2019

    Amazing course, wonderful support at aid stations and the potatoes are the best.

    Only suggestions, it would be amazing to have hot drink options at the aid stations - it was pouring today and I was freezing. Personally I don't like the energy drink - much prefer high 5 tabs.

    All in all an amazing day. Thanks!

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